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  1. It is only April 1st. Yes, it is questionable whether the park will be able to open mid-May, but to say that the park will not be able to open at all this season is a bit early to send in the white flag. Things could be drastically different come August. We just don`t know. Heck, look how drastically things have changed in the last few weeks even. Who would have thought on March 1st, that Ohio would essentially be locked down now, going on week three?
  2. One can look to what Carowinds did this past year. They were open weekends after Haunt but before Winterfest opened. This won`t make up for all of the days, but I could see KI trying this. It all depends how long this quarantine stuff sticks around. I know that it is affecting my full time job (and will likely impact my hours at Coney, as well, in whatever roll I end up being in there).
  3. I also do not get where he is retiring. He said it kind of tongue in cheek in the video. Then the fact that he was mentioning 20th anniversary, sure seems to me like he has no intention of retiring.
  4. I believe that is where the Haunt "Field of Screams" is housed.
  5. They still went through it. I just think the upkeep and the fact that it wasn`t in the water park led to its demise.
  6. And in its last few seasons, they had modified it and drastically reduced the size from when it originally opened. For example, the final season, the green slime derrick had already been removed.
  7. Kings Dominion already had an S&S air launch. Hypersonic XLC. It lasted from 2001 to a couple years after that. I would not look for a new S&S air launch to come back to Kings Dominion. I agree with Shaggy (although I have not ridden an S&S free spin), I feel like that is not the type of coaster that Kings Dominion needs.
  8. Keep us posted on when it will be available and where we will be able to get copies of the book. If you want some additional information on this book, be sure to check out the latest KIC podcast!
  9. At our seats. They have The Beast logo flashing on the screen!
  10. This game is tonight! Super excited to see them in these jersey`s. i will try and snap some pictures. My wife and I already have our Beast t-shirts on. We will be leaving for the game shortly.
  11. I know there are environmental regulations, but I have never heard about Disney World reaching their limit on the land that they can use. Do you have a source for this?
  12. https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Episode-8-A-Ride-Through-Time.mp3 Don`t forget that you can get this podcast on iTunes, Google Podcast and on Spotify! Be sure to subscripe to not miss an episode! Show notes: Join Robbie (CoastersRZ) and Brad (IndyGuy4KI) as they are joined by Evan (KIghostguy). In this episode we discuss Evan`s new book: Kings Island: A Ride Through Time We discuss the following: -How the idea of his book came about -Who he has interviewed -Interesting things he has come across along the way -What to look forward to in the boo
  13. Hopefully, Fun Spot can work out a deal to purchase Indiana Beach. It would be a shame to see this park die. I have never visited a Fun Spot park yet, but it looks like I am going to get to Florida in November for work and hope to visit their Orlando location.
  14. Talk about a thread bump! I don`t think that Disney is interested in purchasing anything right now. They are still integrating the Fox purchase. The Parks, Experience and Products division of the company has been successful lately, I do not think they would want to acquire a seasonal operator such as Cedar Fair. Stranger things have happened though. Back in 2005, had you told me that Paramount Parks would become part of Cedar Fair, I would have thought you were crazy. By and far, I believe that all five of the Paramount Parks are better off having been under the care of Cedar F
  15. Holiday World is not owned by Apex, which owned Indiana Beach and Martin`s Fantasy Land. Holiday World is owned by the Koch family (Lori, Leah, Lauren, and Will). There was a bitter family feud several years back between Lori (wife of Will who died unexpectedly) and his brother Dan. Dan and his mom, Pat, now own and operate Alabama Adventures. Its ashame. Indiana Beach was on my list of parks to visit.
  16. I believe that there used to be a sign in The Bat`s queue, just after going through the tunnel (which is really a bridge for the maintenance road), that stated the line from that point was 45 minutes. This was before they removed the queue area below the station, which really only could hold one or two trains worth of people anyway. The land to the left of The Bat`s queue (between that and the former monorail building) has some significant grade changes. Not to mention, it would be a far hike to get there, unless Timberwolf ever ended up leaving. There are other spots where flats c
  17. Stay tuned for the next episode to drop soon. Again, if anyone has any ideas for future episodes, please let us know!
  18. I actually met my current wife through a mutual friend. They both worked at Kings Island together. Now we have been married going on 5 years this April. Our wedding day was April 18th, 2015, which was KI opening day that year. I might have made a quick visit in the morning that day to grab a quick ride on The Beast before getting ready for the ceremony.
  19. I would say look for it to be expanded upon in future years. This year, I am sure, will be a bit of a transition year. Also, part of the park is currently under water, as the Ohio River is expected to be above flood stage this weekend. Currently, Kellogg Avenue is closed between Sutton (Gate 2 of the park), and Belterra Park to the east, right by where Sunlite Pool is located.
  20. I agree that the ride selection seems odd for the park. Don`t get me wrong, I think they needed something new, but the ride (and the theme) seemed like an odd choice.
  21. It does seem a little odd that the GM abruptly steps down at the same time as the director of marketing. I have been to Kennywood a couple times, once a few years ago in the evening when I was in town for work. It’s a fun historical park. It is a shame that a park that used to be family owned was purchased by Parques Reunidos in 2007 (they later purchased Palace Entertainment). If anyone has read the Charles Jacques book on Coney Island, it contains several quotes from letters written from the Wach’s family (owners of Coney) and the owners of Kennywood. Hopefully, there i
  22. Per the email newslettter I got from Coney, Fire Up the Night is now on Satruday, June 6th this year. I imagine they will do what they do for July 3 and Balloon Glow and keep the pool open until 9:30 that night.
  23. That is for the Adventure Pass. A Splash pass, which includes admission into Sunlite Water Adventure is $89.95, which is cheaper than a KI pass. https://coneyislandpark.com/tickets-passes/season-passes/
  24. Gates open at 6:30. 6:15 for season ticket holders (I am a season ticket holder). Puck drops at 7:30.
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