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  1. Also in this pic is probably our first official view of the Firehawk-less sky behind Racer.
  2. Great photos Matt. I'm a little surprised that the Balloon ride is going. It was a fun little ride and visually appealing. I've always kind of hoped that our kids area would get one of those someday. I'm looking forward to seeing the continued improvements to KK. A strong KK and HW lead to a stronger KI.
  3. Rivertown Rider

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    I would agree with others, it is still a great lineup without so I don't know that it is a need. If we do get a giga I will be very happy though and I think it will something that appeals to a lot of people.
  4. Rivertown Rider

    Best Decade for KI?

    I voted for the 10s. I feel the strides that the park has made this decade adding Banshee and Mystic, two great additions to the park, along with correcting some of the late era-Paramount blunders with bringing back the Eagles and Antiques. They have also improved the landscaping and added solid food options. I was young in the 80s but I have great memories of going to the park some and remember Vortex's early years. The 90s was when I first started riding the big coasters so it also holds a special place but the 10s has the best decade overall.
  5. Rivertown Rider

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    If Paramount still owned it, we would probably also get "My Heart Will Go On" on loop in the queue line.
  6. Rivertown Rider

    International street makeover

    One of the things if they have removed the trees from IS is I hope they were able relocate some of them within the park if they were able to be relocated. Action Zone and the area over between BLSC and Diamondback could benefit from mature trees.
  7. Rivertown Rider

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Happy to see the Antiques on the ERT schedule for the first part of the season.
  8. Rivertown Rider

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    I really like Wicked Twister so really the only reason I could see it going is maintenance related costs.
  9. Rivertown Rider

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    I also could see Wicked Twister going. It seems to be one of the least popular rides in the park in terms of ridership.
  10. Rivertown Rider

    Hello, Dolly!- silver2005's 2019 Southeast Trip

    ^ Take 275 to KY 9 in Wilder, KY to Grayson, KY. At Grayson you'll get on I-64 which will take you straight to Richmond. It is a beautiful drive especially once you get into the Blue Ridge Mountains. About the only heavy traffic you may run into is around Richmond. Huntington and Charleston neither have awful traffic.
  11. Rivertown Rider

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    That's a cool way to honor the anniversary. Now if only they could reroute service roads to bring back the lake/pond.
  12. Rivertown Rider

    Volcano: The Blast Coaster to be removed!

    ^ It had been down since the end of May 2018.
  13. Rivertown Rider

    Volcano: The Blast Coaster to be removed!

    I feel for KD, they have lost now two coasters in Shockwave and Volcano in just the last four years. Obviously Hurler is better now as Twisted Timbers, but that park needs a great, ground up coaster drastically. I understand that it has to be difficult competing with BGW but Cedar Fair needs to give the park another headliner, now that Volcano is gone.
  14. Rivertown Rider

    Volcano: The Blast Coaster to be removed!

    I'm very sad about the removal of Volcano. Volcano was always a bucket list coaster since I first heard about it in the 90's and I never made it to KD until this past year. Unfortunately it had went down a couple weeks before I was there and never re-opened. KD was still a great park without getting to ride Volcano though. The footprint that Volcano took up really was not all that big. If Griffon wasn't an hour away it would be a great location for a dive. You could potentially start a Wing coaster there and then wrap it back towards the front of the park although it would be tight.
  15. Rivertown Rider

    International street makeover

    While I like the trees, I think with good landscaping they won't be missed that much. The fountains and the Tower are the two most important features of IS to me and I think the fountains have the potential to be better than they have ever been with the upgrades.