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  1. August 19th return trip: Started out my day at 10am riding Dominator. Very nice ride, very smooth, and fun. Wait for the front seat was maybe ten minutes. Made my way over to Candy Apple Grove area, rode the Ricochet. Pretty good stationary "wild mouse" ride. Rebel Yell, both sides were walk on in the front, exciting wooden rollercoaster as always. WindSeeker wasn't operating at the start of the day. Rode Drop Tower solo, and it was pretty good. Nice controlled falling. Went over to Delirium, great as always. I was surprised that the over the shoulder restraints were automatic on this, I don't remember if Kings Island's are automated. I then went over to The Crypt. Definitely a different ride than Tomb Raider: The Ride, but still was enjoyable! It flipped so many times! The theming on this ride is very lacking, with alot of the props eroding, as you can see lots of the interior Styrofoam on several objects, but minor complaint. Next up was Avalanche. Very smooth and different ride than many rides I've been on before, being a bobsled course "roller coaster." Went to Flight of Fear next. I was quite surprised that there was no queue line show like Kings Island's. It may still be intact, but only open when the lines are long, but if it was, they had it closed off. The ride was good as Kings Island's so no difference there. The last ride I did for the day was Intimidator 305. Man oh man, was this a great ride! Great speed, great excitement, and I rode it twice! Kings Dominion's Action Theater (looks to still have the Days of Thunder signage for the seating rows on the doors ) seems to be operating, and they had "Toy Race" running, but whenever I passed, the entrance was closed. Apparently a show starts every 25 minutes, but I didn't have the time to be able to wait for the next showing. If anyone has any details on this, I'd appreciate hearing them, since there's no details on the show on their website. Kings Dominion Roundup: #1 metal ride: Intimidator 305 #2 metal ride: Dominator #3 metal ride: Volcano #4 metal ride: Avalanch #1 wood ride: Grizzly #2 wood ride: Rebel Yell
  2. Good evening! I've always read others' reports, but surprisingly, this is my first trip report ever on this site! I'm a displaced Kings Island "guru," I grew up in Loveland, OH, ~15 minutes away from Kings Island, from 1992-2009, and on and off again since then. Bought the platinum season pass around Labor Day last year, so entrance access to all Cedar Fair parks and parking lots. Hadn't had the chance to make it to a Cedar Fair park until this trip due to being in an adult league baseball season having games on Saturdays. Anyway, here goes! I arrived at the park at 5:20pm, and started out on Grizzly. The line was non-existant, so I walked right into the front seat. Really enjoyed this ride, brought back some memories of my first ride on The Beast. I walked over to the opposite side of the park, and hopped on Backlot Stunt Coaster, again a very short wait. The ride itself was fun as always, but it is a clone of Kings Island's, of course. The visual effects at the helicopter section was completely turned off, there was only gunshot/helicopter audio, so that was disappointing. Right afterward, the indoor part was completely dark, which I remember seeing lights on the inside section at Kings Island, so this was a nice surprise. Then went over to Volcano, and rode in the front seat. This is my favorite ride so far at Kings Dominion! Really enjoyed the LIM launches on this one, really smooth ride too! Next I did, Anaconda, again riding in the front seat and got onto the ride within a few minutes. Very similar to The Vortex, but different enough to be enjoyable. At 6:45p, as the train I was on pulled into Anaconda's station, the ride operator announced that due to incoming inclement weather, ride operations are suspended until further notice. And what a light show that provided at the end of the night, and great skies while walking back to my car (see pictures below). Went to a restaurant in the park (Victoria's Pizza), got a slice of pepperoni and two breadsticks for dinner. Pretty good food! Afterward, I went to the Kings Dominion Theatre, and saw their "Origins: A Cirque Experience," and was very impressed!! (While it rained heavily outside) I wanted to ride Intimidator 305, Dominator, and Rebel Yell, but the lightning didn't cooperate/allow me to. Avalanche was closed and The Crypt was in test runs while the rides were open. I really miss The Crypt/Tomb Raider: The Ride. I'll try to get to these tomorrow morning.
  3. I have that same book at my parents! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I went to Six Flags America this weekend, and the virtual reality option on Superman Ride of Steel was disappointing as well. It was nice to do once; would I opt to do it again on this ride? Probably not. The calibration of my headset was off, so by the end, I had to look all the way to the right to be looking straight in the headset. The riders' headset in front of me never advanced from the starting either. That's re-assuring... So, I've gotta ask: how was the loading and unloading for Ninja? Here's my thoughts after talking with friends the last few days: At Superman Ride of Steel, you are loaded/unloaded on the same platform and are set up with the headsets, while the train that just went through the ride sits on the final brake run for 10 minutes before the loading train takes off. This ride was 2 trains running at a time with 8 cars, 4 seats per car, so total of 32 seats per train. 2 seats were out of commission because they still needed to install the "black box" sensor. It took a total of 5 trains for me to get on; so, my verdict is it's not worth the hour+ wait, in my opinion.
  5. Good catch, busted! I could have sworn the dates written on these pictures were August 1994, but this collection of pictures are 900 miles away in my storage unit to double check. That makes sense though, I believe my friends moved out of town in the summer of '94 and probably came back to visit in '95. I'll edit the change
  6. wanting to go to Kings Island, but in orlando, fl till further notice

  7. Nickelodeon Mega Mess-a-Mania, August 1995 My brother was picked as a contestant on stage (he's wearing the goggles with right hand on head to the left of the ladder). My friends' brother, Kyle, was picked to control the splash tower. Emergency Green Slime Shower Pit. Two people under the A/B showers would push or someone would pull the lever between the showers, one of the two would get "slimed." My brother is in the white shirt with hands on his hips, my friend Kyle on the left, and me getting "slimed." Don't know the other two kids.
  8. GOLDBERG! ....sorry... been on a kids movie streak recently...
  9. Awesome video japser! Awww... phantom theater!
  10. I think the queue line for Skylab is still standing and used for storage...?
  11. The things I remember from the Top Gun queue line: - in TopGun1993's post (second in this thread), the windows to the left and right of the red cable in the first picture had water spraying onto the windows with a windshield wiper on the opposite side wiping off the "rain". - while walking/waiting in the queue line, there was a radar setup shortly after the tunnel to the left of the queue which did move for a number of years of top gun's/flight deck's beginning of operation. unfortunately, it's been probably two years since I've been to Kings Island, but based on the "detheming tone" of this thread, i wouldn't be surprised to find out that is gone. - waiting to board the trains, there was a soundtrack of air traffic communication in between the ride operators "clear" before being sent of to begin the ride. - i seem to remember the animal train ride tunnel/bridge having two phrases painted on the side of the bridge at different points through the rides run to date: one was "high security area" and the other "blast zone ahead." i only see "high security area" pictures online, so it's possible i'm confusing this with another ride.
  12. Woah! Whudathunk?! I concur with the rest of what you said, goodyellowkorn.
  13. Is it possible for you to change the title of this thread? I just realized I didn't fill it out, just a nice "..." doesn't tell what the topic is. Sorry!!
  14. don't mean to put flames on the fire... i look at the forums more than anything else (longtime ki visitor since 1992 ) was just going through the main site and saw some fairly outdated things in the menus. park info - "2007 schedule" and "ticket prices" still links to the old paramount parks website, the domain no longer active, of course. attractions - "new for 2007" i'm sure alot of the ride names/sections have changed too with this year. sorry to add some work for the admins to do.
  15. isn't there a saying of something like, "the stupidest question is one not asked."?
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