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  1. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Hopefully with high schools and colleges letting out they will have enough staffing to keep that location open all the time. It makes no sense to have a location within ear shot of three of the biggest coasters in the park closed all the time.
  2. Coasterstock 2018

    The Flight of Fear tour was amazing. Getting to see the full spaghetti bowl was great. Hopefully they do it again next year. In regards to utilizing land, there are plenty of areas where flats would fit nicely. When we did the Banshee tour yesterday I thought that would be a great area to add some additional flats and have another pathway to the front of Adventure Express.
  3. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I realize they are capacity nightmares but I would love to see a Wild Mouse preferably in the old Crypt building or in Planet Snoopy.
  4. 2018 Additional Events Announced

    I personally liked Days of Thunder much better than anything else that was ever in that building. A lot the other ones were pretty bad.
  5. 2018 Additional Events Announced

    The good part about them using this space is that it will also give them another stage area to use for Winterfest.
  6. Trip to Silver Dollar City

    I'm headed to Silver Dollar City this weekend. I was there about thirty years ago but obviously don't remember much about the park. Does anyone have any tips for navigating the park or favorite foods / rides, etc.? We are season passholders at Dollywood and from the maps, trip reports, and videos I have watched it looks very similar. We plan to be there two days but are debating maybe heading to Worlds of Fun on Saturday afternoon / evening and using our platinum passes / dining. Is it worth going the three and half hours out of the way to go to Worlds of Fun or are we better off just staying at Silver Dollar City the full two days? We both have to be back at work on Monday so we were going to drive part of the way back home to Northern Kentucky on Saturday night. Thanks in advance.
  7. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Overall I would say today is the busiest day I have seen the park this year. I also like all of the small changes they have made this year.
  8. Current wait times

    It is starting to get a little busier with temps increasing but it is still not bad.
  9. RMC throughout Cedar Fair?

    It is a shame Michigan's Adventure doesn't get more love. It is a nice little park and deserves a nice coaster addition. Something small like Railblazer or Hangtime would be great there.
  10. The Giga Speculation Thread

    The Beast clearing is very minimal. It is just like every other year where trees are removed here and there. I do think it makes the most sense to use part of the former DA area for more flats and flattening out more of the area for a new set of Antiques. The park has one of the best overall coaster collections already. What we don't have is a deep collection of flats. Rides like a Musik Express or a Tilt a Whirl will appeal to people who may like flats but never ride coasters. I don't think a giga is coming in '19. We know Wonderland is getting a new coaster next year (based upon construction), it sounds like Carowinds is getting one, and both Dorney and Worlds of Fun have been rumored for one. I would like to see them focus on the other half of Coney Mall next year and some flats as well.
  11. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm 6'1" and SOB was rough on my knees as well.
  12. Screamin' Demon, Bavarian Beetle, the Original Bat, and Screechin' Eagle.
  13. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    General observations from preview night: The area around the Carousel, Coney BBQ, and Subway all look nice. Coney BBQ's food and layout was great. The restaurant blends in with the area nicely and looks it was always there. I was impressed to see Chef Major and Chef Nate both working in the kitchen and making sure everything was going good. The Dinos area looks like some trees have been taken out. It looks like they have been taken out selectively though. The Racer gives a good view as does the Eiffel Tower of this area. I'm leaning against the giga for next year and I wouldn't be surprised if they level some of that area out and put Antiques back there along with a flat or two. There is plenty of land that they could gradually build it up and eventually put a giga back there in the next 3-5 years. The LED lighting on International Street was nice. I really liked the bluegrass/folk vibe in Rivertown and the music was a nice touch. It is amazing how a simple item like music can really change the feel of an area. Also great to see the instrumental music back on IS.
  14. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    I would say to get the full year dining plan. If you are going to eat over 9 meals in the park this year you will be over break even after 9 and then it will start paying for itself.
  15. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    I'm really happy about the expanded Reds options. The smokehouse was one side every time I went as well. I am glad to see more variety in the options offered overall.