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  1. The flag waving Snoopy was moving when I was at the park yesterday...
  2. Interesting. I know KI does this during Haunt, but not during the rest of the season. Having small kids, we try and bring everything in with us so we do not need to make the trek out to the car. But we also usually have a stroller in tow that we can stash things (like extra outfits for our youngest). There have been times where I was at KI in the morning, left for a few hours, and then came back later in the late afternoon. That would not be possible with this policy. I wonder what prompted this, or if it is just over the holiday weekend?
  3. If I had to guess, I would think that they would go this route. Keep the branding, and just add a tagline "A Six Flags park". Gets the point across that it is part of the Six Flags company, but no need to brand it as Six Flags. I mean, look at the work that Cedar Fair has done with their water parks. They have slowly been removing the ubiquitous name of Soak City from all the water parks with things like Cedar Point Shores and Carolina Harbor. Kind of surprised we haven`t seen more of that.
  4. Interesting that they are starting this on September 7th. Seems way early. But if there is the demand for it, and they can generate revenue off of it, why now. As mentioned in the Tower Topics podcast, Six Flags charges for entry into the haunted houses. Admission to the park is included with several tiers of the parks. Post merger, could we see one of these enhanced haunted houses make its way to KI, for an additional charge? Remember, when FearFest debuted at KI, it was a separate charge event in 2000, 2001 and 2002. It wasn`t until 2003 when your season pass granted you admission to the haunt activities.
  5. I know that several full times who used to work at Coney, specifically those in food service, now work for EVT at Riverbend. Essentially doing the same thing, just for a different employer. Also, one of the full timers involved with the food stands at the pool now works for the SSA Group. They essentially are the concessionaire that runs the food stands at other places in Cincinnati and elsewhere. They are at the Cincinnati Zoo, as well as the Cincinnati Museum Center.
  6. From the press release: "The completion of the Mergers is subject to the satisfaction or waiver of a number of conditions set forth in the merger agreement relating to the Mergers, including the satisfaction of regulatory conditions". And "Important risk factors that may cause such a difference include, but are not limited to: the expected timing and likelihood of completion of the Mergers, including the timing, receipt and terms and conditions of any required governmental and regulatory approvals of the Mergers;" I don`t believe that they have secured the DoJ approval for the merger yet...
  7. Sad day. Such a fun place. And a wonderful Coney Island display as well...
  8. Keep in mind that they still need to get approval for this merger to go through. Yeah, I am sure that budget cutting will continue. It will be interesting to see what changes, if any, materialize for the season pass products for 2025.
  9. It does sound logical. And would help raise things out of the flood plain a bit.
  10. It could, but there is already an existing Coke Refill station right next to the Dodgems, by the basketball game. Seems kind of close to that. I think that area could certainly use a flat ride with a lower height requirement to capture the guests in that area that are too short for Flight of Fear and Orion.
  11. Are they definitely going to be installing a parking garage? I don`t know how they intend to keep Lake Como and not have a parking garage. As it is, they already sometimes have to utilize parking from Belterra Park. It is really a shame, the down fall of Coney. The lack of investment in the park the last several years (even before the rides were removed) meant the writing was on the wall. The place had so much potential, if someone had invested in the place properly and make wise investment decisions. They never really did try and build on the foot traffic that was traveling through the park grounds everytime there was a concert. I will always cherish my memories from working there over 20 seasons. I do know that Tom Rhein, who used to be the guy in charge of food service/Riverbend concessions is now working for the concession company that is operating the food stands at Riverbend. He was a good historian on Coney`s history.
  12. It actually went down when I got in line about 3:15. We waited it out for almost three hours, finally leaving line around 5:55, so that the kids could get some food and drinks. The ride did reopen later in the evening, and we were able to snag a ride on it right around 9pm. The loading process is on the slow side, but the ride is very enjoyable. Hopefully once the opening hiccups are worked out it will be better. We ate lunch at Pigpen`s Mess Hall. The food was good. The only complaint I have is the lack of shade in the eating area. Seems like a missed opportunity to have a large shade structure there. Compared to Carowinds` Camp Snoopy, which has lots of trees, and shade, and even a very nice sitting area complete with a fountain where their Carousel used to sit, Kings Island`s Camp Snoopy just seems half done. Maybe they are planning on adding more to it in the coming years. I can certainly hope so, as the area at Carowinds is very nice. They could use some more benches in the play area as well. Lots of parents standing around with no where to sit while their kids are enjoying the area. I was also a bit disappointed to see that Charlie Brown`s Rushing River Log Ride, closed early, around 9pm. I think that is a bad move, and that the ride should stay open until 10pm, since it is part of the new area.
