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  1. It is sure to be a fun event. The weather looks to be cooperating too!
  2. Don`t forget to register for this event. The deadline to register is midnight tonight! It will be a fun event! I will be working early shift, and be back for the ERT.
  3. Classic rides includes all the rides, with the exception of Eurobungy. Your group wristband for the event will also include free rounds of mini golf at Famours Fairways. The only rides that will be available at ERT are Python, Rock O Planes, and TopSpin. The admission price does not include admission into Sunlite Adventure, although that can be purchased as an add on the day of at the ticket booth.
  4. Yes, you would have to remove the existing foundations. That is not that hard to do. They did remove the Son of Beast footings in the area of Banshee. The area is bigger than it might seem, as the pad sits away from the Racer a bit. And keep in mind that they were originally going to put Drop Tower (not our current version) on that site in 1997, but we ended up getting a water park expansion instead. I can see that area being used as part of a flat ride package. I would love to see a flat ride package and revamp like Carowinds received this year.
  5. I agree that a ride that is visually stunning like that would be a good fit. That area needs something. Windseeker helped, but the Flight Commander pad has had a revolving door of "attractions" since Flight Commander left.
  6. I have ridden the HUSS ride pictured above (which is located at Canada`s Wonderland). I wasn`t that impressed with the ride experience. It wasn`t all that thrilling and the loading process was quite long.
  7. But would they get a return on that $1 million investment? The revamp they did at Carowinds seemed to be popular. I personally haven`t experienced it, so don`t know if it was worth the investment there. It would be nice to see some kind of attraction in that building again. Although the placement of Windseeker kind of makes traffic flow back to the building constricted. I would still love to see a new flat ride on the former Flight Commander location. I think that is a prime location and would definitely look good with a new flat there.
  8. Gannersdaddy, your son and wife can attend. Just put your username down for them as well.
  9. I will likely be working part of the day. But I will definitely be there for the ERT, likely running one of the rides... The sooner you can buy the tickets the better. I am not sure what the deadline is for purchasing tickets. Looking into it now.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/events/1675750099107422/?acontext={"action_history"%3A"[{\"surface\"%3A\"page\"%2C\"mechanism\"%3A\"page_upcoming_events_card\"%2C\"extra_data\"%3A[]}]"%2C"has_source"%3Atrue}&__mref=mb The Southern Ohio Region of ACE is hosting an event at Cincinnati`s Coney Island. Classic Fun in the Sun, on Saturday July 15th. I know it is short notice. The ticket price includes parking, unlimited soft drinks all day, a meal, a historical tour of the park, unlimited classic rides, and 1 hour of ERT on Python, Rock O Planes and Topspin from 9pm to 10pm. The ticket price does not include access to Sunlite Water Adventure). KICentral members are welcome to attend this event (even if you do not have an ACE membership, and you can register at the ACE member price. You must have been a registered KIC member by June 30th to attend). To purchase tickets, please visit this page: https://ace-soar.ticketleap.com/classic-fun/ Please enter your KIC username in the spot for the ACE member number. Tickets are $35 a person. Thanks, Robbie CoastersRZ
  11. Scream Machine had a hydraulic leak. It is now back up and running (it opened this past Friday). Wipe Out has been down all season.
  12. Holiday World has a good water park. On my recent visit to Kentucky Kingdom (this past Friday, June 30th), the rides side of the park had minimal wait times. Storm Chaser was walk on, and Thunder Run was a couple train wait, same with Lightning Run. We had had our share of rides by around 2, and headed to the water park. Holiday World can have some longer lines from what I hear. Personally, I wouldn`t want to feel rushed, and I loved the two water coasters at Holiday World (which can each have close to an hour wait). I would visit both parks on separate days. But Kentucky Kingdom isn`t an all day park unless you also do the water park, and several of the flat rides that they offer.
  13. Yes, the green normally pulls the green coaches and the blue #12 engine normally pulls the red coaches. By the way, the red coaches were painted for this season.
  14. I think what he was referring to is that the lift had two conveyor belts. One lift, but it had one conveyor belt on the bottom and one on the top. I remember KCKC having two conveyors as was mentioned above. It also had dual drops. The last couple of years the ride was at the park, it was in rough shape and in need of some tender loving care.
  15. I have seen it set up almost every single visit to the park this season. I agree with Brad, if they are going to keep it most of the season, then they should spruce it up and not use the temporary railings that they are currently using.