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  1. They are really coming along nicely on the second hill. It is hard to believe how massive everything is compared to Racer.
  2. I like the concept and the ability to give a different ride experience each time is great. The major issue would be capacity but they could probably work through that with a bigger model.
  3. I think it is similar to how I305 is at KD. With so much terrain there are things in that park that looked much taller than 305 depending on where you are in the park.
  4. What is the link to the weather bug camera?
  5. Was checking the rides seller site and the Airplanes are now listed as sold but they are the only thing as of now. http://rides4u.com/equipment/packages/view/25
  6. With its location in the park, I agree with what others have said elsewhere that it is probably waterpark expansion. This gives them next year to prep that area and then add to the waterpark in 2021.
  7. Thanks for posting these. It is always interesting to see how flat ride centric the park was back in the early days. It would be great to see Oktoberfest get some expansion in the future as now it is Viking Fury, Adventure Express, Slingshot and two eateries. Bringing back some old-style flats would really re-enliven that area.
  8. I personally like Area 72, it sticks with the extra-terrestrial theme and is a nice wink and nod to the park's history. It fits much better than the generic Action Zone does. Hopefully they rename that area at some point in the future as well.
  9. ^ I agree. Something like Calico Mine Ride or even something like Black Diamond at Knoebels would be nice in the Crypt building.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see Red get some retracking love this offseason followed by a paint job back to the original look prior to the 50th anniversary.
  11. I give the park a ton of credit. Going to the trouble of painting those buildings is something that most people won't even notice but the attention to detail shows that the current management really finds ways to plus the area and the park overall.
  12. One thing that is going to be difficult when they demolish Vortex is going to be trying to keep all of the trees that have grown up around it over the years. Unfortunately, I see most of those disappearing because it would be too hard to work around them.
  13. Hershend is really the only one I would want. They put quality investments in their parks and generally excel at operations and customer service.
  14. I really hope this doesn't happen. It would be like the Paramount days again.
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