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  1. I can vouch for what Malem said. I got a nice PM saying I had a post removed and an explanation why yesterday. After re-reading my post I realized how it sounded nothing like what I intended it to. Always good to double check your words before hitting that post button, as words in text don't always come out how they sound in your head. Thanks for all your hard work mods, your work is definitely appreciated in keeping this a well run, friendly community. Keep up the good work!
  2. I was happy to get to the park, even if It was just for 2 visits. it was definitely still memorable because I got to see the joy on the faces of my kids as they rode and experienced the park for their first visits. A few years ago if you had told me that the only coasters I would ride all year were Great Pumpkin a few times and Banshee one time, I would have thought it was not a good year. But my gosh are those kids' smiles amazing. My year was memorable because my kids' year was memorable.
  3. Spent the day in Planet Snoopy with the little ones. Great weather and lots of people. Didn't really wait too long for any rides other than the Gliders, mostly due to Fast Lane usage. Longest waits were for pizza on International Street and some blue ice cream later in the day. Lots of unhappy customers at LaRosa's about slice sizes for their meal plans and lack of boxes for whole pizzas. People were just taking the trays instead. Unresponsive employees and supervisors just kind of watching from the back. Not a good look for the park or LaRosa's, last day of the season or not. We still had a great time, and are really looking forward to putting our new gold passes to use next year!
  4. Here is one discussion I found. Pretty interesting, I had never heard this was a possibility before. "It was designed by John Fetterman of Knoebels four years earlier. According to John Fetterman “Thunder Run was designed in early 1986 for Americana." "The design was presented to Ron Berni a manager at Americana Park in Middletown, Ohio. At Dinn’s request Fetterman sent the completed design, including ledger heights and placements to Dennis Starkey, an engineer with Curtis Summers, Inc. Americana failed to contract the building of the ride. Ron Berni left Americana and in 1990 was working in a position of responsibility for Kentucky Kingdom. “It is thus reasonable to assume that he was the reason that the ride designed for Americana was finally built at Kentucky Kingdom” Fetterman told RC!" http://www.rollercoastermuseum.org/historic-articles/21-historic/97-dinn-and-summers-a-brief-resurgence-in-wooden-coasters Ironically it was supposedly going to go where the log flume you mentioned ended up sitting. Not sure where I read that or if it's even true? A lot of interesting info at that link about Dinn and Summers, especially with the next step for Mean Streak yet to be revealed.
  5. Now Cherry Valley Lodge and water park near Columbus is up for sale too. Coincidence? http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2016/08/31/cherry-valley-lodge-water-park-up-for-sale.html# Has anybody from here ever been? Says it's geared more towards families than Fort Rapids was. I have passed it many times but never stopped by.
  6. It really is too bad, and a waste of a good name and theme for a water park. From the outside you can't really tell what a mess it apparently is and was inside.
  7. Not to resurrect this sad thread, but it would appear Fort Rapids may be going away sooner rather than later. Not sure what would be viable in that location though. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2016/08/25/1-fort-rapids-heads-to-auction-in-october-its-future-as-water-park-doubtful.html
  8. That video is fantastic! I remember having it memorized for a long time back when it first opened. You got to see it quite a few times when the line filled every part of the queue. I remember the security cams they would put up on the screen showing the queue line as well as how pitch black it would get when the lights went out each time. The theming was spectacular and I'm glad to see it being kept up. I do miss the on ride photos with the aliens sitting behind you.
  9. I always love watching first-timers' reaction to the FoF launch. When it first came out and there was nothing like it around, coming around that corner in the queue into the station was quite an experience!
  10. I had no idea that he designed the station, that's really awesome! Also I forgot to mention the music! That really sealed it for the theming!
  11. I loved the Top Gun theming those first few years. From all the stuff in the lower level, to the fog in the station. Almost made those crazy long waits worth it. Without all that theming I am glad to have The Bat name reborn. I would love to see the cars similar to the original Bat though, they look really awesome!
  12. As much as I would hate to see it, it seems like the perfect theme for a ride with VR. Vines climbing the track as you fly by, trees coming to life with the twists, turns, and drops as you dodge their swinging branches. Then finally pulling into the shed for safety only to have the train finally swept up out of nowhere. I feel like it could be done really well, and be very thrilling, but I would also want to be able to enjoy the ride without the input from the virtual world.
  13. Yeah, I'm dying to know how the train is getting into the station and how the MT paths are getting over the train, or if it doesn't need to! It sounded like during the announcement he said it was entirely contained within the train tracks, but I'm sure there will still be some interaction, however brief it may be! They were right, the train will have an entirely different feel next year.
  14. I can't wait to see how exactly this interacts with the train and White Water Canyon from all three rides! I also think the head chopper after the tunnel may be a pretty fun element!
  15. Not every ride needs to be the tallest, fastest, most inversions, etc. I know KI and GCI will be putting together a great ride that many people can and will enjoy. I certainly won't write off a ride based on a POV, especially a virtual POV! Let me ride it before I judge. I personally like some variety in a park, and I think this only adds to an already great lineup at KI!
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