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  1. I'm really liking the color of the track and I think the color will be a nice addition to the KI skyline. It will flow nicely with the white of Racer and the blue/gray of WindSeeker.
  2. I also agree with the park needing more gap rides. A tilt a whirl, teacups, and Music Express would all be good. On the coaster side something like a Blazing Fury (Dollywood) or Black Diamond (Knoebels) would also work because it could also run during Winterfest.
  3. I think that a retheme to Camp Snoopy would be great. If you look at the area at Carowinds, it is well landscaped and is well themed. I think the camping, rustic theme would be a much better transition to Rivertown than what is there currently. As far as rides, I would move the Eagles over to either Coney Mall or X-base. In its place, I would add the teacups that several other Camp/Planet Snoopys have. I would also add a couple other family flats like Peanuts Pirates at Carowinds. Maybe even a Ferris Wheel would work.
  4. I think part of the success recently of dives is that many other coaster types are already spoken for at parks. While I prefer wings to dives, I think we will continue to see more dives because they are compact and visually appealing and seem to be more cost effective than wings.
  5. This was my third Coasterstock and it was another great year. I really enjoyed both Jeff Gramke and Dennis Spiegel. I also thought it was smart for Don to vet the questions this year rather than the random free for all non vetted questions.
  6. I'm glad to see they are pouring concrete. I'm still leaning toward this being maintenance or storage related.
  7. I agree with others, the construction is much bigger at ground level than what it appears from the Tower and Racer. The ravines are much steeper than they look from above. If they use the terrain appropriately we are going to have a special ride.
  8. With the pad between Racer and FOF I don't think it makes sense to start a haunt building this early in the season so this is either maintenance or storage. There is already rebar in the ground so concrete should be poured shortly. Even if the leaked layout is real it makes sense to open up that area beside FOF because that area is pretty busy now with just one ride and with a headline attraction it could be very congested.
  9. I'm at Coasterstock and there is really not much new to see other than they are working on the pad between Racer and FOF and it looks to be slightly bigger than yesterday. They have flattened it out and I would expect them to be pouring concrete within the next week for whatever is going there. I still think it will be a new maintenance building.
  10. Yeah I think there was probably a good reason we didn't walk back as far as we did last year.
  11. I doubt that the new clearing between Racer and FOF is for staging. It looks like from the pictures that perhaps they are pouring concrete so perhaps it is for a new maintenance building.
  12. As far as potential fake blueprints, remember they made a fake web site showing they were getting a wing right before announcing Banshee so anything is possible if it was someone internal that did the leak.
  13. I would be very surprised if it is not at least 300' tall. With Leviathan vs. Behemoth and Fury vs. Intimidator at their respective parks they both complement each other well. I would expect that to be the same case at KI.
  14. A few things... 1. How many people criticizing Leviathan have actually ridden Leviathan? 2. Let's actually wait to see the plans before we decide how big of a disappointment it is. Lines on a piece of paper don't tell the whole story. 3. Height and length are nice stats but there are many examples where a smaller ride is a better ride than a taller ride. For example, I would pick Griffon at BGW over Valravn.
  15. I think it is way too early to say whether it is or is not a good layout. There could be elements (tunnels, etc.) that we don't know about yet and both of the B&M gigas so far have been great coasters and I would expect this to be as well.
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