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  1. I know that it isn`t a space issue with the map. In a section of the map that appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer a couple of weeks ago, Kookabura Bay was present. My guess is that it was just a glitch that will probably be fixed on the next round of maps!
  2. Actually, both Arrow and Intamin are not known just for their roller coasters. They are also repsonsible for several flat rides at PKI and other parks. Intamin is responsible for Drop Zone, Congo Falls, VIking Fury, Eiffel Tower, and White Water Canyon. Arrow in addition to Adventure Express, Vortex, and Top Gun is also responsible for Antique Cars, Wild Thornberrys River Adventure and the now defunct Kenton`s Cove Keelboat Canal. Personally though, I think that B&M offers a wonderful, smooth, thrilling and high capacity ride.
  3. There are two Skylines within PKI. Also, there is a Skyline at the exit north of PKI (Kings Mills) and a Skyline at the exit south of Kings Island (Fields Ertel). Additionally, there are 3 LaRosa`s in PKI and there is one at the exit south of the park. Just because there is a restaurant south or north of the park, doesn`t mean that people will leave the park just to go there (although i often leave the park to eat at Skyline, you get free refils that way and can eat in air conditionaing.) Anyway, I don`t think that PKI will be adding a Chipotle. It just doesn`t seem like it would fit in a
  4. I arrived at the park at a little before 7. The park was rather crowded. I did manage to snag a couple of rides though. Eiffel Tower, Adventure Express, Vortex, Carousel, Son of Beast, Top Gun and an entire ride on The Beast while the fireworks were woing off. The three hours I was there would have been more enjoyably if it wasn`t so crowded, and if I didn`t witness line jumping on Son of Beast and Top Gun. Also, The Beast crew seemed to be moving rather slow tonight. I did however, get to watch the documentary on The Beast. Very well done.
  5. I believe that Congo and Thornberrys are set up like a swimming pool, where they drain the water from the surounding pool area when the temperature dips below freezing. The water they use on these rides is treated. However, WWC uses creek water, I believe and is stored in a resevoir/dammed up creek. Sometimes in the off season, you can see the small pond by WWC emptied.
  6. Expect long lines on Mother`s day. I was there in 2001 when it was also a bring a friend free day. I got to the park at ten. I left by 11:30 because of the unbarable lines.
  7. I`ve tried looking up building permits on line. I`ve also tried looking up zoning permits online. However, most of these applications are not available online, unless I was searching in the wrong spot. Chances are you have to go to the actual building inspector/permit office to view the permits. i do believe that the building and zoning permits are public records though, so any one can view them.
  8. I don`t believe that Blockbuster sells season passes. I do know that Meijer sells passes. I`ve never bought my pass there though. Always get mine at the park during the fall before the next season. The park has offered free parking in the past couple of seasons if you renew your pass then.
  9. The only problem is that the Chippery is not going into the place that the park map toutes as being the location of the new eatery.
  10. I do believe that the concert on July 9th is part of the park`s annual Spirit Song Celebration.
  11. If the new show ends up on Nick, I have little doubt that the smurfs won`t return to PKI, at least in the form of a meet and greet character. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years.
  12. The show is in the renovated Paramount Theater. Is is basically a cheesy show about "making movies." Oh, and the middle part of the show is a trailer for the upcoming Spongebob Movie. I personally though the show was a complete waste of my time. To each his own.
  13. Why do people always want PKI to blow the "diapers" off of Cedar Point? They coexist together quite nicely and create some friendly competition. After all, if PKI was the only park around, they would not have the need to add new attractions every season.
  14. Captain Obvious, I rode Delirium this season, I think it might have been on Easter, and someone lost their shoe on the ride. It ended up clear over by the station of Days of Thunder!
  15. What do you mean Scooby`s Ghoster Coaster WAS the lowest capacity ride in the park? I believe it IS the lowest capacity ride in the park!
  16. Mason will probably grant PKi the zoning variance, because the new sign will be the same size as the old one. The park just has to go through all the proper zoning procedures to get it ok`d by the Mason Zoning Commission, which probably would not object to a sign of the same size. It is a lengthy process, but PKI will most likely get the variance approved. Hopefully, by the end of daily operation in 2004, we`ll have a brand new shiny sign to greet us!
  17. Antique Cars were always located in Coney Mall since the park opened. There was another station on the south side of the current Antique car lot on the path across from the lake. The park closed that side, which was known as the Ohio Overland Auto Livery, around 1997 sometime. There also used to be the Sunshine Turnpike which was located next to Kings Mills Log Flume, which is now Wild Thornberrys River Adventure. Sunshine Turnpike, was the same concept as the Antique cars, except they were sports cars instead of old fashioned model Ts. Sunshine was removed after the 1993 season to make w
  18. I thought the show was rather bad, and not worth the time I spent watching it. It could have been just a bad time that I saw it, but I don`t plan on seeing the show again. The seats are nicer than what used to be in the theater last year, though.
  19. Flying Eagles? What`s wrong with the Eagles? They are one of the few rides that the riders actually can control the experience they recieve. Additionally, they are a classic dating back to 1940 when they were first installed at Coney Island. Also, the Scrambler is another classic ride that came from Coney (although both have been replaced by newer versions of the same ride) and originally opened in 1957. Why mess with something if they`re not broken? Also, they just repainted the Scrambler for this season, so it isn`t going anywhere any time soon. Why take out rides ( a lot of which are
  20. The delay is in part because they have to go through zoning appeals with the city of Mason. With current law, they could only build a sign about half the size of the old one. It is my understanding that they are appealing to build a sign of the same size as their last one. Once they get approval from the zoning board, they then have to obtain the construction permits and actually fabricate the design. It is my understanding that they already have a new sign designed and that both Paramount Parks and Paramount Studios have signed off on the design. The latest I`ve heard for the new sign to
  21. Since the ride bears an identification number and permit from the Ohio Department of Agriculture`s Ride Safety Division, I believe that the state of Ohio considers the Eiffel Tower as a ride. I also, btw, consider the Eiffel Tower as a ride.
  22. I do not believe that Drop Zone got new seats. Technically, Drop Zone does have Volcano styled seats and restraints as both Drop Zone and Volcano were both manufactured by Intamin. I could be wrong, but I nev er heard any news about DZ and new seats.
  23. While I like the new site. There are still some problems with it. For starters, they still haven`t updated all of the information on it, such as the height restrictions. Also, they have the 2004 park map on the site, but if you download it, you get a 2003 park map. Additionally, some of the pictures on the featured rides pages are pixelated or stretched out of proportion. Hopefully, they will be updating and fixing these and some other minor problems with the site soon. Other than that, it looks excellent and is a big improvement over the old website!
  24. I too am interested to hear about what changes the park has made to Tomb Raider for this season. Will we see a TR:TR v2.0 this season as Jeff hinted at during the construction tours of BB? Or will they simply have refurbished all of the effects to get them working to how they were supposed to be, like the spinning light on the door into the preshow room?
  25. I don`t exactly remember where I got that list from. It was either a website or an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer. I seem to think that it was an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer. You might be able to find it on their website if you do a search for it.
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