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  1. It was mentioned in this article: https://www.mysanantonio.com/business/local/article/Schlitterbahn-sells-New-Braunfels-Galveston-13985150.php that they intend to rebrand the South Padre property that they will continue to own. Looks like the impetus for the sale is to pay off a large note payment that they had to pay to EPR Properties. It will be interesting to see what changes Cedar Fair makes. Also interesting since Cedar Fair had previously sold off some of its stand alone water parks in California. It will provide some diversification as they do not have any operations in Texas. It appears that the deal will close in the second quarter, so relatively soon. EPR properties owns several amusement related properties, including several that are managed by Six Flags: Six Flags Darien Lake, Frontier City, and Six Flags Hurrican Harbor Phoenix.
  2. Are those speakers for the Royal Finale, or related to the Grand Carnivale?
  3. These numbers are not actual numbers, just estimates. Also, attendance growth isn`t the only way to measure success. There are lots of other metrics (such as in park spending, out of park revenues, etc.) which can be used to track growth, not just attendance figures. If you got an additional guest to come into the park, but that guest paid nothing to get in, and spent no money in the park, was that additional guest really worth it in terms of revenue generation?
  4. I wonder what they are targeting as their opening date for this attraction? Cedar Fair actually prides themselves on their parks having their own identity in the market. On the last conference call, they referenced the brand identity that Knott`s has in Southern California. That being said, Cedar Fair has been trying to push season pass sales and the all season dining and drink plans with their passes. But they are also trying to encourage repeat visits and spread out those visits so that they are just not occurring during Haunt or Winterfest. They need to give guests a reason to visit in spring and early summer. See the new Grand Carnivale at KI, and the Boysenberry and Peanuts Celebration at Knott`s Berry Farm as examples.
  5. I have often wondered about this. (It is typically like this during Haunt as well). Good to know the reasoning behind it.
  6. As an avid LEGO fan, (and these are not LEGOs, but are apparently compatible with them), I can attest to the fact that LEGO`s are not cheap. I have the Disney World Castle Lego set (https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/The-Disney-Castle-71040). And yes, I did spend that much money on it. I finished it right before my son was born in December 2016 and it now is on display in my basement. It took me an entire weekend to assemble.
  7. I would tend to agree with BoddaH1994 on this one. Six Flags likely pays to use the WB properties. That being said, I don`t disagree that the names of their rides often lack creativity. At least with Cedar Fair`s signature attractions, they aren`t copying the same name from park to park.
  8. And in some states, it is the State that reviews the drawings, and not the county!
  9. Looking good. Can`t wait to see this in person, hopefully later today. And to see what it looks like tonight!
  10. This is an incentive to get the adults to purchase tickets who do not already have passes (and then to spend money in the park once they are in). More parks than just Cedar Point have the Pre-K pass. I believe Carowinds, Kings Dominion and several of the legacy parks have them now. Fortunately, my son is still 2 until almost the end of December, so we don`t need a pass for him for this year, but we will need one for him next year...
  11. Remember, that the fountain shows (both the night time and day time versions) are not supposed to debut until Memorial Day weekend. I am sure they are still fine tuning the programming of the fountains with the lights and sound. And, yesterday and Friday were considerably windy at times, so I am sure they adjusted the fountain to compensate for the winds.
  12. I too was truly impressed with the new look to the Kill Mart building. Definitely livened up that area and add a nice bit of charm and character to the park. Kudos to KI for doing that.
  13. Some coasters have a minimum start up temperature, in order to operate. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  14. https://www.cincinnati.com/videos/entertainment/2019/04/17/take-ride-kings-island-brings-back-antique-cars/3502249002/ Video of the Antique Cars and a brief shot of International Street.
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