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  1. Overall, I think KI has the best operations of any of the over 30 parks I've been to. We truly are spoiled by how good they are.
  2. ^ And it looked very nice. It just didn't ride as well as it looked.
  3. The problem S&S and Premier both have for a park like KI are that they don't have high capacity. Look at the slow moving lines for our existing Premier coasters FOF and BLSC. I will give the BLSC crew credit though they are very efficient considering the low capacity.
  4. Dominator at KD, Hydra at Dorney, and Bizarro at SFNJ (NJFTP) are all ground up floorless. Bizarro was my favorite of the three but the other two are also great coasters. I would much prefer a floorless to a dive.
  5. I feel like the park has done a good job of listening to guest feedback. We wanted Antiques back, we got Antiques back. We wanted a Giga, we're getting a Giga. The coaster manufacturer that I hear most from people is RMC. Plus a wooden coaster in AZ would give a nice contrast to all of the steel over there.
  6. ^ It is usually open the first few weeks of Haunt then it closes down for Winterfest prep.
  7. I expect the next coaster will probably be a GCI out towards the beach over by Wicked Twister. I could also see them adding a Mack spinner like Time Traveler, but I think that all depends on how popular Copperhead Strike is at Carowinds. Obviously Copperhead Strike is a different model than Time Traveler but they are probably a similar cost. Plus do they really need another launch coaster when they have TTD and Maverick in the same park.
  8. I like that they are trying to preserve as many trees as possible with this layout compared to Diamondback where they seemingly just took out everything in a half mile radius. Obviously a lot trees were still taken out but it doesn't appear that they are taking anything out that is not necessary.
  9. I agree with @SonofBaconator that I would much rather see something like a bigger, longer Goliath at SFGAm. It gives that big in your face ride structure that Son of Beast had while being glass smooth.
  10. It also wouldn't surprise me if the next coaster is more in the mid-range family coaster a la Firechaser Express or something like the Dark Knight Coaster / Laff Trakk. Then the next coaster after that could be another major thrill coaster like an RMC or a Floorless/Dive.
  11. Yes, this should be a people eater much like Banshee is. The four across seating really helps push people thru.
  12. I think this concern that a hyper and a giga are the same is unfounded anyway. Leviathan and Behemoth are very different coasters as are Fury and Intimidator. I expect Orion to be a speed machine and the lack of a MCBR should make it better overall layout than Diamondback which loses some of its greatness after the MCBR.
  13. The water park addition looks nice. I do expect the next coaster to come in 2021 as I think the park has lost so many coasters over the last decade or so (Volcano, Hypersonic, and Shockwave) that they need to add something at least. I do think a B&M wing is the most likely as it is something that BGW doesn't have and it would be an efficient and popular attraction for the park.
  14. I too am a big fan of the tri-tip at Coney BBQ. It is my go to meal when I want something quick. I feel like pound for pound, Coney BBQ is the most efficient dining location in the park. I wish they would have more dining locations 0with that efficient of a set up. I would love to see Festhaus get the Harmony Hall treatment in the next couple years.
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