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  1. Yes, the green normally pulls the green coaches and the blue #12 engine normally pulls the red coaches. By the way, the red coaches were painted for this season.
  2. I think what he was referring to is that the lift had two conveyor belts. One lift, but it had one conveyor belt on the bottom and one on the top. I remember KCKC having two conveyors as was mentioned above. It also had dual drops. The last couple of years the ride was at the park, it was in rough shape and in need of some tender loving care.
  3. I have seen it set up almost every single visit to the park this season. I agree with Brad, if they are going to keep it most of the season, then they should spruce it up and not use the temporary railings that they are currently using.
  4. I believe that the Skyling sign you pictured (the one on International Street) was added for this season. I also believe that the Subway sign in Coney Mall and the Skyline in Coney Mall both received new signs that light up for this season.
  5. I have been wondering the same thing myself all season. I doubt there is a sink hole. It is curious that the area they have blocked off leads to the passenger drop off area though... I too would like to know the reason for it.
  6. I visited Winterfest back in 2005. I didn`t find anything wrong with the actual event. There could have been a few more entertainment options, sure. But the parade was top notch. The entertainment on the train was also very well done. The big problem that I had with the 2005 version is they wanted to charge pass holders close to $25 a person for admission. Not to mention you would have to pay for parking... With this years incarnation of Winterfest free with Gold and Platinum pass holders that will be a big benefit for the event. Not to mention, from all accounts I have heard of California`s Great America`s version of the event, Kings Island will have a hit on their hands that will continue for years to come. Unlike with the 2005 version (where most of the decorations were rented), Kings Island is apparently upgrading a lot of the infrastructure to make this even successful for the long haul. I am eagerly awaiting Winterfest this holiday season.
  7. Several years ago, they actually switched out the lights on that to LED lights. It was not LED when it was at Kings Island. Winterfestguy, I believe that one of the show`s that California`s Great America had was very similar to the Santa`s Toy Story show that Kings Island had for both the first incarnation of Winterfest, and the second incarnation. I believe that they called the show Tinker`s Toy Factory. I would love for that show to return to Kings Island`s Winterfest.
  8. New as in it was built for this season, yes. But it is not new within the last couple of weeks. That has been there since opening day this year.
  9. There is also 3,2,1 Fly written in rocks at Xtreme Skyflyer.
  10. Yes. I rode it when it had the OTSR, and that was not a fun experience. Imagine riding the ride with restraints similar to Invertigo`s!
  11. I would say that Flight of Fear is still smooth, in my opinion. Certainly not rough. The ride experience is intense. For Raptor, there is that one rough transition right at the end of the ride.
  12. Its Lunken airport, just for your information. Here is some information on the Goodyear blimps (or semi-rigid dirigible): http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/03/15/goodyear-deflates-blimp-but-keeps-familiar-form-in-flight.html
  13. Kings Island is not generating their own power on a normal basis. Yes, they do have some generators for emergency situations when they do loose power, but as a general rule, they are relying on Duke power lines to provide the power. Power outages can occur for various reasons. In fact, the power at the office flashed off three times today for about a second each time. I was working at Coney several years back when we lost power in the park on a busy Sunday. Most all the rides experienced the outage, with the exception of Dodgems which kept on going, until the decision was made to close the park for the day (the outage occurred around 7pm and we were scheduled to close at 9pm).
  14. And don`t forget that footings for Mystic Timbers required some dirt to be excavated. The amount of dirt cut or filled is actually a question on the City of Cincinnati building permit form. If you have excess dirt after building a building, they want to know where the dirt is being moved to.
  15. Except that area is historically the area where the park dumps dirt that is removed from elsewhere in the park when they have excess dirt that needs to be dumped somewhere. It is simply the dirt dumping grounds. That way, they do not have to pay to haul the dirt away off site.