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  1. I don't think that Orion is much appreciated by coaster enthusiasts, such enthusiasts are trolling and doing too much of a comparison to the likes of other giga-class coasters. The first drop is 300-feet, but the trains will be coasting it at an angle of 85-degrees, which if you would like to compare, that is the same angle of descent on Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion. Also, I, myself, extremely appreciates the curvature of Orion. A steep first drop followed by a side-way airtime element reaching heights taller than the Banshee roller coaster, is insanity and all-out thrilling. The g-forces the ride will pull will be insane. This reminds me of 07' back when Maverick was introduced to Cedar Point and how coaster enthusiasts trolled it and the ride turned out one of the greatest of all time without the reputation of breaking world records. All world record-breaking coasters aren't good coasters, take Kingda Ka at Great Adventure for example. Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world, has insane stats but isn't even in the top 10 in the annual Golden Ticket Awards. Correct me if I'm incorrect, but I don't think that the world's tallest, fastest and longest coasters even make the top 10 on Golden Ticket Award lists. If I'm correct, that speaks VOLUMES. People should stop complaining and start appreciating what a good coaster we have here.
  2. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/january/readers’-mailbag-why-was-the-last-dip-on-the-racer-removed On the new Kings Island Readers' Mailbag, Gary S., from Baltimore, OH inquired about Firehawk, asking...quote, "What's lurking in the woods around where Firehawk stood?" The Park responded by saying, quote..."Deer. They’ll browse and graze throughout the night, occasionally heading back to bedding spots for a few hours around midnight where they will remain for a couple hours before heading back out into open areas again in the early morning hours. Deer are fascinating creatures." Hmm, what a riveting response by park officials. The word "they" is reminiscent of Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance hyper hybrid roller coaster and the three outlaws affixed to the coaster's marketing and theme. Just for speculation....could Kings Island's 2020 B&M roller coaster be themed to or marketed as extraterrestrial creatures or the notorious Outpost 5 being that the 2020 attraction may be located in the X-Base area of the park? Very, very riveting nonetheless. Deer....Enjoy Folks! Deer...? Hmm. What a riveting word choice!
  3. According to rollercoaster_expedition on Instagram, the deconstruction of the Firehawk roller coaster is near complete with the steel vertical loop being the only element of the coaster still standing and slated for demolition. Enjoy folks!
  4. Kings Island's Director of Communication, Chad Showalter, on WCPO- 9 On Your Side to discuss the last flights of Firehawk. Enjoy folks!
  5. Well...although this doesn't confirm any future project in correspondence with a giga coaster, I did find this tailormade for the giga speculation that coaster enthusiasts have been raving about. There's construction taking place by Invertigo and Congo Falls. All credit and thanks goes to Wildcat Coasters from Youtube. Enjoy folks!
  6. Well...it seems as though the culture of the new 2018 Kings Island Coney Bar-B-Que restaurant will be people friendly. Here's KI's newest celebrity chef, James Major. I thought it'd be neat to share this video with the KIC community, also, all credit for this video goes to CincyPeople.com. Enjoy everyone!
  7. I say it's about time that Kings Island Diamondback opened-air stadium seats are getting refurbished. Diamondback's older stadium seating weren't aging alluringly, they were optically unappealing and were in desperate need of refurbishment. Now, the seats are not orange in color, but black which could be its official, new look for the 2018 operating season. I say, "could", because the seats probably weren't painted yet which was the discussion on instagram. I'll share an instagram picture of the newly refurbished Diamondback stadium seats here on Kings Island Central. I'd like to know what you all think about the alleged new look of Diamondback. FYI, this instagram picture was posted on January 9th, 2018. My take on it is, I'll find the seating more appealing if they are black rather than the original orange open-air stadium seating. The trains are already sleek in design being that it alluringly exists with steel and fiberglass. Here's the link to cite my sources. All thanks and credit goes to fyecoasters16. Thanks for sharing:) I'd like to know what you think now.
