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  1. I doubt the roof is "being panted". More likely, they are installing standing seam metal roof panels, which were painted in the factory prior to arrival on site.
  2. A couple of things. The park has traditionally been closed on one of the first Sunday`s of the season for a private company buy out. That is why the park is closed on April 19th. The park is closed on April 12, because that is Easter. Having been to KI in the past when they were open on Easter, the park was a ghost town. The amount of staff outnumbered the guests in the park. Yes, it does stink that the park won`t be open as late on Haunt nights. But consider this, back in the day, the park didn`t open on Friday`s until 8pm originally. Then they moved it to 7pm, and then finally they moved it to 6. The original years of Haunt (when Fear Fest was a separately ticketed event, the hours of operation were 8pm to midnight). EDIT: PKI Vortex, looks like we were saying the exact same thing at the same time!
  3. I know when I worked there at Skyflyer, by the time midnight rolled around, the place really emptied out. They have had the 1am closing time for Haunt for quite some time. The first year they had Haunt the hours were 8- midnight.
  4. A new episode will be coming soon. We already have the subject picked out. Just need to record the episode. I know it has been a LONG time since the last episode posted. We will try and have more frequent episodes.
  5. Well, it certainly is easier to see if a bolt has moved with the torque marks they put on them, versus welding. However, certain things are required to be welded, depending on the type of connection required.
  6. I think a lot of it also has to do with the new attractions that they are adding at the Six Flags parks. I mean, yes, West Coast Racers looks good. But when was the last time that Six Flags St. Louis got a sizeable new investment?
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/10/things-are-so-bad-for-six-flags-it-got-downgraded-twice-by-the-same-analyst-in-less-than-12-hours.html Hopefully this is just a trend at Six Flags and not an indication of how things are going at Cedar Fair. Definitely glad that Six Flags did not go through with the reported purchase/merger of Cedar Fair.
  8. The Racer is not a clone. It was the original. Racer 75 (which opened after KI`s Racer) is slightly different in the fact that the turn around does not fan out like it does on Racer.
  9. Captain Nemo, hit it right on the head. I think the park was forced to either spend millions of dollars to fix something or retire the ride. Given the ride is so old, they likely decided that the return on investment for the fix just wasn`t there, given the rides age and marketability. I am sure that the park tracks maintenance costs per rider (obviously, that is not a public number, but an internal number for making decisions like this. Because of the apparent abrupt decision to remove the ride, that is likely why they do not have any immediate plans to replace the ride. I am sure that they will eventually replace it with something. It is a rather large plot of land, that is very visible from both the midway and Shake Rattle and Roll queue/ride area.
  10. Keep in mind, that day of game, the tickets are $2 more. Yes, you can eat up in that restaurant. My wife and I have been meaning to eat up there before a game sometime. We always remember that when we are on our way out.
  11. The one thing I was wondering after reading that blog post is there is no mention of the Mystic Timbers trains. I wonder how those factor into the train rehab schedule. I know that for Winterfest, Mystic is only running with two trains, as they presumably are starting to do the rehab on one of the trains.
  12. For the record, I will be at the game! For those that do not follow hockey, the Cyclones are currently in first place in their division of the ECHL. They also had the best record in the league last year, winning the Brabham Cup. Unfortunately, they were eliminated in the playoffs last year.
  13. On February 28th, the Cincinnati Cyclones will become the Cincinnati Beasts, for one night only. The first 3,000 fans in attendance will receive a Justin Vaive riding The Beast bobblehead. https://cycloneshockey.com/game/2020/02/28/cincinnati-beasts-night?fbclid=IwAR3eKBsDr7xk_covpChGXvAWjuwxebRWghpFAHjItQMzm1qi1pqLfrJefAE
  14. I totally forgot that ride was added this year... For those who haven`t been to Canada`s Wonderland, it is a great park.
  15. What is the third B&M at Canada`s Wonderland? They have Leviathan and Behemoth.
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