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  1. Have to beat around the bush and choose words carefully. Political discussion not really allowed here unfortunately. Hard to stay non-political when discussing this countries Coronavirus response/policies.
  2. I purposely did not include healthcare. Are you kidding me? The party in power is in court trying to strip healthcare from 30 million people with no backup plan. It would also kill protections for people with cancer and such where they can get locked out of even being able to PURCHASE insurance. All this happening during a 100 year pandemic. SMH
  3. America is #1 in the world in medical research, medical innovation, and top healthcare professionals/facilities. It's not even close, but we are the absolute epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic. Also not even close. You have to ask yourself why? Who is responsible? I think we know the answer.
  4. I have now read dozens of comments around the internet on how Orion may have the best drop out of all the giga coasters. Everybody who has ever called Orion a "hyper" can officially insert foot in mouth now.
  5. Sorry. Anybody badmouthing KI to the public while they work there needs to be fired. Stupidity beyond belief.
  6. A giga is a giga is a giga. Like arguing over which supermodel is hotter. They are all hot. lol
  7. They maybe should have put some man made water under this thing for added scenery/atmosphere. Anybody agree? Scenery is what gives MF a little extra boost. Anyhoo, sounds like a great ride all around regardless.
  8. You mean how good was the mask enforcement? C'mon people. It's a pandemic here and America is the epicenter by far. Thus thing is on the verge of being out of control again and theme parks will be forced to close again when that happens. Wear your masks and quit being selfish.
  9. Of course I did. I was using your post as a prequel/companion to mine. Kudos for your original post.
  10. Sorry. Anybody that refuses to wear a mask in public when it is impossible to socially distance 100% of the time is an incredibly selfish/heartless human being. As we are finding out, there are a lot of these people in America. I'm not remotely in the high risk category, but no way would I ever go out around large groups in public right now without wearing a mask and trying to keep my distance. It's not about you. Anybody could have this virus asymptomatic and be harming or killing other vulnerable Americans. Also, don't kid yourself. This virus KILLS many more people than just the feeble/elde
  11. This is far more than politics in this era. It's right vs wrong. Decency vs immorality.
  12. Hopefully America will have a change in leadership to handle a second or third wave. The response has been nothing short of pathetic.
  13. Yep. I do all my running/biking at night. Hardly see a soul these days except for occasional Cops.
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