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  1. I am fairly certain that the Carousel and KI and Miami Valley railroad were open for the first season of Winterfest. Other rides were eventually added in later years. I haven`t seen a park map from that first season of Winterfest to confirm. I could always be wrong. I would love to see a map from that first season.
  2. International Street looks fabulous with all the lights. I like how they not only outlined the roofs of the buildings, but have lights casting overall purple/blue hue on the facade of the buildings and the trunks of the trees. It looks like the entertainment is going to be top notch. I am sure that this will be a family tradition for years to come. I can`t wait for Friday!
  3. Holiday World 2018 additions

    I think that ship has sailed long ago.
  4. Official: WinterFest 2017

    I don`t mind the lights leading up to the star. The one thing I find goofy, is that the current star is just an outline. Would have been nice to have some lights to fill in the star. I do appreciate the fact that the lights go all the way around the tower. Especially since so much of the park will be open for Winterfest this year. Only four more days and a couple of hours and we will be able to experience Winterfest, v. 3.0! I am truly excited!
  5. 2017 2018 2019

    I went through this on opening night, this past Friday, November 10th. It is well done, and in my opinion well worth the admission of $6. Will be going through again at some point with my in-laws. They have changes the route up a bit. At the end of the route, you actually drive through the picnic grove (right past the river gate and flood indicator sign, which unfortunately they did not light up). You exit the park by Riverbend and drive past the Dodgems and the Python before exiting the parking lot.
  6. And it is a collection which they continue to add to. Next year they are adding the Lumberjack and Flying Canoes flat rides. Interestingly, the logo for Splash Works, is very similar (obviously the type has been changed) to the logo used for Water Works at Kings Island prior to its conversion to Boomerang Bay in 2004. https://www.canadaswonderland.com/explore/new-for-2018
  7. Does KI compete with area parks?

    Kentucky Kingdom was heavily advertising in the Cincinnati area this summer with bill boards. There was even one just down the street from Coney Island. My wife and I took advantage of the out of state ticket deal, which included free soft drinks, earlier this summer we had a fun time at the park. It was by no means KI, or even Holiday World, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. When my son is older and can rides rides, we will be going out to Holiday World. It is a family park and although it has grown bigger in recent years, and the matriarch is no longer greeting visitors, it is still a fun place to go, and not that bad of a drive from Cincinnati.
  8. Christmas Nights of Lights returns to Coney Island for a second season and opens this Friday, November 10th. It includes an additional half mile of lights bringing the total to 2.5 miles. Admission is $6 a person. Children three and under are free. http://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/local-a-e/coney-island-to-bring-back-holiday-lights-show-in-2017
  9. Winterfest Questions

    I can`t remember how much KI charged for ice skating during Winterfest in 2005. I do know that the rink was fairly empty the day I skated on the rink back in December of 2005. But then again, Winterfest in 2005 was not as well attended since pass holders had to pay $23 or so to gain entry, and had to pay for parking.
  10. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    There have been years where KI hasn`t added new attractions. Keep in mind that Cedar Fair has announced all attractions and general improvements that they are doing to the parks. While KI hasn`t mentioned anything specifically, in a Cedar Fair press release they stated that KI (along with other parks) would be getting enhanced food options for next year. They do not necessarily need to have a new ride to market every year. They can still push Mystic Timbers, and the second year of Winterfest. Personally, I am super excited to experience Winterfest in a few weeks.
  11. 2017 2018 2019

    They have added even more lights to the event this year, along with new songs. I went through this last year, and it was an amazing experience. Please get there early if you go. There were reports of 1-2 hour waits to get in last year, particularly on weekends.
  12. The Art of Amusement Park Planning

    I haven`t read your blog post yet. But it reminded me of my thesis. I graduated in 2009 from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. My thesis was entitled "Entertainment Architecture: Contextually Integrated Water Park Resort in Norwood, Ohio." I discussed some placemaking concepts and designed an indoor water park. My entire thesis document is actually online here: https://etd.ohiolink.edu/!etd.send_file?accession=ucin1243014144&disposition=inline Be warned, it is a large 25 mb file, so may take some time to load.
  13. I am sure that the park solicited an RFP for ideas on what to do with Son of Beast before deciding to tear it down. After all, the park had sunk a lot of money into trying to get it right. Do I miss the ride? Not really. I much prefer Mystic Timbers, though I do wish Mystic Timbers was a little longer than it is. You blink and the ride is over. Dinosaurs Alive probably wasn`t generating a lot of revenue in the last couple of years. I honestly only went through it the day it opened at KI. I wasn`t that impressed. I get it had its place, and I am sure kids loved it.
  14. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I have just wrapped up my 16th season at Coney. I think I can offer some insights. Coney has been my second job since 2005. I worked there when I was finishing up college/doing co-op jobs. I have had a full time job at architectural offices working M-F, then going into Coney on weekends (and doing the employee schedules in the weekday evenings). While it is nice to get that second paycheck from Coney, I work there because I enjoy it. It is certainly an odd feeling now since some of the employees that I am hiring/training were 1 or not even born yet when I started working at Coney. It is definitely a generational issue. A lot of the new generation want everything handed to them. They do not want to have to work for things, or own up to mistakes they made. I can`t tell you how many emails I have received from parents saying I scheduled their child when they had a sporting event, etc. The child knew about the event in enough time they could have scheduled off, but they either forgot, or were too lazy too. There are some employees we get that love to accumulate hours, but most of them complain when they get scheduled for 25 hours. Back in 2009, when I hadn`t landed an architecture job yet after graduating, I was working doubles seven days a week at Coney. I think I only took two days off that whole summer, and I ended up going to KI those days. Pigeon Forge gets a lot of retirees, and I think a lot of the older people that work at Dollywood are people that are retired and looking for something to do and earn some extra money. And Kings Island needs a substantial amount more of employees compared to Dollywood, given its size. Part of the issue is the pay (Coney actually bumped people`s pay up at the end of the season to entice the workers we did have to stay) when places like Target offer year round jobs that pay several dollars more than a seasonal job. I would love to be able to screen employees who work for me and select only the best, most enthusiastic employees. Unfortunately, it comes down to a numbers game. We need a certain amount of employees to staff the rides, and if they can operate the ride, even if they aren`t the most bubbly, cheerful personality, I need to hire them to ensure that I am not short staffed and having rides closed. If there were a magic way to coach even the shyest teenager to have an engaging personality that would help create memories for the park guests and leave them wanting to come back, that person would surely make a fortune, as tons of amusement parks, not just Kings Island or Cedar Fair would be clammoring for that technique.
  15. FUN Reports Record Q3 Results

    And part of it comes down to having enough seasonal help in the food stands, particularly in the shoulder seasons.