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  1. With its location in the park, I agree with what others have said elsewhere that it is probably waterpark expansion. This gives them next year to prep that area and then add to the waterpark in 2021.
  2. Thanks for posting these. It is always interesting to see how flat ride centric the park was back in the early days. It would be great to see Oktoberfest get some expansion in the future as now it is Viking Fury, Adventure Express, Slingshot and two eateries. Bringing back some old-style flats would really re-enliven that area.
  3. I personally like Area 72, it sticks with the extra-terrestrial theme and is a nice wink and nod to the park's history. It fits much better than the generic Action Zone does. Hopefully they rename that area at some point in the future as well.
  4. ^ I agree. Something like Calico Mine Ride or even something like Black Diamond at Knoebels would be nice in the Crypt building.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see Red get some retracking love this offseason followed by a paint job back to the original look prior to the 50th anniversary.
  6. I give the park a ton of credit. Going to the trouble of painting those buildings is something that most people won't even notice but the attention to detail shows that the current management really finds ways to plus the area and the park overall.
  7. One thing that is going to be difficult when they demolish Vortex is going to be trying to keep all of the trees that have grown up around it over the years. Unfortunately, I see most of those disappearing because it would be too hard to work around them.
  8. Hershend is really the only one I would want. They put quality investments in their parks and generally excel at operations and customer service.
  9. I really hope this doesn't happen. It would be like the Paramount days again.
  10. I would love to see them add a couple more cameras. They could move the Mystic one to show elsewhere in the park.
  11. This would be the fourth removal (KC, SOB, Firehawk, and Vortex) since I have been following the park closely. King Cobra- When I first got on the innerwebs in the late 90s there were rumors even then about it being ready to close down and later that it was for sale. I only rode it one time which was enough for me. While it is always sad to lose a coaster, I always joke that the people who miss King Cobra most are the ones who never rode it. While that is not completely true, Delirium has been a popular and successful replacement. Son of Beast- The hype and potential for the ride was amazing. Watching this massive structure start growing in the summer of '99 will always stick with me. It was the first time I really followed a coaster being built and I looked forward to it so much. Unfortunately it wasn't a great ride but the structure itself was amazing to look at. I was disappointed to see it go but Banshee and Mystic Timbers more than made up for the loss. Firehawk- I remember watching Quicktime animation for Stealth (now Nighthawk at Carowinds) and there were strong rumors we were going to get a ride like that @Shaggy has a great thread on here detailing this process well. Eventually we did get it and I finally rode it in '17. I enjoyed Firehawk but it was never a must do and I figured whatever was replacing it would be better and I expect Orion will be. Vortex- This one is tough because it was my first looper. Over the past couple of years I have ridden it more due to trying to get rows 5-1 or 7-1 where it is more enjoyable. The popularity overall with people has seemingly dropped lower and lower every year though. I can see why the park didn't want to throw a ton of money at it if it is metal fatigue. I am excited to see what comes though I think it will be 3-5 years down the road before we know.
  12. I have only ridden one B&M sit down looper (Wildfire at Silver Dollar City) but I thought it was a great ride and would happily take something like that. The reason I prefer a Floorless over a Dive is that the layouts seem more thought out than a Dive where the Dive is the main focal point plus it would likely have more inversions than a Dive would. I also like that the capacity on a B&M Floorless would be 32 riders vs. The 24 riders on a Dive.
  13. I do like the idea of the world's tallest, fastest, longest floorless coaster. The drawback to something like Copperhead Strike is that it is so short height wise. Something that shows up in the skyline is a nice fitting tribute to Vortex
  14. I voted for Dive but I would love to see it be a Floorless. A true ground up floorless coaster would be great and would also allow them to pack plenty of inversions into a small space.
  15. I hadn't posted in this thread but I did in some of The Vortex threads. I saw it early yesterday morning a little after 6 a.m.. Yesterday was a crazy day. It is like a show where you expect one character (Invertigo) to die but there is a plot twist and the series regular (Vortex) meets its demise. All in all though, I look forward to what the future brings.
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