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  1. If only I had a quarter for every time I heard "Am I tall enough?", as somebody squats next to the height stick...
  2. Well, lime green aside ya know. A tad bit of blue and green on the trains too.
  3. So I would just like to point out a few things about this memorial. First off, the white wreath to the left has four flowers on it, colored red, yellow, black, and silver. The exact same colors that you see on Firehawk. Secondly, when its dark, they project red and yellow lights onto the scene. The only other large coaster in the park with a red and yellow paint scheme is Diamondback, and I can tell you that's definitely not a ride that's leaving anytime soon. And third, "The air is eerily calm" can be a reference to The Bat, but honestly, with all clues taken into account, I'm pretty sure this means that the Hawk isn't going to be flying for much longer. And as others have pointed out, Vortex had gotten 970,000 riders last year, which to me indicates that ridership is not a problem.
  4. I really thought it was kind of hard to believe that people think Adventure Express is somehow the Son of Beast, until I was walking to Vortex today. A woman was talking to her group and said that they used to have Son of Beast but then it became Adventure Express.
  5. I've heard that the Monster that we have now isn't actually the original one that opened at the park. Unless I misheard and what actually happened was that we got another monster from a park which is used for spare parts. I believe the Monster I'm talking about was actually painted white. Please correct me if I'm wrong though!
  6. Similar to @VortexBFForever's situation, I was working WindSeeker one day and I looked up and just saw a puff of vape smoke go out to the side from one of the seats... Thought it was a little amusing then told the driver to spiel about not smoking or vaping on rides. Also if I had a quarter for every time I've heard a guest say or ask something about Vortex sinking, I would probably have enough money to dig the thing out of the ground.
  7. It is still done the same way as you described @teenageninja. In terms of capacity, hitting 1000 riders is quite the feet and happens rarely. You would have to have a good separator and dispatch almost every train in under about 60 seconds. We would have to also get around 40 cycles that hour to obtain that. 40/41 cycles are also basically the limit with frequent guests. Also, sidenote, if you dispatch right after the train ahead leaves the MCBR you're going to stack. A really good dispatch can be seen if the train on the lift and the train at the MCBR pass each other. Our average for cycles is probably around 32-36 (we try to shoot for 36 or above) cycles an hour and probably approaching 950 guests on a busier day. Correct me if I'm wrong @VortexBFForever. One more side note, it is possible to be running three trains and not have a train in the station for just a moment. You just have to have basically two perfect dispatches in a row (dispatching about 5 or so seconds after the bell rings, which indicates the train ahead has cleared the lift) On days when we go two trains, and the crowd picks up later in the day, there is almost always a line. After they add the third train though, you can definitely see a difference in the line in terms of it getting shorter.
  8. As a ride operator myself, I can assure you that we would rather somebody come through the exit or use a test seat out front rather than have to do the walk after having to wait in line. Most rides would be able to do this for you so don't hesitate to come up through the exit and ask. There are a few rides that I know of that are definitely more accommodating such as The Bat back near Banshee as well as Shake Rattle and Roll. For Banshee there are two rows designed to be more accommodating. Rows 4 and 5, both of which have seats with a red seatbelt. Also on some rides that have a bar that comes down near your belly such as WindSeeker, if you can pull your stomach up it should definitely help. Everybody is different and a lot of things can play a role in whether or not somebody will be able to ride. As some others said Flight of Fear and Drop Tower definitely do not have a lot of room after the restraint is pulled down. If you want, I have seen people test the seats at Flight of Fear at their exit before, so this is an option as well. Anyways though, I hope that some of this advice can help!
  9. I did manage to find a list of the former shows throughout the entire park on Wikipedia, Here's the link for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_former_Kings_Island_attractions#Former_shows
  10. Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love our ride but I don't necessarily think the new things we got this year indicate much. If something needs to be done out of necessity, they're going to do it. For example, needing a new compressor or replacing a few footers... Hopefully it does stay around for a while though! Certainly one of my favorites at the park. Now if they could just give it a new paint job, that would be perfect.
  11. What gets me are the valley's of the track, they kill your back. Middle of the last car is definitely a lot smoother than almost all of the other rows though.
  12. They definitely should consider re-tracking the entire thing but working at WindSeeker/Vortex so i'm pretty close to Racer's turnaround, I can confirm that they re-tracked some sections of the blue side, during the season, but considering it wasn't a whole lot I could see it being a while until the whole thing is given some TLC.
  13. A little off-topic here, but does anyone else find it interesting that they don't turn off the Fun-Tv's like the ones in the Diamondback queue? Or that they aren't at least on their own circuit, one that gets turned off at the end of the night.
  14. I think you've made a typo in the thread title possibly, I think you meant Butler County, nevertheless, still a really cool thing to see happening!
  15. Its honestly so exciting to know that KI will have its very own GCI that I can go ride anytime. Only 20 minutes away from the park.. awww yeah!
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