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  1. harveyhaddixfan

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    So basically you can’t get the sweetfire with kung pao. But why force people to take rice and noodles instead of one or the other? That’s just plain dumb. Would be like forcing you to take greens with Mac and cheese or fries with baked beans and not having a choice.
  2. harveyhaddixfan

    Land Clearing Beyond The Bat

    It’s been reported elsewhere that it’s likely dorms going up for employees like what CP has.
  3. harveyhaddixfan

    Get Rid of One Coaster-Cedar Point Edition

    I vote Rougarou. It wouldn’t break my heat if they got rid of Magnum either, even though that’s the very first coaster I rode as a kid aside from The Racer. It would be much more bearable if they got new cars or added some contoured padding to the lap bar.
  4. harveyhaddixfan

    Decoding 2019/2020

    The tractor in the Calico poster is a reference to Twisted Timbers at KD.
  5. harveyhaddixfan


    “Track 2 is no longer in use and has been permanently abandoned.” [emoji848]
  6. harveyhaddixfan

    Current wait times

    I think the line for MT tells you what the park is like. Rode DB 4x, MT 1x and had my food at RHOFG within an hour.
  7. harveyhaddixfan

    Season drink plan questions

    This is my biggest gripe. Was there last night and the freestyle machines at the train station were closed. Only other place is on the other side of the park. I go for the Minute Maid light drinks. And they’re almost always out. I end up with flavored Dasani.
  8. harveyhaddixfan

    Policies and Subsequent Discipline

    +1. WTH?
  9. harveyhaddixfan

    Season Pass upgrade

    You can. They charge you the difference between whatever you paid and the current price. So if you renewed early for $99, you’re going to pay $139 more I believe. I did the same thing last year since I was going to CP, KD and Knott’s.
  10. harveyhaddixfan

    So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    Only good at Kings Island. You could always buy the all season pass at the other parks that offer it!?!?! They could probably get $1499 for an all parks pass.
  11. harveyhaddixfan

    Current wait times

    Wow! Everything has to be a walk on. I hope Cedar Point is like that tomorrow!
  12. harveyhaddixfan

    Gold Pass/Early Ride Times 2018

    It’s been 30 min for the last few years. Cedar Point is an hour. And they actually start putting people through the gate 15 minutes before that so that you’re in the park right on time.
  13. harveyhaddixfan

    Gold Pass/Early Ride Times 2018

    Here ya go.
  14. harveyhaddixfan

    Green boarding passes

    I’ve been meaning to look into this. My friend that goes with me has MD and normally wears braces when she walks a lot. Since there’s rides she can’t get on with them, she tries to tough it out and go without them. We did almost 3 miles in the park yesterday and she can barely move today. Having more time to sit and rest instead of standing in line would be great. Does anyone know if they do this at Cedar Point?
  15. harveyhaddixfan

    Kings Island Announces 2018 Changes

    Did anyone notice the post on Twitter from Chef Nate about hiring “fine dining cooks”? I wonder if that would be for a regular season International Street restaurant?