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  1. It's finally here and I'm so excited!
  2. Unless someone is willing to invent Star Trek transportation, I am too far away here in Florida for that. If someone does invent it before then, just beam me up, Scotty. It probably won't be the weirdest part of the announcement.
  3. If anyone is willing to brave the rain and has an hour to kill, can we see if there are any teasers up on the fence? Also if we don't see teasers by Friday (4 weeks before National Roller Coaster Day) I'm pulling the same strategy that I use when waiting for new Star Wars content: Wait and see. We know a coaster is coming, and I'm sure anyone who watches WCPO/reads their website knows one is coming as well. Word of mouth is a teaser in certain ways.
  4. A modern Intamin would be cool, but I'm nervous that these newer shuttle coasters would be a capacity nightmare. I'd be interested in seeing something like Maverick as an upcoming attraction but I feel that a family coaster will definitely come first.
  5. Definitely not related to coasters, but someone was screaming "Don't forget to like and subscribe!" on Delirium while I was passing yesterday, and while I'm sure said person was joking, it was still funny.
  6. Food tents are still up, the tape has peeled off while leaving marks on the pavers, and you can still see streamers in the trees, but otherwise it looks like nothing happened.
  7. Did another lightning strike hit the park early this morning? My mom and I drove past the park just now on Kings Island Drive and only saw Banshee and Eiffel Tower running. The only reason I ask is that my mother said there was a wicked thunderstorm around 1 am this morning.
  8. I had a great time at the parade last night! I got to participate in the part where they get people to dance, and for that I want to thank the person (one of the people dressed as a chef towards the front of the floats) for letting me participate. Was I too old to participate in the dancing (at the age of a young adult)? Probably, but it was still a special moment!
  9. The park probably learned its lesson after we managed to leak two sets of blueprints and has given the city an ultimatum to not tell us that information. On a more serious note, it seems that construction outside of the station doesn't normally start until after we get an announcement, so I'd say that we might see them in a couple of weeks. If anyone has more experience, feel free to correct me.
  10. Does anyone have any clue to why we're seeing more trees knocked down as of now? We've seen what we believe to be the layout of this ride, so could X-Base be getting some flats as well (in tune to what CF did with the area where Copperhead Strike was placed, for instance) or is this just something ordinary (thinking of last year's venture in the Giga Speculation Thread where trees were being cleared by The Beast just because of termites or something like that).
  11. As an autistic person, I could say that I would definitely enjoy this. (Although I do enjoy a certain amount of spontaneity from time to time.) In other news, I recently bought a fannypack (for whatever reason, they're a trend again) with the intent of taking it into the park when I'm finally up in Ohio. If I tried riding it on Banshee or Mystic Timbers, would I be told to go to a locker or would they let me on with it?
  12. I don't understand why everyone is underwhelmed by stats. We could have an intense ride (see I-305) with B&M reliability. If Steel Vengeance wasn't to our north, people would probably consider something like what I mentioned above the best thing since sliced bread.
  13. I'm not an experienced member by any means, but I think we all need to remember a good member (The Interpreter)'s (paraphrased) words to us all: Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.
  14. Kings Island staff reading this thread right now: <
  15. I think we've all earned ourselves a troll moment after that last troll. Also, I looked at the website by street address and it sounds like no project plans have been made public since the end of the stone age (er, access to lots of Internet) so no point in trying that again.
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