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  1. Was a joke. Obviously not a funny one. Ha!
  2. Hopefully not a "nuclear holocaust" themed name. LOL
  3. Anybody still expecting this to be Leviathan South? Would that be a good thing ? Who has been on that coaster?
  4. Why would there be new blueprints? That's not normal right? Or are these just blueprints with more details.
  5. The Beast should be RMC'd. Can you imagine what they could do with that coaster? It would be unreal.
  6. Teaser Posters are ready!!!! Quick preview: Nothing to be sad about. It was a joke!!! lol
  7. Younger generation should be catching on by now. This is the era of gaslighting/propaganda. It starts from the top.
  8. Don't get me started on ice cream. I just found out most Dairy Queens got rid of the butterscotch dip cones. Butterscotch beats the heck out of their chocolate dip cones and I'm usually a big fan of chocolate.
  9. You got your own problems living in KY although I can't talk about it here.
  10. Long time IU fan. It goes without saying....
  11. How can anybody be disappointed in a giga? SMH
  12. That was an experience in the rain I bet. lol
  13. Where did you get stuck? Lift hill?
  14. Anybody ever got stuck at top of a lift hill? Our train once stopped at the top of Magnum XL-200 and we sat there for what seemed like 5 minutes. Gotta say I was getting nervous at the prospect of walking down the lift hill on those little steps. I also didn't know about anti-rollback features at the time. Kind of scary. lol
  15. Sure KI's new coaster will be good and all,but it will never top this steel coaster complete with loop. State of the art restraints as well. Keep trying KI......keep trying.
  16. Does KI own all the land all the way to the water? Are they ever going to use all that forest land?
  17. Still hard to believe they can actually make a lift hill taller than the top observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. When I was a kid going up on the tower, I never would have believed it was possible. Just another reason to be excited for this giga. It's still a marvel of technology. 3oo feet up will never fail to be shocking to me.
  18. Dad Of Diamondback. Hey.......why not?
  19. Green screams alien theme. Depends on what kind of "space" theme KI going for.
  20. Probably same storm systems that went through here. Devastated Pendleton, IN. which is about 20 miles from me. Storms were headed east.
  21. Exactly, and they didn't use it for this project. Must be future plans for it.
  22. What do you think they are saving the big clearing over by Banshee for? The could have easily put the lift hill there more towards front of park.
  23. KI is a heck of lot closer drive for me than Cedar Point( 2 hours vs 5 hours). A coaster at KI that rivals or exceeds MF could be a big deal for out of state park visitors. Maybe a lot of them choose KI instead?
  24. Quick question: If you had your choice, would you prefer KI be getting the coaster they are putting in or an even shorter more intense launch coaster like TTD or Kingda Ka?
  25. You right. MF supposedly hits 93. Hopefully this one in the 90's. Must be sleepier than I thought. Ha! I was thinking with clever design or less braking that they could squeeze a few more MPH in, but the top speed obviously happens at bottom of lift hill. Maybe some extra grease on the wheels?
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