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  1. Ryan, I agree that the lights for the 12 Days of Christmas are looking rough. Hopefully these get some TLC or replaced. It was nice that they added some lights to the newly planted pine trees along the train route. They also added some LED uplights, similar to what was seen on Mystic. I still miss the White Christmas Express from the 2005 version of Winterfest on the train. The story and live entertainment with the train was a good experience. I wish they could incorporate some kind of story line into the train for Winterfest.
  2. I was a little disappointed to see that the meatball sub that they had served in the Festhaus in past Winterfests was not being offered today. In fact, they had no seasonal items offered at all in the Festhaus.
  3. Really loved the pathway behind the Festhaus, between Delirium and the Kings Island Theater. The park looked great. The loading process at the train was rather unimpressive. Lots of operators, but they were not filling every row, and not directing guests to empty rows. Guests were confused which caused delays. The garland on the coaches of the green car were illuminated, while the garland on the red coaches were not. Also, all the 12 drummers drumming were dark when our train went by around 7:15. Overall, the park was packed. To be expected for opening night and rather pleasant weather.
  4. I would hope at least Cargo Loco would be able to operate. But like IndyGuy4KI said, I would hope that any new ride installs would have the ability to operate during Winterfest, barring minimum operating requirements.
  5. Looks like an amazing ride. It is amazing to think how much Dollywood has expanded over the last decade. My first visit was in 2008, during Smoky Mountain Christmas. That was before Wild Eagle, Firechaser Express, Wildwood Grove, and Lightning Rod! The park is quickly becoming a multi-day park, which is part of the reason they are likely building more resorts. To anyone who has never visited Dollywood. I highly recommend it. Outside of Kings Island, it is the only other amusement park that I have had a season pass to.
  6. I`d imagine that the Thanksgiving holiday week is likely the reason for the absence of the pin release this week.
  7. What will be interesting to see what happens once Universal opens their new gate down there. Will we ever see Disney build a fifth gated park? Given the crowds, I would think they could certainly cash in on that. But they can`t half bake a new park, otherwise they would have to do what they did to the original Animal Kingdom and add in a lot of attractions after the first season. A new park isn`t cheap. But Comcast certainly thinks it is worth the money. I will be going to WDW in March. It will be my first trip back to WDW since 2013. Granted, I have been to Disneyland twice (2015 and 2016) since then. This will be our first visit with kids, so it should be fun.
  8. And the Subway locations in the park, typically have not offered the full line up of menu items found at a Subway outside the park. That being said, I think there is a place for a sub sandwich shop in the park. If true and Skyline ends up moving to where Chik Fil A is located, it would be ashame they loose their indoor dining. There is not a lot of shaded eating areas over by Chik Fil A, or warm areas for during Winterfest. If this rumor turns out to be true, I wonder what restaurant takes up residence on I-Street. At one point in time, there used to be a chinese restaurant there, and at one point they had a character breakfast in there in the early to late 90`s. I believe it went by All Star Cafe.
  9. If I had to take a wild guess, I would say that the Gravity Group could be installing more of their new track system. If it improves the ride experience and reduces maintenance (which in turn reduces maintenance costs), that is a win for everyone.
  10. Why do you think that? There is no past precedent for going two years with no capital investment at all. 2021 and 2022 were close, but I would argue that some of the investments in 2022 probably came from capital dollars (all the painting of rides, restoration of the carousel band organ and painting the carousel) and not from maintenance dollars. There was also the pandemic in there too.
  11. The attendance in October of `22 was actually better than attendance in Octiober of `19.
  12. Essentially, they think that increased expenses will eat into Cedar Fair`s profit margins. Based on what I saw at KI this fall, people were still showing up and were definitely paying for up charge things like Fast Lane and Fright Lane. We will know more tomorrow when Cedar Fair posts their quarterly results. They will likely give an update on operations through the end of October (the fiscal quarter ended at the end of September).
  13. I too noticed that the NJM add was playing multiple times in a row while in line for Adventure Express and Racer tonight. It was like it was stuck on auto-repeat.
  14. I can`t imagine KI going with the 24 person model. The big difference between the two is if the rider seats are single or double in each position. I would think from a capacity standpoint, they would opt for 48.
  15. Is Tinker`s Toy Factory this year going to be the Christmas Fever version? I prefer the original version over Christmas Fever version. Last year they had the original version.
  16. Keep in mind, that originally, Coney Mall ended at where Zephyr is. It was not until 1975 with the addition of the Zodiac and Shake Rattle and Roll did the Coney Mall midway get extended. They also angled the midway in that spot so it isn`t a straight run from The Racer down to the Antique Autos plaza.
  17. I am just glad that KI announced this on their own day, and didn`t make the announcement on the same day as most of the other CF park announcements. I was under the assumption that the entrance on the left was for Sol Loco and the one on the right for Adventure Express. I think for next year`s Winterfest, it would appear that Cargo Loco could maybe be another ride open for Winterfest.
  18. Looks like some solid additions to KI. Increased theming, a new family ride and a thrill ride, both flat rides. Nice to see some new flat rides.
  19. Yes, that show has been discontinued. I am curious, A Peanuts Guide to Christmas is listed as being in "Charlie Brown`s Christmas Town." Bah Humbug, What the Dickens is listed as being in Peanuts Showplace. In the past, both shows were held in the same theater, the Peanuts Showplace, which is located behind the Great Pumpkin Coaster. Is there another location for the Charlie Brown show?
  20. Yep. I get the same thing at the link above. Here is the correct link: https://www.miadventure.com/events/tricks-and-treats-fall-fest This is new for 2023. And it looks like they have their 2023 operating calendar live as well.
  21. I think to a point we have been seeing a little bit of that. Look at the new restaurant they built up at Canada`s Wonderland. And you have the new Pavilion at Cedar Point for next year. But yes, I agree, that they could focus more on indoor attractions. I wonder if they will develop a food festival or something similar to attract people to the parks in January and February.
  22. Carowinds and Kings Dominion have both released their operating calendars through Labor Day weekend, 2023.
  23. Per the Carowinds website, they are open 11-6 in January, February and March. Surprised Kings Dominion is going year round. As you said Ryan, the weather in Virginia is comparable to Cincinnati. Given the large pass holder based and local population in proximity to KI I wonder if they won`t add additional dates.
  24. Yes, it was a fun ride. Really felt like you were in the tree tops. The last few years the ride was around, it was in desperate need of some major refurb. There were lots of patches to the fiberglass. Don`t forget about the smell of the water. Unlike Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, KCKC used pond water that was not drained during the off season. Fish also lived in the water. On warm muggy Ohio days, the smell of the water was something. I was sad to see it go, but glad that they refurbished the flume that once resided at Coney versus this one. In fact, Flume was SBNO in 2000, the final season of KCKC. When Flume reopened in 2001, KCKC was closed and being dismantled to make way for Tomb Raider: The Ride.
  25. Cedar Point is in their second year of having their Haunt on Thursday nights. I don`t see why KI wouldn`t try that, or at the very least expand the Sunday Haunt nights if they are successful.
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