  13. Saw Under the Stars tonight. The show was pretty good. I loved how they highlighted some of the ride logos with the drones, and had the trains featured! Always a great way to end the day at Kings Island.
  14. I guess now we know why Tower Gardens is temporarily closed. Although the description on the KI website is fairly generic at this point. Doesn`t describe pricing, what food and wine will be available or what entertainment. This event is only going to occur Friday through Sunday.
  15. I concur. The area of Camp Snoopy at Carowinds has tons of shade and trees. And the fact they they have a nice fountain with lots of places to sit and pergolas by where the Carousel used to sit (before they moved it over by Vortex). I was really impressed by the theme and feel of Carowinds`s Camp Snoopy. I wish our area had more of that feel. This is a start, but there is more work to be done.
  16. Interesting. While the improvements in Tower Gardens were nice, it still seems like an underutilized area of the park. Hopefully they do not destroy the charm of this area, and it is just for a special event. If it was closer to Grand Carnivale, I could see them bringing in some food trucks to that area. But that area is not really big enough for that. Time will tell.
  17. If I had to guess, the new scanners will also allow them to collect data. For example, when are people using their Fastlane and on what attractions. How soon after purchasing a single use FastLane are they being redeemed? I am sure they can collect a lot more data than the old system, which relied on the operators to put check marks on a sheet of paper. This new system also allows for real time data.
  18. Just curios, do you have any other season pass add ons? Going with the family to Carowinds tomorrow and Friday.
  19. It is on my list of things to do. Having four kids has made my time somewhat limited. And since they ditched the rides, and now are closing, haven`t had much interest in updating it.
  20. To be fair, Brenda Walker had handed over most control of the park to her son, Ron Walker Junior, who I believe resided in Florida and had little emotional attachment or interest in the park. He was simply looking to cash out. He sold the sister company (Leisure Systems, Inc. (the licensor of the Jellystone Campgrounds) to Sun Outdoors in December of 2021. https://moderncampground.com/usa/breaking-news-sun-outdoors-acquires-leisure-systems-incorporated/) His father had originally purchased the park to keep it open and a going concern. I do like how they are trying to distance themselves from shutting down the park and make it look like they are not the ones to close Coney that it was previous ownership. The writing was on the wall when they decided to remove the rides at the end of the 2019 season. Lack of investment and silly business decisions doomed their success.
  21. Good line up. Although I am a little bummed that The Beast or Flight of Fear didn`t make the list.
  22. Bill Balfour, the general manager at Entertrainment Junction, used to work at Kings Island. As a fellow model railroad enthusiast, I was saddened to hear this news. Hopefully, someone with the money steps up and preserves this institution. It is a wonderful place. Although I wonder how much growth it can have in the future.
  23. Well, at least Moonlite Gardens might be saved... Still ashame that the pool will be demolished. I still miss working in the rides department there... Such a shame that the previous owners let it deteriorate... If only Ron Walker hadn`t passed away in 1997...
  24. I think they were hoping to see a decent ROI. And with the current state of trying to keep margins high by reducing seasonal labor, this was a likely victim. Heck, look at KI. The train used to stay open until the park closed in the peak summer months. Now they have been closing it shortly after the water park is cleared of guests. The average guest will definitely see the cost cutting moves and attempts to save on labor. How long before they decide to strip out more than bare minimum checking restraints on coasters, which would increase dispatch times, causing longer lines and entice more people to purchase Fastlane, which would bolster their margins? Disney has done similar things, decreasing ride capacity to increase wait times to artificially inflate the demand for Lightning Lane and Genie Plus.
  25. In the past, when they have had pass holder preview days on Friday, they were from 5-10pm. So 4-9pm isn`t out of the norm for preview days.
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