  8. Firstly, Happy New Year's Day everyone. Kings Island Park LLC has left the general public a brazen, thrill-enticing message on the Mystic Timbers webcam along the White Water Canyon walkway near the train tacks. The message reads "GiGa". After the completion of the deconstruction of the Dinosaurs Alive attraction, in which is coasting on the popular innuendo that Kings Island will be building a Giga roller coaster post-Dinosaurs-Alive deconstruction, could the hearsay in fact be a reflection of a 300 foot-thrilling reality to come? I encourage all of you to view the webcam and share what you think about the "GiGa" message. The message was seen on site the day prior to New Year's Eve and post acknowledging the fact that park guests were restricted from crossing the train tracks during the duration of Winterfest, there must've been an employee who scripted the message in the snow for the eyes of the general public to see. Is this the commencement of the 2019 project speculation? I'd like to think so. That is my take on it, I'd like to hear what you think.
  9. Here is Kings Island Central's press interview with the new general manager of Kings Island, Mike Koontz. This video is for anyone who didn't already see this or for those who would like to see this interview once more. From the video, I was able to deduce extrapolations about what Koontz plans are in reference to the future development of Kings Island, such as with the old Crypt building and how he said he could see that as a ride 4-5 years out. There's much to speculate about after watching the video. Enjoy.
  10. I would say that Mystic Timbers' entrance is between 95-100% complete for opening day, April 15. The construction crew for Kings Island's new attraction has done commendable work completing the construction phases from the 53.7 degree, 98.0 feet curved drop, lagoon-passing conveniently making use of a wooden frame on steel trusts, conserving a number of trees to maintain a forestry feel and so forth. If I'm recalling this correctly, there was a brief discussion prior, regarding the functionality of the headlights of the Chevrolet C-10 Model truck at the entrance of the queue area for Mystic Timbers, well, it appears as though the headlights are functional. Here's a look at the working headlights of the C-10 Model truck, the link is provided below. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSraxxpgPA2/?tagged=mystictimbers This is sure to add an unique riding experience at night from the entrance of the queue, ride and shed experiences. I think that Mystic Timbers could be the "Maverick" of Kings Island. Who else feels this way? Personally, I think the Banshee will still have the favorable night-ride experience, that is where I will begin and end my allotted Kings Island visits each visit this season.
  11. Here is another look at the Mystic Timbers trains from inside the station area, it appears as though Cedar Fair strict safety policies has deterred the Millennium Flyer trains with no use of seat belts such as Invadr's Millennium Flyer trains at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The trains for Mystic Timbers carries out that rustic, abandoned look, the specific train in the depiction is a brightened-teal color. If you would like to see more, click on the link below to see the Mystic Timbers train inside the station area 6 days away from opening day, April 15. If this picture was taken 6 days away from opening day, that would calculate out to roughly 2 days ago from today. Here is the link below: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSqoNtAAXZx/?tagged=whatsintheshed&hl=en
  12. I must admit, it seems as though Kings Island has well-invested in the revitalization of the Rivertown area for the last couple of years; adding new games, modern food stands such as Soccer Challenge and Rivertown Funnel Cake and now a new attraction, Mystic Timbers. The new Coca-Cola refresh station is part of the new food and beverage select options for 2017, and let's not forget about the Tom and Chee food stand which is also new this year and is expected to greet famished guests on April 15.
  13. Hmm. Interesting, well.....the mid-course tunnel mystically seems to be complete, it looks rather interesting to say the least. The mid-course tunnel can be seen in the link provided below. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSowcJxDNcY/?tagged=whatsintheshed
  14. Here is a night-view of Mystic Timbers' lift hill, train-crossing and station areas; After analyzing the 3,265 feet-long attraction at night, it's safe to conclude that a light package will not be inclusive on Kings Island's newest attraction with exception to the lighting in the station and on the lift hill. Hence, the wooded areas where the ride will traverse airtime hills, will be completely dark with minimal lighting from White Water Canyon's turn table area.
