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  1. presto123

    Clearing up rumors of "Steel Beast"

    Millions and millions of Americans got conned by Russian hackers in 2016 so..........
  2. I liked them as a kid, but choosing National Rollercoaster Day to announce a kiddie ride? That ain't right. You could feel the air go out of the room. Personally, I would have preferred bringing back Kenton's Kove if we are talking nostalgia. It is what it is....
  3. presto123

    How was your ride on Mystic Timbers?

    No Beast in your TOP 10? Wow. I know people who think The Beast tops El Toro. Also.....Daryl Hall and John Oates are what's in the shed. Their careers just won't die. haha!
  4. presto123

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    Mystic Timbers, capture my thoughts and carry them away Nature seems to grow In a supernatural way Mystic Timbers, under very few lights Just a canopy of stars We blast on through the night Towards the mystery shed afar.... Who can tell me the song that inspired my lyrics?
  5. presto123

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    I still listen to that Republica record to this day. It is amazing from start to finish. One of the best techno-rock albums of all time IMO.
  6. presto123

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    That darn vine is going to wreck the whole unveiling! ..........................just kidding. haha I think people are over-reacting to the vine. This coaster and theme look to be awesome. Great job KI.
  7. presto123

    Haunt 2016

    Thanks for the reply. Can't wait to visit KI again, but if I'm choosing a Halloween event I think Orlando is my bucket list.
  8. presto123

    Haunt 2016

    I didn't read through 15 pages, but I was just wondering where KI's haunt compares to all the other themes parks in the grand scheme of things. Is it a top 5 or 10 in your opinion? I've been watching tons of Halloween events at theme parks on youtube and Universal Studios Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa look absolutely incredible. Anybody been? What other haunts have you been to and how do they rate against KI?
  9. presto123

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    That is one neat log ride. Never been to Knots Berry before.
  10. presto123

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    I like the idea of lights in the trees as well. I think another cool idea would be glowing eyes in the trees. The way animals look at night in the woods.
  11. presto123

    Timberwolf Concerts STUBS

    Hair band heaven.
  12. presto123

    Timberwolf Concerts STUBS

    Moody Blues and it was great.
  13. presto123

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    Coaster stalker? That's a new one to me. haha!