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  1. This is far more than politics in this era. It's right vs wrong. Decency vs immorality.
  2. Hopefully America will have a change in leadership to handle a second or third wave. The response has been nothing short of pathetic.
  3. Yep. I do all my running/biking at night. Hardly see a soul these days except for occasional Cops.
  4. At least they are more truthful than the American Govt. SMDH
  5. This can't be a serious post can it? America's response to this emergency has been pathetic. Our President called it a HOAX, purposely prevented health professionals from getting a jump on it because he is worried about reelection, and slashed CDC funding. Only 8 people in the ENTIRE country were tested yesterday despite tens of thousands being tested in countries like South Korea. EVERY major sport here are CANCELLING their seasons. I suggest you get informed. This is too serious not to.
  6. How can you not be at least concerned about it? Even people that are younger can potentially pass it to vulnerable family members or general public that are a bigger risk. You may not even be aware you have it and be passing it around. NBA just suspended their season tonight and I look for NCAA to suspend their tournament tomorrow. Can theme parks be far behind? Only if Corona ends up slowing way down in hot weather do I not see this affecting parks as much. Theme parks will probably have to delay their opening days this year I would guess. America's response to this has been pathetic beyond words.
  7. Unless her name is Stormy. Then she said, "was it ever in"? Oops! lol
  8. Coaster looking great! So did KI decide to go with intensity, ride experience, and rider capacity over all out record breaking stats and track length? This could end up being a better ride than many of the stats coasters?
  9. The 91 MPH happens at the bottom of the first drop correct? Yes, it's long enough to go 91 MPH. I'll take speed, intensity and airtime over ride length any day.
  10. I have noticed time and time again that this coaster often appears a bit shorter/smaller in pictures because the supports and track pieces are so massive that you have no visual scale to go off of. When you see a picture with workers or something, then you realize the massive scale of this thing.
  11. Compare the heights of Orion and WindSeeker. This is a giga all the way. Orion a few feet shorter at most and that is made up by lower elevation at bottom of first drop. Haters can p*** off. lol This is a massive ride that will probably be a better ride experience than most of the gigas out there.
  12. I think that's supposed to be 9.1 MPH.
  13. Is anybody even going to post a screenshot of the webcam? LOL!!!
  14. Is it possible this will outshine almost all the gigas as far as ride experience? I think people were under-rating this coaster based on stats and blueprints. Love how that first drop is so steep and goes all the way to the ground only to blast into an amazing second hill.
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