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  1. KI is an awesome place to work. I've worked there the past 2 seasons, and i'm debating on wether to go for my 3rd. my first season was in merch. and TBH, i don't recommend that. it's truly a lot of drama. this past season was in Entertainment. that was soooo much fun! i worked with the peanuts characters & the cirque shows & got kisses from the dog show dogs on the daily. you truly create a family with your fellow associates when you work there. i also got sent to rides one day, and got to work on DB! that was pretty fun, but A LOT of work. you hear people in different departments complain about the work and the things they have to do, like every other job. but.. i've never heard, a person from Park Services complain. I would recommend them for the first job at KI. You'd also really get the lay of the land for when you come back at 16 for rides. as for building a resumé, I've been told on multiple occasions that KI doesn't look at them, they don't need them. KI is a first job for many. don't stress about a resumé. hope to see you around the park soon! ~MJ
  2. KI has exactly one week to clear I street, KI theater and close surrounding areas from haunt things to Christmas
  3. not taking over I-street. that still belongs to cemetery.... just taking over tower gardens.
  4. not don. one of his marketing and social media interns.
  5. the person in GS must not work all too often. or they just straight lied to you. there are about 5-10 paintings that have been left behind from people not claiming them. very sad.
  6. Haut-Vol's production of Origins: A Cirque Experience has been contracted for another year.
  7. What have you heard?!your friend would've been smart to tell you to not say a word to ANYONE, including other park employees. my advice to you and your friend, keep hush about it. there's legality problems for you and your friend if you're posting about it online. oh. and. if you're underwhelmed, then they clearly didn't completely inform you. I was there as well.
  8. most of the haunt scareactors are actually mid 20-60's. very rarely do you have just a bunch of teens. the people that audition for haunt and out in the midway are the best of the best. a lot of those haunt scareactors are people that do scaring/acting/entertainment 99% of the year. getting paid to do it, or volunteering.
  9. he is back tomorrow. my apologies. I was off by 1 day.
  10. I give you guys props to thinking this all up. but all guesses are soooo far from the truth. all the victims --I mean GUESTS shall found out soon enough.
  11. Christmas music is limited to I Street. although. Jump! The Ulimate Dog Show has been playing a CUSTOM playlist created by their own sound tech. if you like the music, say thanks to the Tech in the booth!
  12. He will be back in 3 days. no fret!
  13. I SNOW for a fact there will be some sort of snow.
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