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  1. Coney- What`s New in 2018

    I got a chance to ride the Island Wheel today. The views from atop the ride are impressive, and really shows off how big Sunlite Pool is. I would recommend you come out and check it out. Also check out the rides, and all the new ride signage that has been installed this year. The rides side of Coney is looking the best it has ever looked in my seventeen seasons working there!
  2. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Was it the top of lift 1 or lift 2? If you stopped at the top of lift 1, it likely was waiting for the train on lift two to clear lift two.
  3. And this is further complicated by the fact that these parks are still technically owned by a different company. They are just being managed by Six Flags. Do Cedar Fair Platinum passes grant admission to Gilroy Gardens, which is managed by Cedar Fair, but not owned by Cedar Fair? BTW, the Gilroy Gardens website is the same basic design as the rest of the Cedar Fair parks, but it is not listed as one of their parks on the corporate CF website. I have often wondered if these management contracts include specific performance targets that result in the management company getting say a percentage of sales, once a certain threshold has been met. Or if they are just paid a base fee to manage the parks. I would think the former would entice the management company to run the parks better as they would have a financial stake in it more than just getting a management fee.
  4. Awesome new set on the Bandstand!!

    Interesting that they have built a temporary stage to expand the state. I wonder if they will eventually make this a permanent addition. Hopefully they dress up the front of the temporary staging.
  5. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    The correct architectural term is footing. They likely replaced some of the concrete in the footing as there was likely signs of deterioration in the old concrete.
  6. Construction on the Island Wheel is coming along. This is located in the parking lot, right next to the Twister water slide, and next to the East Pool Gate (which is an exclusive entrance for season pass holders. You can see this thing from the pool area, as well as along Lake Como (and likely from the 275 bridge). I can`t wait to see this thing at night.
  7. Coney- What`s New in 2018

    Things are starting to come together at Coney, as we prepare to launch for the 2018 season. Opening day is this coming Saturday, May 26th. Rides will be open from 11am until 9pm. Several of the new ride signs have already been installed and they look fantastic. The new theming and paint job on Python is looking wonderful as well! That is also the first day that the Island Wheel will be open. Tickets cost $5 per person and $2.50 for season pass holders. To give a sense of scale, the Twister water slide in the background stands 45' tall. This giant wheel stands 155' tall! Catch the Island Wheel before it leaves on July 8th.
  8. Coasterstock 2018

    I concur with the no plans for a new section of park. There are lots of areas where they can infill new rides and attractions.
  9. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Right on the other side of that fence is the Firehawk brake run. They just switched out the type of fence. Nothing to see or hint about a future attraction there.
  10. Cedar Fair's Strongest Performer in 2017 was KI

    Assuming those numbers are accurate, which I have heard they are not, Canada`s Wonderland is the number one seasonal CF park. Followed by Cedar Point and Kings Island. Knott`s Berry Farm ranked higher, due to it being the only park in the chain that is open year round. It is amazing that the Magic Kingdom attracts nearly 20 million visitors a year. Nearly seven times what Kings Island attracts.
  11. Extras needed for Photo Shoot

    I did this once many moons ago. It is a fun experience, but as Don stated do not expect it to be ERT. I think when I did it for Vortex (I got maybe three or four rides in during the two hours I was there). But this was mid-early 2000s.
  12. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, they had to clear some of it for when they built Diamondback due to them doing some major grading in that area. Remember that the area where the train trestle is was a rather steep ravine. They raised the grade quite a bit in that area when they were building the foundations.
  13. Out of Town Annual/Season Passes

    We have had season passes to Dollywood before. Haven`t in a couple of years due to having a 17 month old at home. Still haven`t been on Lightning Rod.
  14. 2018 Additional Events Announced

    It would be a nice, heated location for a Winterfest show. And would help to spread the crowds a bit. But they will have to find another location for a new Haunt. There would not be much turn around time if they held a Haunt in there between end of Haunt and start of Winterfest.
  15. New Coney Historical Pictures

    It is amazing how there are some traces of things of the past, and then there are some things that are completely gone with no traces whatsoever.