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  1. Has to be more clearing to come I would think. This ride would only be the length of The Racer with current cleared space.
  2. This is fun. Don't know that I will get heavily involved like I did with Mystic Timbers, but I will definitely be checking in here often. Thanks to all working to crack the code:)
  3. The Legacy Of Fun Lives On!
  4. "Where The Past Meets The Future"
  5. Kings Island: Less Bugs In Your Teeth Than Cedar Point..........jk jk.....LOL My real one: Kings Island: Making Memories One Thrill At A Time!
  6. Big one back in the day was that somebody was decapitated on The Bat(old Bat where Vortex is at). I'm sure most of you have heard this one. I was fortunate enough to ride it before it was closed.
  7. Run the new Giga through the Crypt building at halfway point. First ever Giga/Flat Ride hybrid!!! Woo hoo!
  8. Don't want to go back through the whole thread, but does anybody expect land clearing/construction and major teasers a la Mystic Timbers around the park this Summer?
  9. Like I care what a bunch of coaster freak nerds think? LMAO! I've always loved The Beast, but I couldn't care less about preserving the "integrity" of the ride. Anybody with half a brain can see that The Beast could be vastly improved with a smoother ride and more speed. They wouldn't have to do the full RMC treatment like somebody said. The cost would probably be pretty low without doing full treatment. Would also up attendance for awhile because everybody would have to try the new Beast. Would save on chiropractic costs as well:)
  10. Very well done blog. I don't really want to speculate as to what Johnny was thinking, but article says he was extremely drunk and extremely emotional. Maybe devastated enough to split with his group like he did. Headed straight for Eiffel Tower where he did something way outside his character according to all his friend's accounts. Does anybody else think that suicide might be in the equation here? He climbed the inside restricted stairs up, but then he went over the stair railing and onto a support beam near the top. Maybe he was planning to jump and got caught by the counterweight/cables before he actually made the decision on whether to jump or not. I'm not saying this is definitely the cause because nobody knows, but considering his reported "state of mind" at the time, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibilities either.
  11. I guess you have never seen the TV show Ridiculousness or visited Youtube. Too many young adults to count take life risking chances as an afterthought. It's always been that way. I totally agree that the Safari area should have had more of an age/experience requirement. The guy was obviously not mature enough to handle the job requirements.
  12. Any chance in hell that The Beast eventually gets the RMC treatment?
  13. I liked them as a kid, but choosing National Rollercoaster Day to announce a kiddie ride? That ain't right. You could feel the air go out of the room. Personally, I would have preferred bringing back Kenton's Kove if we are talking nostalgia. It is what it is....
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