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  1. ^ You are able to upgrade. Basically the difference in cost would be whatever the difference between the current gold pass rate and the current platinum pass rate. Usually it is like 90-100 extra. The meal plan change to platinum is like 25-30 extra. The drink plan upgrade is no additional cost.
  2. I was at Carowinds today and the crowds were great. I ended up with three rides each on Copperhead Strike and Fury within the first hour. I would expect a Saturday to be busier but if you get there at park opening it should help. They also have 30 minutes of ERT on Copperhead Strike on Saturdays if you are a platinum pass holder.
  3. As far as discount tickets for Dollywood if are a passholder of the Newport Aquarium you get half off admission (both are Herschend properties). If you don't the best deal might me to get a season pass if you are going multiple days. They sometimes also do an after four and the next day is free, but I think they have ended that in the last year or so. We go down several times a year so we have passes. A weekend is definitely the time to go there as the weekends are generally crazy as a lot of people just do long weekends to the area. As far as the park, if Lightning Rod is open hit it first thing as it has horrible capacity and frequent downtime. I would suggest doing the park counter clockwise. Hit LR, then the water rides, Barnstormer, Blazing Fury, and then you can start hitting Tornado, etc. As far as the coasters on that side of the park both Mystery Mine and Firechaser Express have lower capacity. Firechaser even though a "family coaster" is a ton of fun and something that I highly recommend. Thunderhead usually has its longest waits at opening but will be a walk on later in the day as will Wild Eagle.
  4. This is a great addition. I wonder if Peanuts Celebration will come back as well.
  5. I think Banshee's lift hill will also have good views.
  6. It is nice to see the International Showplace Theater have something during the regular season other than a dog show.
  7. Time Traveler and Mystic Timbers are both prime examples of how POVs don't give an accurate representation of how exceptional both coasters are.
  8. You can go to Guest Services and they can apply the e-ticket cost to a season pass and then you would just have to make up the difference in cost between the two.
  9. I really like how the station is looking. I'm curious to see if Jukebox Diner gets spruced up as well since there will be more traffic in that area.
  10. Someone hasn't been to Six Flags St. Louis. lol. The Boss' queue makes The Bat look short.
  11. I hope to ride Copperhead Strike in about a month, but Time Traveler was exceptional and very thrilling.
  12. A couple thoughts: Apple turnover must have the dessert of choice in the 70s. It would also be nice to see a Fried Chicken house come back in some form. KD's Country Kitchen was very good last year.
  13. Here is an aerial shot the park posted to Instagram. It gives a good perspective of the layout.
  14. ^Agreed, if it weren't for the GP we wouldn't have parks to go to because the enthusiasts are such a small percentage of the overall attendance.
  15. Great news everyone. This will be the last month this year we won't be able to attend the park. We only have 7 more weeks to go.
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