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  1. I agree that having a Snoopy themed dark ride to replace Boo Blasters would be a perfect fit for KI. I would imagine that it would not be that hard (or expensive) to do. It would also fit with the Planet Snoopy area better. Keep in mind that the ride is more or less the same ride as what opened in 2003, just with the Scooby references removed. It would be nice to see a refresh. I would enjoy a Snoopy themed ride (and I know my son would too). I wonder if they would have to jump through some hoops/licensing agreements with Peanuts Worldwide, LLC . Peanuts Worldwide is 20% owned by C
  2. It looks like most of the footage in that video posted to Worlds of Fun was actually filmed at Kings Island.
  3. It still boggles my mind that things like indoor family entertainment centers (FECs) are allowed to open, but Kings Island is not. And trampoline parks? How do you sanitize a trampoline park? The whole thing seems flawed to me.
  4. But, Dewine also stated that Ohio would open things in a coordinated effort with surrounding states. Both Indiana and Kentucky are reopening things ahead of what Ohio is doing, which could likely force people to visit those states instead of people spending money in the state of Ohio. Again, how is going to a zoo (with limited capacity and indoor exhibits closed), less safe than going to an indoor restaurant? I am all for being safe (I have to wear a mask at work, which is irritating with my glasses), but it seems like restaurants were quick to open, and that Dewine is dragging his feet on
  5. I just saw a report that DeWine has canceled his press conference today. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2020/06/04/cincinnati-zoo-reopening-ohio-governor-dewine-announcement/3145039001/ More: https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/ohio/ohio-governor-mike-dewine-cancels-press-conference-george-floyd-service/95-40ce646f-5ca2-4557-8e01-949805e2d8e8
  6. The Beast still runs three trains. Yes, the brake shed is not a block section anymore, but they can park all three trains in the station and just outside the station. Now the top of the lifts are the block sections on the course. Which is why the train on lift one will sometimes stop (it has to wait for the other train to clear lift two before it can depart from lift one). Back before they redid The Beast`s brakes, they could only park two trains in the station due to the skid brakes, so it wasn`t uncommon to get stopped at the top of lift two.
  7. Taking those photos from the top of the Eiffel Tower was the longest I have ever stayed up there. I must have been up there an hour and a half. And packed against the railing on the top platform for that long. Hard to believe that was twelve years ago!
  8. Looks like it is the former Budget Host Inn, located due east of the Castaway Bay property. Also located right across the US 6 from the parking lot for the Amazement Shop (one of the Cedar Point rides maintenance facilities).
  9. You answered your own question. The lift hill music on The Beast came from the opening theme music from that show, Lost. I believe that the music from that show was created by Michael Giacchino.
  10. Appointment ride times? I can understand that for the big E ticket attractions like Orion and The Beast. But how would that work in Planet Snoopy? When the park opens this year, it will definitely be different. And as a pass holder, the amount of visits you can make for the season might be limited, due to the likely decreased capacity threshold.
  11. And how exactly will ride operations if they keep the 6' of separation between the operators and the guest? How are the restraints and seat belts checked? I am sorry, but some of these measures are a little extreme (not talking about Six Flags). I had a cousin unexpectedly pass away on Saturday from complications of a chronic illness (he had been ill long before this Virus was around). His funeral mass at a church that can hold 1,000 people is limited to just ten people. The church is big enough that 100 people could be inside of it, and still maintain the social distance requiremen
  12. https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Episode-9-Being-a-Ride-Operator.mp3 Don`t forget that you can get this podcast on iTunes, and on Spotify! Be sure to subscripe to not miss an episode! Show notes: Join Robbie (CoastersRZ) and Brad (IndyGuy4KI) as they are joined by Nick (Daretofly). In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of being a ride operator. We provide some tips for someone looking for their first job, as well as some of our favorite stories from our years of being ride operators. We hope you enjoy this episode! Watch for Episode 10 to come out
  13. Really excited to see this! I will have to visit this park once it is ready to open this year. I have never been. Good to hear it will be a family run operation. I wish them all the best of luck!
  14. I think it will be hard to prove that the park was negligent if someone catches the virus at the park. Especially, if the park institutes a temperature screen as part of the entry process. How is someone going to prove that they caught the illness at the park if it can take up to two weeks for the symptoms to materialize? Cruise lines are a little bit different example, because the guests can`t freely leave whenever they want, and the very nature of cruises has guests more on top of each other. Am i hoping that KI opens this year? Absolutely. Do I think there is a chance that it might
  15. Except the park is a fixed asset. If the park can safely open for Haunt, one of the busiest times of the season, and feels confident that they will be able to make money, then they will open. Remember, it costs them money (utilities, insurance, etc. for a park, regardless if it is open or not.
  16. Agreed on waiting to ride Orion. I have been working at home since March 13th, as has my wife. However, I work for a small architectural firm. Our prospective work has all but dried up. Clients that were considering doing projects (including some that we had already gone in for permit on), are now on indefinite hold. Over the last week, I spent less than a quarter of my time on billable work. While I am not concerned with losing my job in the next month or so, if this stretches on much past the summer, I do not have a good feeling about maintaining my job. I would be the last
  17. And as we have seen over the last couple of weeks things can and do change rather quickly. Remember, that a couple weeks ago, they were projecting nearly 10,000 new cases a day. With the stay at home order and strict social distancing the peak daily new cases is now projected at 1,800. That is a substantial reduction. Things can and will change. Hopefully things keep trending for the better.
  18. The difference is that Kings Island has a lot more days to make revenue than just the summer months. Keep in mind that October and Haunt is a big season for amusement parks. Not to mention Winterfest has become a huge success. Kings Island has a lot more days to gain income. Granted, we do not know what the path of this virus will take. I think that the date they have in mind will be well into the summer before they through in the towel. Keep in mind that most of their parks had already been preparing for the season, so some of them would not require much work to get opened, no matter fo
  19. Nice blog post. I still miss that ride. Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle/Boo Blasters just isn`t the same ride (even though it does use the same people mover system as the former attraction, albeit with every other car removed.
  20. I did hear about Six Flags. I was merely stating that I had not heard any rumor where Disney was seriously considering purchasing Kings Island. So I was questioning the widely disseminated portion of the rumor. Not denying that there maybe some truth in some of the points you bring up, just that it wasn`t as mainstream as what the Six Flags rumor was last year.
  21. I have NEVER heard of any rumors suggesting that Disney was interested in Kings Island. I could see Disney buying SEAS before I could see Cedar Fair buying SEAS. However, purchasing SEAS, if the price was right, could give CF some market diversification. They would gain some year round operations in Florida, and a park in Texas and one in California. But BGW is fairly close to Kings Dominion. And I just do not see CF jumping into an acquisition of that size given the current economic environment. Though the ideas of a Platinum pass from KI getting you into Sea World Orlando or Busch
  22. And to add some context for those that visited Coney Island recently. The image that TombraiderTy shared of the Monster, the building to the right of the Monster was the LaRosa`s building (Across from the mini-golf course). Wipeout stood on part of the area that the Monster used to occupy.
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