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  1. If you look at the POV of Orion at the apex of that turn, the horizon appears to be beyond vertical, whereas the turn on the coaster in China does not appear to reach 90 degrees.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHhrhchtYRk Not certain if this is the same make or model crane but it is interesting seeing a similar crane being assembled in detail
  3. Finally CP Rundown is streaming
  4. Does anyone know of a live stream that is currently on? I would like to get the vibe of whats is going on with the music and atmosphere prior to the KI stream
  5. Check out the cool Turkey Vulture. There were several of them swirling around the tower earlier today. http://pixelcaster.com/live/kingsisland/Diamondback.html
  6. Got a good screen shot of the latest snap chat that showed the current work at the station
  7. ^ except for the roof and paint and most likely the insides.
  8. cool swarm of vultures hanging out in view of the web cam .
  9. I will be glad when I can watch this thing without tilting my head. Dont know why they never zoomed and tilted that web cam, it would have made for such better viewing.
  10. Look quick, they are putting in the drop track...
  11. a life size Don will be there and you can poke him and he will laugh.
  12. A little bit better close up of second room at #whatsintheshed twitter.
  13. A brown splotch on the animation is proof of a drop track yet the renderings, both still and animated that clearly show the shed buildings are open below are discounted as maybe being inaccurate. I am surprised some of you are not still taking about the reverse launch that defys physics.
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