  15. Check out the returning Tom & Chee food stand, new for 2017, located in close proximity to the entrance and exit areas of Diamondback. Tom & Chee looks to have flat screen projections for food menu visuals and a brick, red-paneled facade, click on the link below to see more. https://www.instagram.com/p/BScEdWaheU3/?taken-by=kingsislandpr&hl=en
  16. The link provided below is an updated video content supported by WLWT News 5 and the Kings Island media crew, there many photogenic scenes inclusive such as; the ride entrance, shed, station and train crossing areas to acknowledge a few. I recommend that you all take a peek at this article for Kings Island's newest attraction, Mystic Timbers. In fact, this is the same video content followed by the link above which leads to the article. Here is a Youtube upload by WLWT News 5, which the Youtube software interface provides better video quality than that which is followed by the link above. Enjoy Folks! Kings Island's newest attraction, 3,265 feet-long roller coaster, Mystic Timbers.
  17. The link provided below is an updated video content supported by WLWT News 5 and the Kings Island media crew, there many photogenic scenes inclusive such as; the ride entrance, shed, station and train crossing areas to acknowledge a few. I recommend that you all take a peek at this article for Kings Island's newest attraction, Mystic Timbers. You know all of this suspense raises the question of the Kings Island Funpix option, what could they look like? Perhaps riders will be seated in a Chevy C-10 Model truck becoming consumed in medusa-like vines and correlation to the story of #what'sintheshed. What do you all think the funpix photo options will be.....? http://www.wlwt.com/article/sneak-peek-a-look-at-kings-island-s-newest-roller-coaster/9216500
  18. Who said anything about photographs? I know that as an employee you are unauthorized to post depictions of the park while on off-season and not approved, but I just wanted to know what it was that you saw. I'm curious, you don't have to say much, brief is fine, but we'd all like to know what it was that you seen that makes you certain that everyone will be enthused.
  19. Hmm. Interesting, very very interesting.....What was it that you saw? Tell us, I'm sure we'll be thrilled and absolutely excited afterwords.
  20. Well, I found interesting photo content today that I would like to share regarding Great Coasters International, GCI on social media concerning InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I seen, on GCI facebook social media account, that InvadR has climaxed in its construction phase as it's commencing it's testing phase inclusive of the re-profiled millennium flyer Gwazi trains from Busch Gardens Tampa. Hence, I scratch my head and ponder when we'll be seeing testing for Mystic Timbers; I will purpose a conjecture, it's highly probable that testing will commence mid- next week or the week after being that InvadR has begun testing already, both are manufactured by the same company and both were announced in relatively close time intervals. Hence, we'll be seeing Mystic Timbers testing very soon, within the time interval of the next 2 weeks. I have attached the photo of InvadR below, enjoy folks.
  21. Hmm. Well, that's an interesting point, I'm quoting you not to dissent your commentary, but just to purpose my own conjecture regarding why KI decided to extract the webcams from any means of internet obtrusiveness. I feel that the KI website perhaps could be in-progress of being revamped to the new website platform that the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company has been utilizing for Cedar Point, Carowinds, Great America and Kings Dominion thus far to enhance website mobile compatibility. I think that the Kings Island website will be consecutively next to be refurbished, effacing parts of the outdated website may be preliminary prior to complete refurbishments. We know that Cedar Fair will make use of this new mobile-compatible software platform for all their parks, so KI will get its website redeveloped even if I'm incorrect about the webcams.....it's a matter of timing, not whether or not KI will do it. Anyways, that is my personal conjecture in regards to the justifications for KI extracting internet-obtrusiveness from their now, outdated website software.
  22. Today, I seen on Youtube this video content from WCPO 9 On Your Side regarding Kings Island's newest attraction Mystic Timbers and how the 3,265 foot-long new attraction is anticipated to provide an economic increase to Warren County in Mason, Ohio. There is also keen angles of video footage inclusive of Mystic Timbers' construction that provides a good look at Mystic Timbers' station area, where the train station departs just to name a few well-angled photogenic contents within the video. I have provided a link for the video in this commentary. Enjoy folks.
  23. I seen on social media that #KingsIslandPR, twitted out that the 2017 Park Guide & Map has been finalized and will be off to the printer in the AM #KI45. This means that the GP and coaster enthusiasts including myself will be seeing the new park map inclusive of the 3,265 foot-long new attraction Mystic Timbers and the new Soak City Island Smokehouse very soon.
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