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  1. ^ It would have great if when they were looking at building SOB, that they would just done Shivering Timbers 2.0. That would have been a great addition.
  2. I really enjoyed KD when I was there in '18, but I think that KD and CF in a way are between a rock and a hard place. It is much the way that Dorney is where it is located so close to a much more attended park, so does CF get the bang for their buck? From a family flats collection they are actually in pretty good shape. They'll probably need a classic pirate ship as I can't see Berzerker (Looping Starship) lasting that many more years. They could probably put in a Musik Express or Tilt a Whirl but honestly they have a good collection. From a thrilling flat collection, they could look to put in something like a Mondial Top Scan or a Gerstlauer Sky Roller. A Screamin' Swing would be great but BGW just added one last year. The coaster standpoint is where it gets difficult because they need to add stuff that is unique compared to what BGW has. That takes out all of the B&M models except a Flyer and a Wing. Both of those would be great additions but are they going to get people thru the door? Something like Hangtime or Railblazer would fit in well but are they a showstopper attraction? Probably not. If money were no object I would put in something like Time Traveler. It would be unique to the region, reliable, and would also be a world-class ride. But I doubt CF would spend that much on KD.
  3. ^ I definitely agree. If it was where say BLSC is, it would have a much higher ridership.
  4. If the Red side improves as much this year as Blue did last year, we are in for a treat.
  5. I do think that CF and KI are going to look at a realm of factors with the next coaster installation and if the recent chain history is any indication there are a few options. I think they will weigh initial cost, maintenance/downtime of the existing model, and the popularity/number of riders of the existing model. In no particular order, the types I would think are possible options: B&M Dive: I'm not the world's biggest Valravn fan, but Yukon Striker was really good. Dives are really popular with the general public. Sure it wouldn't be a headliner addition but in a park with Orion, Beast, and Mystic it wouldn't necessarily have to. I also don't think we can discount the closeness of CSF. I would also be happy with a floorless. RMC- No we are not getting nor do we need a conversion. As far as the Raptor model that CGA got from a capacity standpoint that wouldn't be an option for KI. Perhaps something that was a bigger higher capacity model might work. With CF not having done a ground up woodie from RMC who knows if they would go that route. With the issues they have had with SV and TT, who knows if RMC would be option. Gerstlauer- I feel like we hear less about Hangtime because it is on the other side of the country. I think throughput would be a concern. Mack- I enjoyed Copperhead Strike. Obviously the cost would probably be the most expensive of the options. Did Carowinds get the bang for their buck that they were hoping for. If they didn't, then I think that probably knocks out Mack.
  6. On the dry side, of the non Planet Snoopy rides, Skyflyer and Slingshot are the only ones I haven't done, besides Orion.
  7. Plus they have had maintenance issues with TTD and Volcano amongst others.
  8. It is going to be strange standing in Beast's queue and not seeing Vortex sway a little.
  9. As others have said, by just removing the 3 point challenge, you could easily put another flat there. In addition, the spot on the other side of the Diner would a great place for a flat as well.
  10. There are plenty of flats that we could add that would be great for the park and are still made. In no particular order: More family type flats: Tilt a whirl, Musik Express, Teacups/Keggers type spinner, a Seastorm type ride, something like Moose on the Loose More extreme flats: Screamin' Swing, Top Scan, Skyroller, Zamperla Hawk 48 Obviously these are just a few, but I think the success of the Antiques shows that there is certainly an audience for flats.
  11. Definitely something like Maverick would be my first choice from Intamin but I figure if we get a multilaunch, it would be a Mack.
  12. ^ I definitely can see it going to CGA. With a small footprint it would be a great addition to that park.
  13. I didn't mind the Joker coasters (I've ridden the ones at SFGAdv and SFGAm) and for what they are they have good capacity. If we did get one, it wouldn't be something that I would ride every time I'm at the park though. Now if CF worked out a deal with S&S where KD was getting a free spin and we were getting a Screamin' Swing, I would be quite pleased with that. You could pretty easily make a Screamin' Swing work in Rivertown, Oktoberfest, or AZ.
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