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  1. CoastersRZ

    KI lets slip plans for 2019 exist on IG today?

    I agree that some flat rides or a wild mouse would be a great addition to Kings Island. I would love it if they got a flat ride package like Carowinds got a few years ago. Dorney is a great park. I went there about five years ago. I really enjoyed their classic Whip ride. Talon was good as well. Still need to get there with my wife, but that is on our list of places to go.
  2. I am sure that they were hoping to ride Mystic Timbers into this season to bolster attendance. But without a new product (save for the Coney BBQ), there really isn`t anything to draw people to the park this year who visited last year. Yes, The Peanuts Celebration was good (I didn`t partake in too much of it because my son is only 1 and not into it yet). I wonder what is on the horizon for KI in the coming years. Hopefully things turn around for CF in July and August and as they head into Haunt season, and the WF season. Remember, that they will now have five parks open this year for Winterfest (Kings Dominion joins California`s Great America, Kings Island, Carowinds, and Worlds of Fun). I knew about the hotel at Carowinds, but I was unaware that a hotel was on the way for Canada`s Wonderland in 2020. That is a nice way to boost the out of park revenues for the chain. I wonder if a hotel will be developed near KI?
  3. CoastersRZ

    Yelling at ride ops??

    It happens all the time, even at Coney. At Coney, we also have another issue. Some rides require a supervising companion to ride. With the exception of Carousel and pedal boats, all riders must have a wristband. We often get disgruntled parents who did not purchase a wristband and are now mad that they have to purchase a wristband in order to supervise their kid who is too short to ride by themselves. We also have the issue of said parents purchasing one wristband and transferring it between them. Or getting a free baby wristband for their small kids, and not putting it on the babies so they can ride for free. I was called out to the Mission to Mars ride at Coney over just a thing. The operator was enforcing park policy that all riders, including those who are 1, wear a wristband. The parents didn`t want to put the wristband on their kid. I explained that it is park policy for all riders to have a wristband. They were not happy, but they were bent on doing things there way, and no matter what I said would not appease them.
  4. CoastersRZ

    Yelling at ride ops??

    The problem with the price for admission for people who don`t ride rides is this. They could probably ride some rides like the Eiffel Tower, Carousel, and train. Do you give them a wristband that says no rides, and apply it across the board? It would just add yet another thing that ride operators have to check for.
  5. CoastersRZ

    Yelling at ride ops??

    It is rude. I have been on the receiving end of rude parents who are upset about heights at Coney (where we do not have color coded wristbands for heights). At Coney, we have wristbands to serve as an identification that you have paid to ride the rides. Pass holder must get a wristband (a policy that has been in place for three years now). Over the weekend, we had a guest (a season pass holder) say that one of our operators was "harassing" them, but not letting them ride the Python. Held up operations, and resulted in them wanting to get their pass refunded (which didn`t happen). The back of the passes say that a wristband is required to ride the rides.
  6. CoastersRZ

    Official looking men between The Racers

    Carowinds had spent quite a bit of time, effort and money fixing up Thunder Road. And then they tore it down to make room for their Carolina Harbor water park expansion.
  7. CoastersRZ

    Coney- What`s New in 2018

    Rides are open daily now through mid August. 11-8 Sunday through Thursday and 11-9 on Friday and Saturdays. Admission to rides is separate from the luncheon series. June 20th is a Wednesday. It should also be noted that June 21st is Coney’s official birthday.
  8. CoastersRZ

    KIC Podcast: Episode 2- 2018 Season Preview

    Yes. My apologies for not having episode 3 done yet. The last few weeks, I have been working 60-70 hours a week between my full time job, and getting the rides department at Coney up an running. Stay tuned, Episode 3 is on its way, I promise.
  9. CoastersRZ

    Coney- What`s New in 2018

    I got a chance to ride the Island Wheel today. The views from atop the ride are impressive, and really shows off how big Sunlite Pool is. I would recommend you come out and check it out. Also check out the rides, and all the new ride signage that has been installed this year. The rides side of Coney is looking the best it has ever looked in my seventeen seasons working there!
  10. CoastersRZ

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Was it the top of lift 1 or lift 2? If you stopped at the top of lift 1, it likely was waiting for the train on lift two to clear lift two.
  11. And this is further complicated by the fact that these parks are still technically owned by a different company. They are just being managed by Six Flags. Do Cedar Fair Platinum passes grant admission to Gilroy Gardens, which is managed by Cedar Fair, but not owned by Cedar Fair? BTW, the Gilroy Gardens website is the same basic design as the rest of the Cedar Fair parks, but it is not listed as one of their parks on the corporate CF website. I have often wondered if these management contracts include specific performance targets that result in the management company getting say a percentage of sales, once a certain threshold has been met. Or if they are just paid a base fee to manage the parks. I would think the former would entice the management company to run the parks better as they would have a financial stake in it more than just getting a management fee.
  12. CoastersRZ

    Awesome new set on the Bandstand!!

    Interesting that they have built a temporary stage to expand the state. I wonder if they will eventually make this a permanent addition. Hopefully they dress up the front of the temporary staging.
  13. CoastersRZ

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    The correct architectural term is footing. They likely replaced some of the concrete in the footing as there was likely signs of deterioration in the old concrete.
  14. Construction on the Island Wheel is coming along. This is located in the parking lot, right next to the Twister water slide, and next to the East Pool Gate (which is an exclusive entrance for season pass holders. You can see this thing from the pool area, as well as along Lake Como (and likely from the 275 bridge). I can`t wait to see this thing at night.
  15. CoastersRZ

    Coney- What`s New in 2018

    Things are starting to come together at Coney, as we prepare to launch for the 2018 season. Opening day is this coming Saturday, May 26th. Rides will be open from 11am until 9pm. Several of the new ride signs have already been installed and they look fantastic. The new theming and paint job on Python is looking wonderful as well! That is also the first day that the Island Wheel will be open. Tickets cost $5 per person and $2.50 for season pass holders. To give a sense of scale, the Twister water slide in the background stands 45' tall. This giant wheel stands 155' tall! Catch the Island Wheel before it leaves on July 8th.