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  1. CoastersRZ

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    They set up this scene with this sign to do just what is happening on here now. Creating buzz and talk about the park. That is what good marketing plans do. Get people talking about the park, and sparking interest. They may not want to tell people what ride is leaving just yet, so that people have to guess, and spend more time riding all the rides, and thus spend more time in the park, and in turn spend more money at the park. (Which judging by the crowds tonight, there were quite a few people spending money at the park). Also, keep in mind that on the last Cedar Fair conference call, it was mentioned that they will continue to evaluate what rides are becoming costly to maintain and remove them when necessary to save on maintenance costs, especially if a ride is no longer marketable.
  2. CoastersRZ

    History of the Haunt

    Thanks for clarifying! I still like the original Fear Fest logo over the Haunt logo.
  3. CoastersRZ

    Anything else going to be Announced for 2019?

    Keep in mind, that they did resurface a the accessible parking area several seasons back.
  4. CoastersRZ

    History of the Haunt

    Fear Fest was a separate charge in 2000, 2001 and 2002. I did not attend FearFest in 2000, but did attend in 2001 and 2002. I can confirm that they used to give you wristbands. They also used to clear out the park for the incoming Fear Fest crowds. They actually were exiting people through the old season pass holder entrance (over by the admission booths by the Kings Island Theater).
  5. A very interesting read. It is amazing how the early Imagineer`s styles really showed through on the early attractions.
  6. CoastersRZ

    Timberwolf/ Congo Falls Poll

    Remember, that they at least used to use Timerbwolf for cheer events as well.
  7. CoastersRZ

    New Coaster for Planet Snoopy?

    I do not think that any changes to Planet Snoopy would hurt its chances of winning another golden ticket award. (Personally, I am still a bit surprised it has won it so many times). I still miss some of the classic kiddie rides like the airplanes/helicopters where you can go up in the air on them. I feel like KI`s kiddie ride collection, compared to some other parks, isn`t as impressive. There are lots of areas where they could add a couple small kiddie flat rides.
  8. Kind of surprised they didnt at least have a screen mesh on the temporary fence. I can understand them not wanting to put a wood fence in, and just having the temporary fence for now.
  9. CoastersRZ

    2017 2018 2019

    I haven`t rally heard anything about next season at Coney. What I have heard is just minor improvements, and no new rides for next season.
  10. CoastersRZ

    Can anyone identify this building?

    Of course we are interested!
  11. I`m glad that they had a good August. Hopefully, the weather in September and October is kind to them as well.
  12. CoastersRZ

    New Years Eve at WinterFest

    I noticed the new footings on the edges of the midway by Backlot Stunt Coaster last night, and immediately thought that they were for added WinterFest stuff. Sounds exciting! Hopefully they will fix some of the burnt out lights/lights that are falling off the buildings in spots on International Street before Winterfest begins.
  13. This certainly looks to be a fun ride. I REALLY need to get down to Carowinds now. I haven`t been since before Fury 325 was installed! I don`t know if I will be able to make it down to Carowinds next season either...
  14. https://www.carowinds.com/play/rides/copperhead-strike
  15. CoastersRZ

    SIX 2019

    If it rides like Full Throttle (even if by a different manufacturer), it will be a big hit. I loved Full Throttle on my visit out to Six Flags magic Mountain back in 2015.