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  1. there are no other posts on this i checked
  2. PKI is going Hollywood this year with their new “The Best of Hollywood Entertainment. Now Playing†marketing plan. This is how Crocodile Dundee became attached to the Boomerang Bay waterpark plans and PKI will announce new ways to put guests in the movies. The Paramount Theater will receive over $1 million in improvements to bring in a new interactive show, called Magic of the Movies Live, that will allow audience members to look over the rail of the Titanic or enter Sleepy Hollow. The Beast will have sound effects added for it’s 25th Anniversary Season as well as a video in the queue showing off how the ride was built. The kiddies will get to watch the Nickelodeon Celebration Parade as well as Meet the NickToons Live, a meet and greet area. this sounds pretty awesome!
  3. sobrider i wasn't banded i just left
  4. Hey im back and I get to go to the sneak preview! Its gonna be awesome.
  5. I think it would be great if a park did something like that. They would have a point of view from what coaster fanatics want to see at their park. It would be really cool if a park did that!!
  6. interesting..........for a non coaster lover
  7. Sad, Sad, Sad when you see a park drop to a waterpark. Though I hate the idea of a waterpark instead of a coaster,and personally I don't see how PKI can do this another year. The New waterpark is nothing to complain fully about. I like the cavern slide and the racing slide. So its a little ok I guess. But i really wish they would at least get a new ride in the theme park. At least a new huss or something. Just adding to the waterpark is nothing you can get excited about.
  8. Beast isn't that good!!!!!Son of Beast IS BEST!!!!!!!
  9. Aaron i am not fusing. I am just saying that we went on a field trip there. And all of are class mates liked it. So it has to be a good ride. It still has a 3 hour wait. after two years.
  10. STXbomber im not the ones starting the fights it only seems like it because you say all the bad stuff through pms and aim and won't leave me the heck alone. X is the best coaster ever. made. If you think it sucks i know for a fact that you have never ridden it. Because you are saying one of the best coasters is stupid. Thats just stupid talk.
  11. And X is not overrated either.
  12. Phantom Theatre was a True Haunted House. Scooby Doo isn't scary at all. It just makes you look embarrassed when your in the line. i enjoyed Men in Black alot better. The Toy Story one is cool better to. In the Buzz lightyear one you can move the karts around. Most the time i don't even shot in it. i just spin!!!!!!Anyways i voted for Phantom Theatre because it was a classic ride.
  13. I think everyone knows what i miss. Kingcobra,phantom theatre,and The Bat.
  14. I know who would win the most annoying it would be tanner. iw ould come in second.
  15. hmm what day did he go? If it was yesterday I was there.I think i was there when that happened if its the same case. The one i saw happened on the Mantis. About the sexually harrased thing. The one i saw . The guy was sitting in the front and i was sitting two seats behnd him. I didn't really get a good look. But what i heard is supposedly they were locking the seats. And an employee pushed down the restraints and grabbed his mamas jewels. They had to stop the ride. and a security guard came and took the employee.
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