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  1. They could do that. They would just have to find a space to locate the station and queue though. Pony Express is immediately to the north, and there is an existing theater building to the east, and maintenance buildings to the south.
  2. Food and beverage building. If they add bright shiny new rides near Paradise Island, that building will seem rather old and outdated, and it doesn`t currently have any out door seating associated with it.
  3. I love this thread! Just re-read chapter 6 on Busch Gardens Tampa. It is a shame that one of their four engines might never run again. I would love for KI to acquire another engine as a back-up/to allow for rebuilds. Especially with the popularity of the train at Winterfest when they typically run both trains. Riding the train at Kings Island is one thing that I always love to do. Its also part of the reason why I love going to Dollywood so much!
  4. Yes it is. Although, they might want to add a better F&B building to help with in park spending. But I totally agree. I would have loved if KI got the Rock `N Roller ride that Carowinds got a few years back. Would have been perfect in that area.
  5. Knott`s is a tough one. I am sure that they have thought of options. Some are probably more expensive than others (parking garages, versus buying additional property). I enjoyed my visit to Knott`s back in 2015. Unfortunately Excelerator was down for refurb at the time. I agree that Kings Dominion needs to have something added to it. Of the former Paramount Parks, I feel that this park is the one that has not seen as much attention paid to it compared to the others.
  6. There is that vacant plot of land behind the International Showplace, where the former Salt Water Circus used to sit. I have always felt that that area (by the seldom open food stand Paradise Island), could use a flat ride or two. That entire pathway back to the restrooms by the Rivertown Pizza has been devoid of attractions since the Ohio Overland Auto Livery (the south side of the original Antique Cars) closed. I have always wished that the park would add something along there. They have during Haunt and Winterfest, but a permanent ride in that area would be nice.
  7. Yes, Ferris Wheels are by the very nature of the design, slow loading, which means lower capacity. Yes, a Ferris Wheel would look nice in Coney Mall. But where would be a good place to put it? There really isn`t much real estate along the length of Coney Mall, other than on the Vortex site.
  8. Yes, we have addressed the issue. If there are continued issues, please feel free to PM me or any of the other moderators. As Brad said, we try and be as responsive as we can. I have two small kids, and can`t always hop on immediately to fix an issue. Robbie
  9. I think you are pretty spot on. Keep in mind that the park recently put in fresh new concrete for the walkway to the front gate. Not to say that they can`t rip it out, but generally they wouldn`t have done that if they knew they were going to be renovating the front gate area. I still maintain that this has NOTHING to do with anything that will be coming to KI, especially for next year. Like I have previously stated, I would doubt that Cedar Fair adds anything to any of their parks for next season, other than attractions that have already been announced/were postponed from 2020.
  10. I highly doubt that these items are for anything significant. Given the current situation, I doubt that Cedar Fair is jumping on the capital expenditure projects. Keep in mind that most of the Cedar Fair parks did not get to debut their 2020 additions for this season. With the lack of income coming into Cedar Fair, they are not going to spend large amounts of capital for new projects in 2021. The earliest would be 2022, and even then, that maybe some what limited depending on how things shape up in 2021.
  11. Keep in mind though that September, had historically been a slower season for Disney. I know that recently Disney typically hasn`t had much of a slow season, given their dynamic pricing, etc.
  12. Especially, given the history of the sky ride at KI. I think The Beach suffered from lack of investment some too. I went to Holidayfest a couple of times. While there was no Winterfest back then, there really wasn`t much to Holiday Fest. Riding around the lazy river in a pedal boat was interesting, although the pedal boats couldn`t quite maneuver the bends properly.
  13. I wondered what they planed to do with the old Sandcastle Suite site. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks for the update. I can`t wait to purchase my copy and read it! For those of you interested, we did a podcast episode on this book.
  15. To be clear, the park may still very well be open in September (although they always have limited operations on weekends in September due to company buy outs) and October. The park is just releasing the operating calendar in one month increments at the present time. As someone who works 7-5, I am glad they are staying open later. The 11-7 hours were kind of difficult for me to enjoy the park after work.
  16. My favorite memory from Kings Island is the first time I rode The Beast. Up until that point, I had been on The Racer, and even Top Gun, but wasn`t completely thrilled about coasters. I rode the ride with a neighborhood friend, Chris (who has since moved away). His family was the reason we were there in October of 1995, as they had received some comp tickets and took my family and I. I remember riding it, and it was unlike anything I had ever been on. Hard to believe that it will be 25 years this October. Little did I know at the time, what was born that day. My love of amusement
  17. That is a good question. The immediate thing that comes to mind is the proximity of Geauga Lake to Cedar Point. We all know how that ended up. I think that Cedar Fair could benefit from owning the SEAS parks. They would get several more parks that are open year round. However, I do not see Cedar Fair looking to take on another chain right now. They might bite off another park, but I do not see them doing anything in the next year.
  18. Well to be honest, Kings Dominion hasn`t exactly been flourishing under Cedar Fair. Yes, they have received Twisted Timbers, but look at how many rides have been removed from that park. Especially in comparison to what has been added at nearby Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
  19. I think you hit the nail right on the head. I agree that the current way KI is running should be able to generate some profits. It will be interesting to see what happens to Haunt this year (if it even happens this year), and Winterfest, which is show intensive. Of course, Winterfest is farther off than Haunt. I would not be surprised to see KI forego the haunted houses, similar to what Kennywood is doing.
  20. The theory goes though that they will be bringing in some money from the customers. The question will be does that money outpace the associated costs of staffing, etc.
  21. Given the current economic climate, and the fact that several of Cedar Fair`s parks remain closed, I would not look for them to be expanding/building anything for right now. The chain is trying to conserve cash right now, not spending it. Especially since KI just opened Orion. There will likely not be any additions for next year, especially since we just got Orion this year. I would NOT check the Mason permit office. As others have said, they are likely just finishing up removing the last of Vortex`s footings and grading the site for eventual seeding for grass.
  22. I am sure that people still would have come to see the balloons and fireworks. Coney just would not have made money on the rides that day (typically, that was one of the biggest days for rides all season). It felt really weird to not be at Coney on July 3rd this year. That is the first time I wasn`t there that day since maybe 2007 or 2006!
  23. And what is wrong with Flight of Fear? Or the GCI that we have? I have nothing but good things to say about the B&M coasters that KI has installed. Remember, that before Cedar Fair took over KI, KI was one of the biggest parks in the country without a B&M coaster.
  24. A pool, concert venue, and picnic grove that are only open during the warmer months, when flooding is not likely is likely the highest and best use. If flooding on the Ohio wasn`t an issue, then it would be more prime real estate. Flood insurance is not cheap.
  25. I believe that the smoothness can also be attributed to the types of wheels. I believe that there are two different kinds of polyurethane wheels that can be used on B&Ms. I forget where I read this, maybe something that Shaggy had posted. One type can produce more vibration, but lasts longer. Another type that absorbs some of the vibration, but needs to be replaced more often.
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