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  1. I like that there are going to be water features with this. That will really add to the whole atmosphere of the area.
  2. I would assume that is the garage/ maintenance shop for the antique cars.
  3. Rivertown Rider

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Hopefully they are able to work this out. One would think the fair board would realize that KK is their most important tenant.
  4. Rivertown Rider

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    How about Beastie 330: All Grown Up.
  5. Rivertown Rider

    How often does WindSeeker break?

    Ours tends to break down when King Ding Dong visits the park. All jokes aside ours does seem to be up more than some of the other ones. When it gets windy it goes down. WindSeeker doesn't know what to do when it finds the wind.
  6. Rivertown Rider

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    The wife and I took a walk over last night to glance to see if Hank's had changed the Mac n' Cheese portions for the better (we had already eaten at Reds). It appears that they have. Unlike last week they are now are putting the portions on an actual plate so the portions are more like the serving size during the end of Winterfest. Good on the park for listening to the feedback.
  7. Rivertown Rider

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    ^ Second cousin of Firehawk.
  8. Rivertown Rider

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Assuming it is Firehawk, I feel like the decision to remove it has more to do with the constant downtime and the location in the park than a few bad quarters at Cedar Fair corporate. The location of Firehawk would be well served as the entrance to a giga as that area of the park has a lot of space behind and beside it on the former SOB and DA areas.
  9. Rivertown Rider

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I will second Brad's take on the new mac n cheese bar. It was such a welcome addition last year and the portions and options are not as much as last year which is disappointing. Hopefully the park gets feedback and improves this in week 2.
  10. Rivertown Rider

    Which Major Coaster/Ride Has the Best Sign?

    It is a somewhat simple sign but The Beast has one of the best-looking logos there is so it was my number one. Banshee would be a close 2nd.
  11. Rivertown Rider

    Kentucky Kingdom

    I think KK would be smart to go in a different direction than KI or HW and put in something like an RMC raptor. It would be a nice addition for them and it would be something unique compared to their direct competition.
  12. Rivertown Rider

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    I would agree with most of you that the signs are pointing towards Firehawk. The wreath colors: red, black, gray, and yellow all point towards Firehawk. It has red and yellow cars, black on part of the restraints, reddish track (more a burgundy), and gray supports. Firehawk has seemingly been down more this year compared to previous years. When it is up it has longer wait times but it also has horrible capacity. Invertigo probably has better capacity and it is running only one train. The location of the ride would be a good area for a giga. If you look at the other two gigas that Cedar Fair has installed semi-recently, Fury 325 and Intimidator 305, they are both off the main midways a bit. Fury was located right next to Hurler, and Intimidator which is probably a good example for KI since we have a similar (not exact) layout to KD. I305 is located right next to their Flight of Fear. It makes sense to put a Giga entrance back in that area of the park because it helps more evenly disperse the crowds in the park. You would have Banshee over in AZ, the big three in Rivertown, and this new coaster which would help bring crowds not only to FOF but also Racer, the flats in Coney, and probably would help Vortex a bit as well. Locating the giga there would also allow the park to use some of the vacant land that SOB used to occupy. The park in the last five years has made several major/minor updates to the Coney Mall area. These have included the re-paint of Shake, Rattle, and Roll; LED lights added to Dodgems, Shake Rattle, and Roll, and Zephyr; re-painting the Subway location; Coney Bar-B-Que; and next year's Kings Mills Antique Autos. If you stand in front of Coney Bar-B-Que and look towards Firehawk you can easily visualize what a giga would add to that area. The other benefits are we would probably get the bathrooms back in that area we have wanted for years and possibly even a new restaurant. The only thing that doesn't point toward Firehawk is the "ItsBigItsGone", as Firehawk would never be classified as "big" by most people in the size-sense but maybe it is referring to the something "big" that is going to replace it. I figure that the park will continue to tease a little while longer before the final announcement is made. It is kind of funny that whatever attention Kentucky Kingdom hoped to get with their recent teasers has been overshadowed by a faux cemetery at a park two hours away.
  13. Rivertown Rider

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    I agree. Riding them at Kings Dominion this summer, that smell brought back a lot of memories.
  14. Rivertown Rider

    Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    I think Vortex still feels a nice niche at the park. It is nice to look at and it is a great people eater. While not the smoothest ride I would take it any day over something like Invertigo. As far as BLSC goes, I still really enjoy the ride but after riding Verbolten this summer I would love to see BLSC get a re-theme that fits in with the area a little better.
  15. They just added another tweet of the now torn down Peach Basket.