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  1. I don't understand why everyone is underwhelmed by stats. We could have an intense ride (see I-305) with B&M reliability. If Steel Vengeance wasn't to our north, people would probably consider something like what I mentioned above the best thing since sliced bread.
  2. I'm not an experienced member by any means, but I think we all need to remember a good member (The Interpreter)'s (paraphrased) words to us all: Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.
  3. Kings Island staff reading this thread right now: <
  4. I think we've all earned ourselves a troll moment after that last troll. Also, I looked at the website by street address and it sounds like no project plans have been made public since the end of the stone age (er, access to lots of Internet) so no point in trying that again.
  5. I would just be happy with some space instrumentals. Unless Cedar Fair has money hidden to hire Giacchino or another Hollywood composer, I'm perfectly content with a nice soundtrack of space instrumentals. I'm hoping for a blue and grey colour scheme, but I'm assuming that it probably won't be exactly that because of Millenium Force to the north.
  6. Just wondering, but with the rate of clearing at the moment, how much longer would it be before we started seeing footers and (potentially) track?
  7. If this is a giga it could be a sign it is expected to be taller than Fury. Would B&M add a predrop if the height was tall enough? I know the point of the predrops were to prevent stress on the track, but since B&M hasn't added one in a long time, it is a thought.
  8. This is where the fun begins. Hoping that it is finally the giga, knowing that there isn't enough land cleared yet makes me believe land clearing isn't complete yet.
  9. some coaster enthusiasts right now, realizing that there aren't teasers yet and heaven forbid there be a giga coming next year without teasers:
  10. Well, today is the day we discover if any teasers are around the park yet. Here's a reminder to everyone to stay dry tonight and don't do anything to make the community bad.
  11. If there's no teasers in the park I will be perfectly fine. Since I've gotten back into coasters I still need to ride Diamondback (as well as Flight of Fear) before I ride a giga. I enjoyed Mako at Sea World Orlando so Diamondback should be a piece of cake to prepare for the giga!
  12. Even though I've been going to the park for over 10 years now, for whatever reason I didn't ride Beast until Diamondback opened. It was still some of the best fun I've ever had, though! When I had a phase in which I didn't enjoy riding coasters but finally wanted to try riding WindSeeker, my mom forced me onto The Beast, and I absolutely loved it! I still have a keychain photo with me and my constipated-looking face (lift hills give me serious anxiety, so the only ride photo where I don't look terrible is Manta at SWO, which I have a ride photo of myself on my desk) coming down the first life hill. Riding Beast eventually got me into riding coasters again like Banshee, Vortex, and Invertigo and I hope to ride Flight of Fear for the first time and reride Diamondback after having enjoyed Mako this past winter.
  13. When I start craving blue ice cream and spring break has finally passed, meaning the offseason is coming to an end. Seriously though, I live 900 miles away from the park for most of the year. The cravings for Skyline, LaRosa's, and blue ice cream are seriously a problem.
  14. I think that if it is placed in the back of the park, then yes. There's simply enough terrain and space back there that I hope for a long ride. I don't think it will be the longest coaster in the world (since RCDB has the difference between Steel Dragon 2000 and Fury as a little over 1500 feet) but with Fury being the longest steel coaster in North America, I'd love to see KI have the longest wooden in the world as well as the longest steel coaster in the world, but I think the latter will be a continental record rather than world record.
  15. Looking at the bright side of the removal of the trees, at the very least we'll have better views of the fountain as well as the fireworks show. I'm hoping that they'll put umbrellas in the tables to replace the trees, as shade is definitely a necessary thing in the middle of summer.
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