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  1. I think the first few seasons, pass holders received about a 50% discount, but they still had to pay for it. I want to say it was like $3 per passholder or something similar.
  2. I think it could be argued that the writing was on the wall for the impending extinction (eventually) of the attraction once they opened it for free to gold and platinum pass holders.
  3. Racer runs backwards?

    And said poster is sorely missed. Great American Scream Machine, a John Allen designed wooden coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia will be running backwards this year. It features three bench PTC trains not unlike the Racer (although it only has four cars per train, while The Racer features five cars per train). Great American Scream Machine
  4. Harlem Globetrotters

    And for those of you who do not know, the Harlem Globetrotters are owned by Herschend Family Entertainment, the company that owns Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO and jointly owns Dollywood with Dolly Parton.
  5. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Maybe by you, but here on the east side of Cincinnati it has been raining nearly all day.
  6. Things that KI can improve on

    Trims are brakes on rides that slow the trains down in portions of the ride, usually in high speed areas. Sometimes, as in the case on Diamondback, and Vortex, the block brakes trim the train speed. On The Beast, the trims are located on the first drop, at the top of the second hill, in the brake shed (the covered portion of the ride before entering the second tunnel), and on the descent after the second lift. The trims, as Brad stated, have been on The Beast since it opened. They did switch out the old skid brakes to magnetic trims about eleven or twelve years ago (mid-2000s).
  7. Looks snazzy. Still seems strange to have a single row of seats in the train.
  8. re-processing season passes?

    Nice to hear. I typically have kept my gold pass in the FunPix carrier in my car this past year. Our passes have become warped from being in the hot car. Not that big of a deal, personally. They still scan fine, but if I were to want to put them in my wallet, I might have some issues.
  9. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    I`d like to know what, in your opinion makes Voyage your favorite? I have ridden it, and it is a good ride. But it is a very intense ride, almost to the point of too intense (at least for a re-ride soon after taking it for a spin. I need some time to recover.
  10. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    Yes, do not do RMC to The Beast. It is a classic coaster. It is no where near as intense as what Storm Chaser or Outlaw Run. Those are fun rides, but you do need to take a breather after riding them, because they are quite intense.
  11. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I enjoy the B&Ms. I haven`t encountered one I didn`t like (sans the standups). That being said, Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom is one amazing ride. I can`t wait to try out Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.
  12. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    Just imagine riding Carolina Cobra with the original Vekoma style trains! When the ride was relocated from Geauga Lake, it received a new train. Yes, some of KI`s coasters are dated. But I still enjoy them. I wouldn`t want any of them removed simply because they are "dated." Back in the day, the Arrow coasters were all the rage, because there was no B&M or Intamin creations around.
  13. KI to Hire over 5,000 jobs for 2018

    It could be the novelty wearing off, or they simply decide the job isn`t what they thought it would be. We have hired people at Coney, who go through the rides training, then never work an actual shift running a ride with the general public.
  14. Future Coaster Removal

    Topic locked. Please direct all conversations about coaster removals into this thread, where the conversation has been going on for a while:
  15. As I have stated, there will be KIC member involvement. f there is a KIC member that has specific expertise in an area that will be featured in an episode, they will likely be asked to join on the podcast. And we may have guests on just to provide some color commentary. I don`t want to be the only one talking for an hour. Brad and Matthew will likely be on future episodes, but they will not be on every single episode. I am working on lining up the next podcast topic, and am actually hoping to have another KIC member (and not a moderator) on as a guest. I am glad that people have been enjoying the podcast so far.