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  1. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon. We also just recorded episode #12. It was a really fun episode to record, and I am sure many people will love to listen to it when we release it. Stay tuned!
  2. Well, if you are going for coasters, then Cedar Point is an obvious choice. My vote for best well rounded park with shows, rides and just a wonderful atmosphere, it would be Dollywood. That is the one park besides Kings Island where I have had a season pass before. I have probably visited Dollywood more than I have visited Cedar Point at this point. Don`t get me wrong, I love coasters, but Dollywood is just something special. Disney World is a must to, Having visited both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, if someone has visited neither, I would recommend going to WDW, as there is
  3. Alabama Splash Adventure is owned by Dan Koch and Pat Koch. Dan is the brother of the late Will Koch, and Pat is their mom. There was a dispute over how much shares were worth of Holiday World several years back (in 2013, see the article link below) (from what I gathered, it got fairly nasty, and the courts were involved) between Dan and Lori Koch, Will`s wife. The end result was that Dan and Pat left Holiday World. I don`t know if they still maintain any ownership in Holiday World, or if it is now owned by Lori and their three kids (Lauren, Leah and Will). Shortly thereafter, Dan and Pat
  4. https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Episode-10-2020-Year-in-Review-Part-1.mp3 Don`t forget that you can get this podcast on iTunes, and on Spotify! Be sure to subscripe to not miss an episode! Show notes: Join Robbie (CoastersRZ) and Brad (IndyGuy4KI) as they are joined by Tom Pavlik (Tjpavlik). In this episode we begin to review the 2020 season at Kings Island, and the impacts that Covid had on the season and park operations. We hope you enjoy this episode! Watch for part 2 of the 2020 Season in review, Episode 11 to come out soon! We also will have episod
  5. I agree that the kids area could use a refresher and a couple new rides. The Camp Snoopy area at Carowinds has a very nice feel to it. Cedar Fair has done a decent job upgrading the look and feel of Coney Mall, Riveertown, and International Street. Planet Snoopy hasn`t really received any tlc or aesthetic updates to the entire land since really 2006 (prior to the Peanuts gang moving in). Yes, we saw the addition of two new kiddy rides in 2015, but the area could use something added to it. There just seems to be a lot of open, unused space in kiddy land right now.
  6. Wow, that thing packs a lot of speed into the final brakes!
  7. Well, with the fall event, the park was selling the tasting cards for the specialty food, which was enticing pass holders who may have the dining plan, to fork over additional money that they otherwise would not have spent. If Kings Island did something similar, I could see it making money even with limited rides. They are likely using the different names to differentiate these events from the normal Winterfest, so that guests know not to expect an event similar to previous years.
  8. And to be clear, the owner of GCI stated that it would be going on Predator. I at first thought that the 'owner' was the owner of the park, not GCI, until I read the article.
  9. Hmm. That is interesting.
  10. No real surprise on the minimal capital expenditures for 2021. Still kind of surprised they aren`t trying Taste of the Season at Kings Island.
  11. Sad to see the Kangaroo and Bayern Kurve leave that park. My wife and I had so much fun on the Kangaroo when we visited. Also, I thoroughly enjoy the Bayern Kurve. I wonder if these will be replaced in the next few seasons with something new. I am sure parts availability/maintenance costs played a big factor in these rides being removed.
  12. Yes, they have an address in both North and South Carolina.
  13. I agree, I wonder why they are trying this at Carowinds and not at KI as well. Two things immediately come to mind. Weather in Charlotte can be a little milder than in Cincinnati. They also have a brand new hotel that they are probably hoping to get some revenue out of. The name change is likely to differentiate this event from Winterfest, so that people are not comparing it to Winterfest, much like KI and Cedar Point have done with their Fall events this year.
  14. I once rode that ride nine times in a two hour span back in 2000, when they had ERT for pass holders from 8-10pm one day in late July. My thighs had bruises from the sides of the lapbars. The first drop was incredible. The loop was also very smooth. That first helix though... Ouch!
  15. Castles and Coasters in Phoenix seems to do fine, and it isn`t enclosed. I visited in the spring of 2016. Nothing spectacular, and the place was pretty busy. But it was an overcast day in late April. Not the middle of July when the temperatures would have been much more unbearable. I agree thought that the markets you mentioned would likely be successful if one were built.
  16. Remember, there used to be Krazy City at Tri-County Mall. It opened in December of 2007, and was closed by December of 2009. It featured electric go-karts, an arcade, mini bowling, mini golf, a couple small flat rides including a Wisdom Tornado ride, a Moser Spring Tower among a few others. I agree that indoor FECs (Family Entertainment Centers) can be fun. In the Cincinnati market, there is Scene 75 in Milford. They also have locations in Dayton and Columbus (and have begun adding the SBF spinning coasters to some of their locations (not the Cincinnati location yet). I agree that
  17. I went, along with my boss, Tony Ravagnani. Our entire office went. Both Tom Poff and Jim Messner from SHP and Dan Peak from Clark Reder were also there. It was hard to hear the audio on Fountain Square. Still cool to see a project that you worked on featured on a big screen tv like that.
  18. One of the downsides to the parks limiting their hours of operation is that people have less time to enjoy the attractions given the crowd size and the reduced capacity on the attractions. If the park had stayed open until 10pm on Saturday, people would have had two additional hours to enjoy the park. Even with the crowd levels, that would have allowed most guests the chance to ride another ride or two.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/events/852534388887054/?acontext={"ref"%3A"3"%2C"source"%3A"44"%2C"action_history"%3A"[{\"surface\"%3A\"permalink\"%2C\"mechanism\"%3A\"RHC\"%2C\"extra_data\"%3A[]}]"} Tracks Go Up: Cincinnati`s Giga Coaster rolls to Fountain Square at 4:45 on Tuesday, October 13th. Hear from the firms that helped create the station for Orion.
  20. And don`t forget that you can also catch him on the KIC Podcast, Episodes 6 and 7, 2019 Year in Review (Parts 1 and 2).
  21. Thanks for sharing that Ty! It is truly a unique item. I also appreciate the commentary that you added.
  22. Interesting that in park spending on food, beverage and merchandise spending was up 18%. I am sure others will agree, that we will be glad when this thing is over. And their numbers can begin to return to more normal levels. Impressive that they did have 1.3 million guests in the 3rd quarter.
  23. It still makes me sad to see all the ride pads sitting empty. Python apparently was going to be at the Kentucky State Fair this year, if they had been allowed to have rides there.
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