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  1. I think they stopped using the Rivertown side (known as the Ohio Overland Auto Livery) around 1999 or so. It was one of the first years that I had a season pass (which was in 1998).
  2. It is looking quite nice. I can`t wait to take my son on it this year! He loves cars (Hotwheels are all over our house), so he will surely love this ride.
  3. CoastersRZ

    KIC Podcast- Episode #4- International Street Renovation

    We have podcast number four recorded already. I am in the process of editing it now. Look for it soon. We also have part of another podcast recorded, just need to finish recording that one. I do like the idea of an in park trip report/walk through. It might take some coordination and work to pull off, but would be a nice podcast.
  4. CoastersRZ

    If Cedar Fair got another park

    I would not say that they neglect certain parks, they just do not put large capital projects in all of their parks. Some of the smaller parks like MiA do not need to receive large capital projects to see a return on the investment. Yes, they would likely benefit from having a park in Texas, but I do not see any in that market that they would be interested in purchasing.
  5. CoastersRZ

    If Cedar Fair got another park

    Yes, you are talking huge outlays of capital. There are not too many markets that are not already served by a major theme park in this country either. Hard Rock Park was the last ground up theme park built in this country, and look how that turned out.
  6. CoastersRZ

    If Cedar Fair got another park

    Well, they purchased Castaway Bay before it was Castaway Bay. And it is immediately adjacent to their property. If they bought Kalahari, they would probably buy the entire chain (including the one in the Wisconsin Dells, the one in Pocono, PA, and the one that is coming soon in Round Rock Texas). Other than the one in Sandusky, there is not a lot of overlap with their current markets, and it could provide another source of year round revenue. I personally do not see them making a move with Kalahari, but it is interesting to ponder.
  7. CoastersRZ

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    I think that this topic is different enough from the other threads on gigas that this can stay for now. Don’t be so harsh on new members. I am sure that Number5IsAlive is now aware of the search feature.
  8. I know that they made reference to experiential events that draw people for repeat visits, which is what Ghost Town Alive does at Knott`s as the story line is always changing.
  9. CoastersRZ

    Cedar Point CoasterMania 2019

    And Maverick was near walk on the entire time of the morning ERT (at least it was after we hit up Steel Vengeance).
  10. Repeat visits among pass holders ultimately means that they hope to entice the pass holders to drop extra money in the park, and increase per capita spending. If they are just getting a pass holder to visit an extra two visits without spending any additional money, that would push per capita spending down.
  11. But don`t they spread out the realization of their season pass sales (advanced purchases as they call them). And didnt`t they say that advanced purchases were up 25% compared to this time last year? Although you could be right. With the access at the end of 2018 with a pass purchased, it could have pushed people into purchasing their passes earlier than they had in the past. So the 25% increase could just be because of people that opted to buy earlier, instead of waiting until February, March or April.
  12. CoastersRZ

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    I believe Carowinds still has one... And I wouldn`t look for Nighthawk to go anywhere just yet. Rumor has it that Carowinds is removing their white water rafting ride. Nighthawk takes up a lot of space in the middle of the park. Before it was built, the area had remained relatively vacant after the Smurf`s left Smurf Island (back when Carowinds had an island with a river boat that went around it, similar to the riverboats at the Disney parks.
  13. CoastersRZ

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    That is a gross generalization (referring to "no one rides them"). While we may eventually see some of the Arrow coasters disappear, I doubt we see all of them disappear. Many of the parks have a lot of Arrow coasters (Kings Island has three of them, and Cedar Point has five of them (Iron Dragon, Corkscrew, Magnum XL-200, Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Gemini)).
  14. On the earnings conference call, they noted that season pass represented more than 50% of their attendance. They also touched on the loyalty rewards program. It will be tested at select parks in 2019, before a broader roll out in 2020. This program is encouraged to increase visits by season pass holders. $140-150 million capital investment anticipated moving forward. $140 million allocated for the 2019 capital budget.
  15. https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2019/Cedar-Fair-Reports-Full-Year-and-Fourth-Quarter-2018-Results/default.aspx Record full year net revenues and record attendance in 2018. Operating income was down 2% when compared to 2017 due to higher operating costs related to increased wages due to minimum wages increases.