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  1. Train Tunnel Remnants

    Yes, the tunnels are still there. They are actually more like bridges than tunnels. If you park in the Group Sales lot or go to something at Moonlite Gardens, then you pass over these tunnels. There is no track left, and security does park their bikes in them. There is actually a third bridge/tunnel that carries the runoff from Lake Como into a creek. There really isn`t much to see, and the tunnels are surrounded by trees on both sides, although they did just trim the trees back a little bit. If you visit Coney, be sure to check out the new museum exhibit located by the Swing a Round ride. Some very cool photos and artifacts in it.
  2. Vortex new in '83?

    Yes, it looks like they were exploring the idea of building a looping coaster from Arrow earlier than 1987. Keep in mind that King Cobra opened in 1984, so placing the earlier version of the ride there might not have been the location of the ride. Parks always do guest surveys to help key in on what would be most profitable for them to install.
  3. Please provide a source to where it was stated that they found a can of red paint and a paint brush under the ride.
  4. Cedar Point HalloWeekends

    I was there last year, but didn`t do any haunts. I wish KI would do some of the Halloween themed overlays they are doing for some of their rides. It doesn`t take a lot to do some of these, as some of them are just soundtracks, but still adds to the overall atmosphere. Kudos to Cedar Point for doing small things like this.
  5. Francis Xavier Atencio passes at 98

    Marty Sklar wrote a book a few years back which I read. Well worth a read for any Disney fan.
  6. Beast cars

    Keep in mind that standards can change over the years. I am not stating that The Beast couldn`t safely be run with just buzz bars and no head rests. But buildings that were build forty years ago to meet building code, might not meet building codes today, especially since ANSI A117 was introduced (ADA).
  7. Francis Xavier Atencio passes at 98

    Sad news indeed. Especially following on the heels of Marty Sklar. Thoughts go out to his family.
  8. Kentucky Kingdom: Before and After

    My wife and I actually visited the park earlier in June this year. We even ventured into the water park for a few hours. The water park has a weird set up, with new slides on the site that used to be home to Chang. It is definitely a fun little park (although it isn`t exactly little). Storm Chaser and Lightning Run are really fun, smooth rides. Lightning Run doesn`t seem that tall or big, but it packs a big punch. Definitely worth the trip. And Storm Chaser is breath taking as well. Nice to see you posting again Ronny. I too have not posted here as much as I used to. Been busy with my son. My Kings Island trips have become more sparse, but still manage to visit about ten times so far this year. I still am working at Coney, winding down in my 16th season working there. Hard to believe I have been there that long.
  9. Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    If I am not mistaken, Thunderhead at Dollywood has to close once the temperature dips below 35. Mystery Mine has a higher operating temperature limit. I believe 40 degrees that is has to achieve to operate. Let me tell you that 37 on Thunderhead is quite breath taking.
  10. What could 2018 bring KI

    It would be amazing if Coney Mall received a revamp like Carowinds did with County Fair this year. Some "new" classic flat rides, and some new theming would really help liven up Coney Mall. I think the light conversions that have been done on Shake Rattle and Roll and Scrambler are a great start. But there are several areas where some flat rides could be added. Compared to Canada`s Wonderland, Kings Island is sorely lacking in the flat ride department.
  11. If Six Flags owned KI

    Personally, the Six Flags parks that I have been to (Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags St. Louis) all had a certain quality about them. I wouldn`t describe it as "cheap," but they all seemed to have a sense of being superficial and only after making money. The theming seems cheap, and not maintained really well. I wouldn`t say dirty, but they feel a little more seedy than a Cedar Fair park. I would prefer to visit a Cedar Fair park any day over a Six Flags park.
  12. Pop music back on International Street

    I`ve actually wanted to visit Michigan`s Adventure for quite some time now. It seems like a very nice, family friendly park. (I also want to get to Valleyfair). Those two parks comprise three of the Cedar Fair parks that I have not visited. California`s Great America being the other. Once my son is older, we will be taking him to these parks. On the subject of music, what would riding Top Thrill Dragster be, if one did not here "Baby I`m Ready to go" music? Or hearing the western theme music in line for Maverick? The experience would certainly be different.
  13. Pop music back on International Street

    And eventually, those college aged people will become parents who will then take themselves and their kids to the park...
  14. Pop music back on International Street

    I also would like to say the notion that the music that is played on International Street has no impact on whether or not a college age student visits Kings Island. I think there are enough college age students that visit Kings Island. The instrumental music in my opinion is a small touch that makes the park feel like Disney. I do not like that other than Planet Snoopy, the entire park seems to play the exact same music. It would be wonderful if each area of the park had a theme to the music that was played. It can help give that extra piece of atmosphere. And it helps to make the "Best Day Ever" that Matt Ouimet has championed while at the helm of Cedar Fair. His logic is that if parents take their kids to KI and they make memories at the park, they will in turn want to take their own kids to the park when they are older to recreate the same fond memories they had of visiting the park when they were kids, thus building continual future, repeat customers. Music, theming and atosphere are big contributing factors to that.
  15. Pop music back on International Street

    So the question is, was Kings Dominion still playing the instrumental music on their International Street this weekend? And is there a reasoning behind the decision to switch from the instrumental music to the pop music? Sounds to me like someone is micromanaging. Please make sure to voice your opinion to the park directly on how much the music added to the atmosphere of KI and International Street.