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  1. And as we have seen over the last couple of weeks things can and do change rather quickly. Remember, that a couple weeks ago, they were projecting nearly 10,000 new cases a day. With the stay at home order and strict social distancing the peak daily new cases is now projected at 1,800. That is a substantial reduction. Things can and will change. Hopefully things keep trending for the better.
  2. The difference is that Kings Island has a lot more days to make revenue than just the summer months. Keep in mind that October and Haunt is a big season for amusement parks. Not to mention Winterfest has become a huge success. Kings Island has a lot more days to gain income. Granted, we do not know what the path of this virus will take. I think that the date they have in mind will be well into the summer before they through in the towel. Keep in mind that most of their parks had already been preparing for the season, so some of them would not require much work to get opened, no matter for how many days. Yes, there is a point where it would not make sense to spend the money if they have no guarantee to make that money back.
  3. Nice blog post. I still miss that ride. Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle/Boo Blasters just isn`t the same ride (even though it does use the same people mover system as the former attraction, albeit with every other car removed.
  4. I did hear about Six Flags. I was merely stating that I had not heard any rumor where Disney was seriously considering purchasing Kings Island. So I was questioning the widely disseminated portion of the rumor. Not denying that there maybe some truth in some of the points you bring up, just that it wasn`t as mainstream as what the Six Flags rumor was last year.
  5. I have NEVER heard of any rumors suggesting that Disney was interested in Kings Island. I could see Disney buying SEAS before I could see Cedar Fair buying SEAS. However, purchasing SEAS, if the price was right, could give CF some market diversification. They would gain some year round operations in Florida, and a park in Texas and one in California. But BGW is fairly close to Kings Dominion. And I just do not see CF jumping into an acquisition of that size given the current economic environment. Though the ideas of a Platinum pass from KI getting you into Sea World Orlando or Busch Gardens Williamsburg is very intriguing.
  6. And to add some context for those that visited Coney Island recently. The image that TombraiderTy shared of the Monster, the building to the right of the Monster was the LaRosa`s building (Across from the mini-golf course). Wipeout stood on part of the area that the Monster used to occupy.
  7. It is only April 1st. Yes, it is questionable whether the park will be able to open mid-May, but to say that the park will not be able to open at all this season is a bit early to send in the white flag. Things could be drastically different come August. We just don`t know. Heck, look how drastically things have changed in the last few weeks even. Who would have thought on March 1st, that Ohio would essentially be locked down now, going on week three?
  8. One can look to what Carowinds did this past year. They were open weekends after Haunt but before Winterfest opened. This won`t make up for all of the days, but I could see KI trying this. It all depends how long this quarantine stuff sticks around. I know that it is affecting my full time job (and will likely impact my hours at Coney, as well, in whatever roll I end up being in there).
  9. I also do not get where he is retiring. He said it kind of tongue in cheek in the video. Then the fact that he was mentioning 20th anniversary, sure seems to me like he has no intention of retiring.
  10. I believe that is where the Haunt "Field of Screams" is housed.
  11. They still went through it. I just think the upkeep and the fact that it wasn`t in the water park led to its demise.
  12. And in its last few seasons, they had modified it and drastically reduced the size from when it originally opened. For example, the final season, the green slime derrick had already been removed.
  13. Kings Dominion already had an S&S air launch. Hypersonic XLC. It lasted from 2001 to a couple years after that. I would not look for a new S&S air launch to come back to Kings Dominion. I agree with Shaggy (although I have not ridden an S&S free spin), I feel like that is not the type of coaster that Kings Dominion needs.
  14. Keep us posted on when it will be available and where we will be able to get copies of the book. If you want some additional information on this book, be sure to check out the latest KIC podcast!
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