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  1. I think something along the lines of Camp Snoopy would be a good fit thematically for KI. Also, bring in some new rides. There are several areas that seem to be wide open and could fit a small flat ride or two. The last new rides added to Planet Snoopy were back in 2015...
  2. I would highly doubt that it would be down for the rest of the season. I am sure that the park wants to get the ride back open as soon as possible. Unless something like the lift motor went out, and they cant get a new one due to the shortage facing other products, I would hope that whatever it is, they can get it fixed. The ride is still one of the park`s signature rides.
  3. Given that my dad is retired from P&G, I can confirm that the traditional P&G park sell out is back in 2021 in September.
  4. The red rails were just for the model. They were never painted red. I rode the ride in June or July of its first year. The line at opening stretched past the Zephyr, with all queues open. There was a also a lot of down time. My cousin and aunt attempted to ride it a second time before leaving that day. The ride broke down and by the time they got out it was 10:15 (they got in line around 8). We then went to Skyline down the road from the park (Fields Ertel), and they ran out of chili! They only had enough chili to make half of our order.
  5. I love the way news articles were written back in the day like that article. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Not directly related to the incident at hand, but Kings Island, Cedar Point, Coney Island and even Disney use the Ellis and Associates. You can see the companies that use them on their website here: https://jellis.com/about-us/our-clients I know from my experience at Coney that the lifeguards go through some pretty rigorous training. And the training is on going through out the course of the year with inservices, and trainings using a doll/dummy for life rescue trainings. Not sure what Land of Illusion used, but that Aqua Adventure park has only been open for a couple of years.
  7. I get that. A little surprised to hear that a ride that opened in 1999 was still using that process of being painted in the field.
  8. I didn`t know that B&M coasters weren`t painted in the factory, especially as late as 1999 when that ride was built. Painting in the factory allows for a better quality, as you can better control the environment.
  9. Yep. There are lots of pump stations and "force mains" to get sewage to the treatment plant. But generally waste lines are not under pressure such as water lines, so they are not as prone to breaking like water lines. Not to say that they don`t break and cause sink holes, etc. Its just not as likely.
  10. Camp Cedar now open: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/after-delays-kings-islands-camp-cedar-luxury-campground-finally-opens
  11. What became of the site of where the Cedars Dorms were once located? Seems like that area could be ripe for some kind of new development.
  12. Maybe as others have stated in this thread they are temporarily converting it to a Grand Carnivale shop. That will allow them some time to get more Squashmellows in stock, and they can convert it back to that after Grand Carnivale when they hopefully have more inventory.
  13. Which makes sense why I saw lights on the floats.
  14. The placement would be curious if they are needed soil core sample locations. Orion’s maintenance track, station, and queue are all in the way. Unless they are testing to determine the soil bearing pressure to relocate one or some of the maintenance buildings located at the Front of Area 72 to free up room there for a new flat ride.
  15. Looks like a really great parade! Was the park operating when the parade was happening? I didn`t see a single ride running from Valravn, to Power Tower, to Top Thrill or even Corkscrew the entire length of the parade.
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