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  1. I like that location. It would be perfect for a ride like that. Another good location to add a flat ride would be behind the Eiffel Tower, where the old Salt Water Circus ride used to be, as well, as a flat ride back in X-Base, so those that can`t ride Flight of Fear or Firehawk have something to back there when waiting on their older siblings.
  2. But when did Cedar Point add theirs? They also put it in one of their kiddy sections, so most people skip right past it without even knowing its there.
  3. I agree that a Tile A Whirl would be a nice classic flat ride addition to KI. Although I personally think that KI will never install a Tilt A Whirl. They have a perception of being more for carnivals/smaller parks than for a major theme/amusement park.
  4. Yeah. They have would have the conduit runs for those rides, just have to invest in the equipment. It would be nice if they had more photographers throughout the park, similar to what Disney does with their Photopass program.
  5. Yeah, I spotted one from the parking lot that appeared to be in the backstage area in the vicinity of Woodstock Express. I did not go up in the Eiffel Tower this past weekend to confirm.
  6. Yes, the organ wasn`t playing Friday or Saturday. I was looking for it to be playing and was disappointed when it wasn`t playing. I can`t wait to hear it in person!
  7. Yes it is. It will likely be used to store all the decorations for Winterfest when they are not out in the park in use.
  8. To clarify, the above information came from the interview of the park`s new general manager in the podcast.
  9. I didn`t hear any loud music when I was in the park on Friday or Saturday. I just loved the music on International Street. It makes it feel more majestic and like my wife said, makes it feel like Disney. Just makes it more memorable.
  10. When I rode Firehawk on Friday night, I did not see the cameras when I rode. They might still be there inside of Flight of Fear.
  11. I agree. If they can get the Funpix location working at Vortex it would be nice to see Firehawk, FoF, and even Adventure Express have an onride photo. All three of which used to at one point in time have on ride photos.
  12. Here are some other things that I have noticed so far for this season: There are also signs up around the base of the Eiffel Tower that say "Pardon our dust Snow -Winterfest." There are several round footings (matching the ones on International Street by the fountains) in the Tower Gardens area, and on the path between the floral clock and Paradise Island. And that large round concrete ring over in that area (there is also a concrete ring out by the front gate before the metal detectors), is likely a base for some large Christmas trees for Winterfest (just a thought). Also, I rode the Grand Carousel both yesterday and today, and was disappointed to not hear the band organ playing. Instead, they were playing the piped in music, which was bearily audible. They did replace the cool white LED builbs on Carousel (which made it look almost like the lights weren`t even on), with regular incandescent bulbs, which is a much improved look. Also Vortex still has an on ride photo, but it is exclusively a Funpix on ride photo location (no staff are running it, it just has the Funpix kiosk. The Vortex drive box has been repainted as well. There is also a 30th anniversary banner hanging in the station.
  13. Yes, it is very refreshing to hear the instrumental music return to International Street. Kudos to whoever made that decision. It just adds so much to the atmosphere and makes things seem more like Disney.
  14. Well, the trains were PTC. And the park did receive some design calculations from John Allen, who was with PTC...
  15. A couple of notes from my visit to the park tonight. International Street seems to be playing instrumental music again (no pop music), which even my wife commented on how it made the entrance seem grander. I rode The Beast shortly before 5pm, and only waited about twenty minutes for it. They have new signs at the top of the two lifts that have the Beast paws on top of them. My wife noticed it first when we were in the station waiting for our ride in 6-2 and she asked me what was ontop of the lift hill signs (from the station, they looked like owls). As others have mentioned, Dodgems has new LED lights. Oddly, we got walk on rides on Vortex, and Windseeker, and a ten minute wait for Firehawk. Also, there are now queue lines for Chik Fil A and the Skyline in Coney Mall. Overall, it was great to be back in the park, and the food stands seemed to be handling the crows the best they could, given the large crowds.