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  1. So........light this area up or leave it as dark as possible for 91 MPH night ride monster drops and speed through the woods?
  2. Let me get this straight. From what I heard, park employees were wearing Polaris shirts right before the announcement. KI went through the trouble to make these shirts just to try and throw people off?
  3. I think people are butthurt that CF didn't go for an all out record in every category. People will always b**** no matter what. SMH
  4. Orion has the SAME drop as MF and it's hills are much taller than MF's hills. Slow your roll there partner. This could easily equal or top MF and that's saying something considering MF is always parked towards the top of Golden Ticket awards.
  5. These Orion hill heights are overall bigger than MF. Exact same drop as MF. If this thing keeps the speed/intensity throughout ride, this could be better than MF which still stands toward the top of most steel coaster rankings almost 20 years later. Have high hopes for Orion.
  6. For my money, if a coaster has a 300 ft. drop, it's a giga. No doubt about it....
  7. MF has a drop of 300 as well. First hill height of 310. Here are the hill heights on MF. 310 169 182 105 68. Orion's hills heights are bigger.
  8. If my memory serves me right, MF is 301 and 93 MPH. I could be wrong though?
  9. Totally psyched for this coaster and it very well may be better than MF, but it does make me wonder if it was a decision by Cedar Fair to keep the stats JUST UNDER MF. I mean, about 2 feet taller and 3 MPH faster doesn't seem like alot. Like I said, I'm totally excited for this ride, but I would like to know what powers that be were actually thinking when they designed the ride. Hopefully this coaster is more intense than MF.
  10. fox19 still playing old broadcast on the live stream.
  11. Facebook? LOL Haven't been there in years with good reason.
  12. Behind the fence?
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