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  1. Their new CEO is trying to reduce attendance to provide a better experience for the guests, so that those guests that do show up, will spend more money in the parks.  Based on their quarterly results, the guests didn`t spend as much money as they had hoped.  According to Screamscape, there were lots of layoffs at Six Flags in the last few weeks.  That coupled with the apparent lack of capital investment in new rides set for next year, doesn`t bode too well for them.  

    I haven`t been to a Six Flags park in years, though having small kids the last several years has limited our trips to Kings Island, Dollywood and a trip to Kentucky Kingdom.  Six Flags parks always seemed very cheap to me. Not much theming, and a hodge podge of Looney Tunes and DC comics smattered all over the park.

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  2. There is a mention on the KI website that says the Prestige passes are by invitation only.

    They also are apparently introducing a Silver Pass, which is similar to the summer pass, except it does allow day time visits in the Fall. So essentially no Haunt or Winterfest visits.  Not sure if it will black on Saturdays since they have both the kid friendly activities and Haunt at night.

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  3. Surprised they raised the Platinum price but the season pass to MiA still seems fairly cheap.  It looks like if you were to buy the dining plan on your 2023 pass at MiA, that it would be valid the rest of this season and all of 2023.  This is a change, at least to how KI has done it in the past.  The dining plan was always good for the year in which the pass was bought and not the remainder of the year before.  Also, the MiA dining pass is good for two meals a day.  At KI, you can get three meals with the 4 hour window, depending when you get your meals.

  4. I agree.  They need to put something in where Vortex sat.  Seeing that fence and an open area of land just doesn`t seem very pleasant.  Heck, I would be happy if they added some more flat rides back there, or even a wild mouse coaster.  Just something  back there to provide some action and interest instead of a wood fence.

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  5. I agree, 110% Shaggy.  I thoroughly enjoyed King Cobra.  The B&M standups, especially the large one like Mantis and Riddler`s Revenge just put too much force on your legs to the point it was uncomfortable.  King Cobra had a similar feeling, but its intensity and length of duration were much less than on the B&M counterparts.  I personally was sad when King Cobra left KI.  I was fortunate enough to have experienced all three Togo standups you mentioned before they were removed.

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  6. There isn`t much room there, but they could maybe add in a flat ride.  Or as others have said, add in some landscaping and keep it open.

    I would love for Boo Blasters to be turned into a reimagined Phantom Theater.  Combine that with maybe some new kids rides in Planet Snoopy and maybe a Music Express ride, and that would be a pretty sweet collection of new rides/attractions.

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  7. When I rode on Mother`s day, they were using the front rear divide.  Remember when the entire ramp up to the station had that divider in it?

    They used to always load the station queues first.  I think that changed around the time they introduced Fast Lane.  Also, typically the greeter/height check position is the one that opens the queues in the first and second queues.

    I agree, that they should find a way to get Fast Lane out of the exit queue.  The exit queue is already narrow enough, with the accessible entrance.  I still miss the old entrance walk way that brought the line in closer to The Crypt.  When Diamondback was built, the entrance shifted closer to the arcade building.

  8. A couple of my observations from today`s Beast ride.  As others have mentioned, I believe it got a new controls system.  I also believe with that comes the ability for them to lock or unlock the restraints on individual cars at a time now.  Good improvement so they don`t have to use nails on a particular row, but also don`t have to unlock the entire train.

    Also, the chain did not slow down at the top of the first lift.  As others have mentioned, the portion of the ride past the brake shed seemed faster.  I think the fourth car got to the first egress point on the second lift before the lift caught the train.  Normally you get one, maybe into the second car before the lift catches.  The little dip down before entering the second tunnel was unexpected.  They also replaced the roof on a portion of the final brake run leading into the station.

    All in all, the improvements made for a smooth ride, while also staying true to the original design of the ride.  Great job KI and Gravity Group!

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