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  1. Theme Park Review's 2010 Trip Flyers are out! Initial Deposits are due NOW for all four 2010 Theme Park Review Trips: DEADLINE FOR ALL DEPOSITS IS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH 2009! IF YOU ARE MAILING IN YOUR DEPOSIT, YOUR PAYMENT MUST BE POSTMARKED BY MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND, 2009! UK Trip - June 18th - June 28th, 2010 $300 Initial Deposit due NOW! Europe Trip - June 28th - July 5th, 2010 $275 Initial Deposit due NOW! Middle America Trip - August 5th - 16th, 2010 $250 Initial Deposit due NOW! IntimidaTOUR - August 16th - August 23rd, 2010 $200 Initial Deposit due NOW! Dow
  2. FYI - In case anyone is interested we announced details for our 2009 TPR Trips today. You may download the trip flyers here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/trips/ ** June 7th - 22nd 2009 - Scandinavia Trip! ** July 11th - 17th, 2009 - Deep South USA Trip! ** July 17th - 22nd, 2009 - Texas Trip! ** August 6th - 17th, 2009 - West Coast USA Trip! More details to be found on the trip flyers so download them! If you have any questions, you may drop me an email or PM. We hope to see you on a TPR trip in 2009! --Robb Alvey
  3. Hey everyone! Just to give you all an update - We still have a few spots open for Mainland Europe 2008, East Coast USA 2008, and Tokyo 2008 trips. China 2008 is full but you can still get on the waiting list in case someone drops. For more details about dates, parks we will be visiting, and pricing please visit: http://www.themeparkreview.com/trips/ Hope to see you on a trip! --Robb
  4. Hey everyone! We have just finished up the Maverick segment from our new DVD "Roller Coasters in the RAW!" For you coaster footage and POV fans this is probably the most comprehensive video of the ride ever! It includes tons of offride shots from just about every angle and a complete POV from the lift hill to brake run totally unedited! Enjoy the video!!! Yup, that's Maverick with that more-than-ninety-degree drop! It's got lots of twisty gooeyness. It's got lots of airtime that makes grown men go "WHEEEEEEEEE!" Download the Cedar Point Maverick Video HERE! Order
  5. Here's just a little update on TPR's 2008 trips - Spots are still open for East Coast USA and Mainland Europe. If you're interested, get your deposit in now! Initial deposits for the China trip and Tokyo trip are due on November 15th, 2007. We have made paying the initial deposit even easier! You can now pay your trip deposit via the TPR Store: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?categoryID=84 For more information about these trips, download the flyers here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/events/events.htm People who have been on a TPR trip say they have had the "tim
  6. See that's what I don't understand. We've been doing MNSSHP for the past 4 years on a sold out Friday night and it's never a problem. They limit the number of tickets to WAY lower than your average day at MK and the lines are never long. We walked right onto Space Mountain 3 times, Splash, Thunder, Mansion, Pirates, etc. It was an awesome night! Glad you guys all liked the TR! --Robb
  7. We made a run over to Busch Gardens Tamps for some floorless SheiKra It's pretty much the same, which is cool because this coaster is awesome! Kumba is still my favorite of all B&M's! OMG!!! Construction update!!! We headed over to Cypress Gardens to check out Starliner. This was a pretty "average" coaster at Miracle Strip and it's pretty much and "average" coaster here too. Fun, sure, but I doubt this will "save the park" from all the trouble it's had. In fact, the park was just purchased by some "real estate processors....so I wonder what that will mean for th
  8. Next up was Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Magic Kingdom was decked out with lots of Halloween stuff. Hey look! Magic Kingdom's castle is doing it's Disneyland impression! =) The shirt says it all! =) The TPR group does a Haunted Mansion take over!!! I've always wanted to know what she's got on underneath that dress... I see the free candy, but where's the beer?" Space Mountain - 10 minute wait...which was really a walk-on...I love this event!!! Once again! Another TPR take over!!! How many people can you get in one Splash Mountain boat?
  9. On our way to Sea World we made a stop at Waffle House. I get my hash browns Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Peppered, and Topped! New credit for all of us.... ...with an AMAZING view! =) GRRR!! I'm Kraken. I'm not a sock puppet. I'm a real EVIL monster!!! Kraken was pretty awesome! Why must we always molest inanimate objects? This is a REALLY bad idea! I can't tell if that's a look of terror or a look of "special olympics" on Jow's face! WANDLESS SPACESHIP EARTH!!! "I just came!" This is what Gary says to Wes in the bedroom! . HA HA!
  10. Hey everyone! If you have followed Theme Park Review over the past few years you'll know that each year we take a trip to Orlando to check out many of the Halloween and other seasonal events. This year we visited Halloween Horror Nights, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Epcot's Food & Wine Festival, checked out Cypress Gardens' Starliner, Busch Gardens' Floorless SheiKra, and LOTS more! We produced TWO videos. The first is an interview with Universal Creative Director Michael Roddy where first he walks us through the "Nightmare on Elm Street" maze and then chats to u
  11. We have announced our China 2008 and Tokyo 2008 trips. Deposits for all 4 of our trips are due soon, so if you're interested get your deposit in now! And if you are planning to send it your deposit, and have not done so yet, please email me at robbalvey@themeparkreview.com so we can "pencil" you in. This will help us with planning how many buses we will have, etc. You can download the trip flyers here: www.themeparkreview.com/trips/ In summary, here are the four trips we are offering in 2008: Mainland Europe! June 22nd – July 6th, 2008. Parks include: Disneyland Paris, Europa Park,
  12. Hello KI Central! In case you haven't heard, Theme Park Review has announced two of our 2008 trips: Europe and East Coast USA! The trip flyers are now available here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/events/events.htm We will also be announcing our China 2008, Tokyo 2008, and Mini-Korea 2008 in early October so keep an eye out for those flyers to show up soon as well. Europe 2008 will visit: Parc Asterix, Disneyland Paris, Walibi Belgium, Walibi World, Europa Park, Heide Park, Holiday Park, Efteling, Toverland, Bobbejaanland, Phantasialand, and much more! East Coast 2008 will visit: S
  13. No problem! I really hope some people from this forum can make it on one of our trips or to an event! You're all invited. --Robb
  14. Hey Kings Island Central! We're currently in the planning stages for what our TPR group trips for 2008 and beyond are going to be, and we could use your input! If you are interested in going on a TPR trip next year or in the future, please fill out the following form: http://www.themeparkreview.com/2008trips.htm This will give us an idea of what everyone is interested, where you all want to go, and we can start to organize trips based around places you want to visit. Remember that you don't need to be a member of any club to take part in one of our trips. Everyone from ALL clubs
  15. ^ Glad you guys are liking the update! And we didn't rip on PKI too bad....just saying how much better the Nagashima Frisbee was since we didn't have to wait in the long PKI line! --Robb
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