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  1. Any idea if this is anywhere near the Sea World San Diego property? Sesame Place is part of the Sea World Entertainment portfolio.
  2. For a while, they had a Footlong Skyline express area in Rivertown, if I am recalling correctly. It later became the Funnel Cake building, which was torn down to make way for the queue of Mystic Timbers.
  3. I don`t know if this has been discussed yet, but Winterfest is debuting this year on Friday, November 22nd, which is the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is late this year, since the 1st of November falls on a Friday. Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/calendar-and-hours
  4. That is one Six Flags park that I am hoping to get to soon. I have been to SFMM, SFoG, Six Flags St. Louis, and Six Flags Great Adventure. I would say enjoy the park. Six Flags parks are definitely different than Cedar Fair parks. This park has a great collection of rides. I am sure there is someone on here that has been to the park and can offer some better insights. You will have to let us know what you think of the park once you make it there!
  5. I too have heard that the resort needed some upgrades. Hopefully, the upgrades are done well and drive occupancy. The renovations that they did to Breakers on property are amazing!
  6. Sorry for no response. I have topics for future ones. Hopefully we will have another one recorded soon. Things got busy, as I work full time at an architectural firm and was working close to 60 hours a week over the summer while also working the final season of rides at Coney. What things would you like to hear in future podcasts?
  7. Fantastic photo! I never knew that about The Bat.
  8. What few realize, is that the smaller Cedar Fair parks offer the company some geographic diversity. If Ohio has a crummy wet summer, but Kansas City has record a record year, that will help to balance out the soft summer season at the Ohio parks. That was one of the pitches of the Schlitterbahn acquisition, was that they were further diversifying their geographic reach, so a bad summer in one market won`t negatively impact the finances of the company. If they sold off some of these smaller parks, they loose that advantage. Hopefully, this turns out to be nothing but a nasty rumor. I too would fear what would happen to events like Grand Carnivale and the Royal Finale.
  9. I am sure that the board is doing their due diligence on the proposal. Yes, back in the day, not long after Cedar Fair had purchased the parks, the unit price was really low, and they struck a deal with Apollo to take the company private, paying something ridiculous like $11.50 a unit for them. Read more on that here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cedarfair/apollos-deal-for-cedar-fair-collapses-idUSTRE6353ZU20100406
  10. Agreed. If this was Cedar Fair purchasing Six Flags, I would be more for it, but would still be weary of the debt that is being incurred. Since this is just speculation right now, I wonder if and when we get confirmation that this deal is a go or no go.
  11. I wonder, if true, what the actual offer price is for Cedar Fair. If it were the other way around (Cedar Fair purchasing Six Flags), I would be all for it. As others have expressed, Six Flags, while there are some good parks, do not seem to keep their parks as well maintained as Cedar Fair does. I believe it was The Interpreter that long said the two chains would eventually unite.
  12. I can`t imagine that the park will let this area sit vacant for too long. However, it will be difficult to put much in there other than a coaster, as that area has a lot of topography changes. While Cedar Point still has their Corkscrew, Six Flags has removed many of their large Arrow multi-looper coasters. Six Flags Great America and Great Adventure immediately come to mind. Can`t say that I am too surprised Vortex is leaving. I just hope that they can re-utilize its station (which used to be The Bat`s station.
  13. As far as I know, there was never any ride in storage at Coney. The only ride that was in storage this year (in the boneyard) was the Round Up, which was removed because it needed a new part that cost more than the ride was worth.
  14. Do not waste people`s time with trivial calls like this. Calling Clermont Steel won`t get you an answer anyway. The large crane will show up when the contractor that is assembling the ride needs it. Clermont Steel is not the one actually erecting the ride. They are simply the fabricator.
  15. Yes, the Storybook pedal boats and Cincinnati Mini Golf will still be at Coney next year. Typically when Summerfair was going on, we had several rides closed due to the exhibitors (typically it was Slide, Fender Bender, Tilt A Whirl, Scream Machine, Carousel and Swing A Round.
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