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  1. I'd really hate to see Vortex go. I think its one of the most recognizable rides out there, and I find myself often just watching the ride, something is just so fascinating about it. I really wouldnt miss Firehawk, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Adventure Express, or Dinosaurs Alive. All of these i feel like can be replaced with much better coasters.
  2. The one time I rode Stitch's great escape was miserable. Probably the weirdest feeling, looking, and smelling ride I have ever rode. Never again.
  3. Im so glad I have a Cedar Fair park as my home park. I don't know what six flags think they're doing, like who thought "Hey, lets add the same ride to every park and make it have the same name and theme" or "Hey lets add two different types of rides with the same names" I feel like having different rides at different parks gives people an incentive to go there, I dont think I will likely go to any six flags park except maybe SFGA or SFMM. Maybe I just really hate six flags or something.
  4. I once had a dream where Timberwolf was removed and a Gerstlauer Eurofighter was installed there. Im not sure how well a Gerslauer Eurofighter would fit in with the layout but I think it would be cool. Again though, never going to happen, would be cool though.
  5. http://fox17online.com/2016/08/08/launch-cable-detaches-on-roller-coaster-at-cedar-point-in-ohio-ride-closed/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_FOX_17 Wow, what do you guys think? I hate to see Intamin's safety record get worse as I love many of their rides, I feel like we wont be seeing many Intamin rides and Cedar Fair parks in the future. EDIT: My bad, not sure if you want this discussion to be limited to Cedar Point 2016 thread, delete this thread if appropriate.
  6. Im tired of seeing these posts. Mean streak is trimmed to death, has an uninteresting layout, and is always a walk on. Racer and The Beast are a little bumpy (I've never personally had a problem with The Racer or beast) because they are old, compared to Mean Streak which was built in 1991. I literally cant understand your logic here...
  7. Yea I was really hoping Six Flags would come to Kings Island so we could get a Larson super loop....
  8. *Off topicness* Im wondering, how much longer will The Bat last? I know maybe not next year, but when can we expect it to be removed? That space could be used for the Giga we all think were getting down the line.
  9. "This is a coaster that has been in the works for 5 years" If this isn't a lie, they have been preparing for whatever it is that the shed contains. I'd say drop track or a launch, considering the brakes that stop you before you go into the shed look like it could double as a launch. Also a really slow barrel roll could be there too.
  10. I feel like I saw a flat ride just as the train left the station(in the NL2 simulation), im not sure if im just delusional or if someone else perhaps saw it too?
  11. Could they possibly use the Crypt building for the que? Or am I just dumb and there is already something there?
  12. I live within a 10 minute walk of the park, over by the Kings Highschool, and its not all that bad. I've never burnt out on Kings Island even after going 4 or 5 days in a row. The only negatives I guess is sometimes you can hear the Firehawk lift and the fireworks are quite loud. We used to hear the Diamondback roar but I forgot when but a few years ago it stopped roaring. I actually quite like the roars that B&M coasters make.
  13. At around 7:00, you can see that they dispatched a Vortex train before the train ahead even fully cleared the mcbr O.o Im sure it really doesn't matter as far as safety goes, but that just seems so strange.
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