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  1. Sad Sad Sad news today folks. Return of D will not be returning to the Island this summer. I apologize to all my fans and co-workers. It was a blast for three years.
  2. Returning or not? We shall find out tomorrow!! I'll keep you posted! Since you all want to know.
  3. Me and Beth similar? Ouch, I know who it is now. I just never really thought about it.
  4. The third attractions is merely a minor "Pay to Play" like rock climbing or lazer tag. A seasonal attraction. One or two years maximum.
  5. Who is looping breaks? Someone inform me of this!!! And where am I in the story! Guess I left too early cuz of my "bad actions"
  6. I just came across this story, thought it was interesting. In case anyone wanted to read it. Despite Economy, Ohio Theme Parks Adding New Rides PKI, Cedar Point To Include New Attractions TOLEDO, Ohio -- Despite worries about the economy, Ohio's two biggest amusement parks are not holding back on spending for new attractions this summer. Cedar Point is spending $25 million on a roller coaster that will top 400 feet, while Paramount's Kings Island is building three multimillion- dollar attractions. In general, most amusement parks have been cautious in spending during the last couple of years, said Dennis Speigel, president of International Theme Park Services in Cincinnati. He said the economy or the threat of war shouldn't hurt attendance, he said. "Our business has always has done well in times of war and recession," Speigel said. "People want to escape and get away from their problems." Construction is well under way at Kings Island and Cedar Point. At Kings Island near Cincinnati, the park is adding a thrill ride and a family ride. The thrill ride, known as Delirium, is sort of like a giant pendulum that will swing riders back and forth as the seats rotate in a circle. "You're almost upside down," park spokesman Jeffrey Siebert said. The other new attraction, Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle, will be an interactive attraction in which riders travel graveyards and a haunted mansion while zapping ghosts and ghouls with laser guns. The ride is based on the television series that debuted in 1969. "Every ride is different," Siebert said. "It looks like you're riding through an episode of Scooby Doo." A third ride being built at Kings Island will be announced before the park opens on April 12. Siebert said that even though the economy has been sluggish, the park will continue to improve. "The biggest question we ask, regardless of the economy, is what do our guests want," he said. "We are a place where you go to forget your worries." Cedar Point is finishing construction on Top Thrill Dragster, which will top out at 420 feet and reach speeds of 120 mph. Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, in Aurora, won't announce its plans for this summer until next month. While its two competitors drew more than 3 million people a year ago, attendance at the Six Flags park declined. Six Flags Chairman Kieran Burke said in August that combining Six Flags Ohio and Sea World of Ohio did not work out as hoped. He blamed the northeast Ohio economy for a decline in group sales, which provide about 30 percent of a park's revenue. The state's amusement parks may face a new tax on tickets this year. Gov. Bob Taft on Thursday set out to expand the 5 percent state sales tax on items including amusement park tickets. Cedar Point spokeswoman Janice Witherow said, "The impact would be in the millions of dollars." The amusement park already pays an admissions tax to the city of Sandusky. Later, Dank http://www.channelcincinnati.com/money/195...615/detail.html
  7. After working on Congo Falls for three years now, I can officially say I'm not really sure what the chain type deal is for. I guess just to stir up the water like you said and make it all rushing rapid like at the bottom. It's just one of those things. Later
  8. Dizamn folks! I am Dank, but The OTHER D is just as cool! Rock on D!
  9. The Racers race whenever the ops decide to let them race. But most of the time they aren't together and it is a capacity killer when you try to wait for both trains to go. So yes it is up to the ops, but it usually would take to much time to race them. Later
  10. 3.) On Congo Falls, the blasts at the end are "luck" for the most part. There is just an on and off switch. So being an op you can try to control when it goes by turning it on and off. But it is basically luck. 4.) As for WWC, it is completely opposite. The op has control over the two huge geysers that get you. I love that spot. Getting people soaked is awesome, especially when the don't know it's you! HAHA! Later
  11. Sparky, don't you remember that family that came for a weekend or something. And they wanted to ride Drop Zone and it stormed out or something and they we're going to close the park early I believe and they had like two young kids I think. So me, you, and Dawn decided to give them the tickets we had so they could come back. I can't remember all of it, but they were pretty happy and we felt pretty good. That was a good one too!
  12. Congo/Drop '00 Congo/Face Off '01 Congo/Face Off '02 As for 2003, who knows, we'll see!
  13. Adam 12 loves to hear himself talk, or see himself type in this instance. Anyways, long term rides are cool. But aren't they all long term? I don't think many rides are put in for one or two seasons. Those would be short attractions. Or "Seasonal Attractions". Or something wankster like that.
  14. We've already had this thread pal.
  15. The best part about Jungle Jims = The different chocolate from around the world. The other day I got some from Ghana, African Gold Coast. Delicious.
  16. Well, we can all ride the monorail once again! Once Jungle Jims finishes expansion!
  17. Whats the worst experience you've ever had with a PKI associate?
  18. What was the best experience you've ever had with a PKI associate?
  19. Here's another one of the awesome Drop Zone dreams I've had. So, I'm riding it one day. Strapped in ready to go and all. It starts to go up the tower and then suddenly my bar disappears. I have no restraint. We get to the top but it keeps going and going. Then it falls, and I fly out of the seat, but I'm floating. I float over the highway and then out of no where, I fall into a lake. The end. I love my KI dreams.
  20. Oh my friend, my friend. Wierdest PKI dream. Let me see if I can remember it good. It was back in the days of when I was a Drop Zone driver and I was driving Drop Zone one day. The ride came down and didn't stop in the breaks, it just went straight to the ground and then BOOM, it disappeared. I look around, and all of the people are gone. I look at Congo, everyone gone. No guests, no associates, no nothing. Then, up walks Mr. I.C. "What's up Dank?" Oh nothing. I tell him alll the people are gone. He goes, yeah I know, we're closed. And then I wake up.........wierd ay? I have had lots of dreams, but that one sticks out. I guess working there will give you alot more than that of guests. So who knows how many people will post here. It'd be interesting to see.
  21. Is there anyway we can change the name of this thread to "It's official......Spongebob sucks." ??????
  22. Oh, okay buddy. WRONG. Those people are riding SOB with their kids because they came to the park to ride SOB. They purposely walked over to AZ to ride it. There are no kids ride over there to lure over the parents. Incorrect buddy. And I've worked there longer than you I'm sure. And I know that a stupid Sponge Show is not going to increase capacity on Vortex or FOF or anything like that.
  23. No, there isn't a bigger chance. They won't leave their kids. If they are going to, they'd do it regardless. They don't need to be lured over there by the Sponge Show. That won't happen. Most parents who bring their kids don't ride things like coasters.
  24. Yeah, so Spongebob would be good..............ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK! Not over there with all the big rides. No one wants to bring their kids all the way from HB over into Coney to go to the theater. Dumb idea.
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