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  1. Kings Dominion

    Try not to “grey out” at the bottom of the first hill.
  2. What could 2018 bring KI

    I’m full of all kinds of ancient Chinese wisdom.
  3. What could 2018 bring KI

    As soon as they announce anything, people will line up to complain about whatever is announced. In the end, who cares. This thread is up to 576 comments, half of which are people arguing about what we are/aren’t getting. We’re getting what we’re getting and nothing anyone can do about it. Just let it be April 14/15 and get on with it! I’m sure most of us will be happy with any improvements they make.
  4. Improving Que Lines

    Also leave the cigs in the car. The whole park should be non smoking. The only thing worse than the park smelling like BO on a hot day is walking past the smoking areas and having to smell the giant ashtray.
  5. What could 2018 bring KI

    I didn’t even think about the ones in the front. To me, the only useful locker plan would be one where you can use any locker, anytime, with as many switches in and out between locations that you need.
  6. What could 2018 bring KI

    I read that you could only use a locker once per visit so you wouldn’t be able to move your stuff around from say Banshee lockers to Mystic Timbers lockers. And if you used it in Soak City first, you’re even more out of luck. Not sure how a plan like that would be beneficial to most at KI.
  7. pre k pass

    Let me clarify. A reduced price based on what you can or can’t do in the park.
  8. pre k pass

    I guess look at it this way. If you have a business, part of that business caters to multiple demographics and all are currently paying you for access to your business. Why would you all of a sudden give free access to a certain demographic? If 3-5 year olds get in for free, shouldn’t the 85 year old grandma that doesn’t ride anything? Let’s say they sell 5,000 passes to ages 3-5. That’s $500,000 in revenue that’s lost. Would that make more people buy passes since their kids get in free? Maybe, but I doubt it would sell that many additional passes over what is being sold already. There was an argument about skating at Winterfest. Why is it $15 more when you already pay $25-30 to get in (If you’re not a pass holder)? It’s not cheap to offer the skating mind you. So they should just up the price and include it, right? Then you have people complaining that they shouldn’t have to pay as much since they don’t want to skate. Offering free admission and/or reduced prices to anyone is a slippery slope.
  9. Kings Island's 2018 Operation Calendar

    Good reason for KI to add additional Platinum events. I’m guessing only a fraction of pass holders at KI are Platinum. It would be a selling point to get more people to upgrade.
  10. Kings Island's 2018 Operation Calendar

    You could say that Platinum is the new Gold. But I’ve found the only advantage is you get admission to all parks and a 20% discount on food and merchandise. One could argue that they should add Platinum only extras like more ERT. Open the park an hour early for Platinum (like they already do at CP) and half our early for gold.
  11. Kings Island's 2018 Operation Calendar

    I wish they’d put it all on one page. I like to get a screen shot so I can keep it handy.
  12. The Giga Speculation Thread

    No, they own to the river but can’t build all the way to it from my understanding. There’s approximately 680 acres to the property and only 330 developed. So lots of room. Oh, the green line is a bike trail on the other side of the river.
  13. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Here’s a rough outline.
  14. Things that KI can improve on

    I’d say there is some theming, but not nearly as much as say Frontier Town at CP or some parts of Knotts. Someone asked me how those 2 parks compare to KI. I say CP has bigger rides and more theming than KI. KBF has smaller rides(except Ghost Rider, it’s like the big brother to Mystic Timbers) and much better theming. I’ll even go so far to say that parts of KBF felt like Disney. A lot of the rides had different costumes for the operators to wear. So while KI is very much an amusement park, it’s not much of a theme park anymore. The main thing I’d like see improved is the restrooms. There’s also some “dead spots” in the park that need something whether it’s a flat, a game, drink stand, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Official: WinterFest 2017

    I could see them leaving the lights up on the International Street buildings. Would be cool to be lit up during the summer. I don’t see a way to leave them in the trees though.