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  1. And what is wrong with Flight of Fear? Or the GCI that we have? I have nothing but good things to say about the B&M coasters that KI has installed. Remember, that before Cedar Fair took over KI, KI was one of the biggest parks in the country without a B&M coaster.
  2. A pool, concert venue, and picnic grove that are only open during the warmer months, when flooding is not likely is likely the highest and best use. If flooding on the Ohio wasn`t an issue, then it would be more prime real estate. Flood insurance is not cheap.
  3. I believe that the smoothness can also be attributed to the types of wheels. I believe that there are two different kinds of polyurethane wheels that can be used on B&Ms. I forget where I read this, maybe something that Shaggy had posted. One type can produce more vibration, but lasts longer. Another type that absorbs some of the vibration, but needs to be replaced more often.
  4. I believe that you will need to call the park to cancel a reservation. I do not believe that there is an option in the app to cancel.
  5. I would not want Six owning it. Competition probably a little too close for comfort. I have long thought that Herschend Family Entertainment would be a good fit. Or a local Cincinnatian that wants to see the park flourish and is not afraid to invest some money to bring it back. It will never be a mega park like Kings Island. But given the right owner and resources, it could be a small family park. Heck, given the resources, you could make an indoor FEC on top of a parking garage in the west lot (to elevate it out of the flood plain), and add some restaurants, etc for year round oper
  6. Yes, they lost a lot of company picnics when they decided to remove the rides. I still work down there doing some scheduling and assisting with things here and there. The rides side is currently very sad. All the ride pads are still there, just without any fencing in place. Storybook Pedal boats are still there, and open Friday, Saturday and Sundays. At the time the rides were removed, I heard a number that they had projected Group Sales to decrease by. I thought at the time, and still think that the number was overly optimistic. As Ryan said, most companies don`t want to book a company
  7. I am kind of surprised that they have never added some magnetic brakes to the end of the ride on Flight of Fear. Seems like those would have less wear and tear than the pneumatic brakes.
  8. I am fairly certain that the lights on Banshee in the queue and the uplights in the station were still working last season.
  9. Are the lights in there even blue and white to match Orion`s colors, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  10. I usually end up taking my glasses off if they start fogging up. I have heard if you wash your glasses with soap and water, that it might help with them fogging up. I haven`t tried that personally yet t see if that works.
  11. Unless I am missing something, it looks like the Area 72 stuff is no longer on that site. Cool images of the Dodgems sign under construction though.
  12. Please note that it did not say that a POV was coming today, just that they were filming it and it would be published "soon" on the park`s blog.
  13. Realistically, it does not make much sense to open the water park for just one month. By the time they get all the slides filled, inspected and ready to go, there simply will not be much time left in summer before school`s start ramping back up.
  14. Don`t forget that the shows at the park are amazing! I have gone several hours after arriving sometimes just catching the shows before even riding a ride! And the park looks amazing at Christmas time as well for Smoky Mountain Christmas.
  15. Thanks for sharing those photos. I love Dollywood. Outside of Kings Island, it is the only other amusement park that I have had a season pass to.
  16. The Flying Bobs that Indiana Beach is bringing back are actually the Flying Bobs that used to operate at Coney Island.
  17. I received the same thing. Got a reservation for July 3rd at 10:30am for myself and my wife. We are not taking our kids for this first visit.
  18. I only visited The Beach in the summer months one time. I enjoyed my visit, but it was back in the late 90`s or early 2000`s, and we only went because we got comp tickets to go. They definitely have (had) some unique attractions. I also attended a few Holiday Fests. It was certainly a unique experience riding a pedal boat in the lazy river. The Beach has seemed to be limping along for the last several years. I am surprised someone hasn`t bought it and redeveloped the land. While it does sit right next to the highway, it is kind of in a far off spot from the main road.
  19. And before Invertigo was built, that used to be a small picnic grove accessible to park guests, before they entered the park.
  20. Which would make sense, as The Festhaus is under construction. It opened in 1983.
  21. I wonder where they got this ride from. The colors shown in the picture almost make it look like it could be the Flying Bobs that used to reside at Coney.
  22. Can you please provide a link and what the tweet actually says, please?
  23. I was down at Coney for about an hour today doing some work for scheduling. There were quite a few people at the pool today. I don`t know if capacity was reached or not, but there was a nice group of people there. I also wore a mask the entire time I was there. It didn`t really bother me, but I wasn`t outside the entire time, or doing anything strenuous. I would hope that KI`s hours will go to at least 8pm when they open. I will be hard pressed to make it up to the park after work if they close at 7 like Worlds of Fun is. I will likely have to take a vacation day to visit KI if I ca
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