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  1. 2021: Action Zone retheme (A Dark Forest theme), Timberwolf removed, New Der Spinning Keggers and Musik Express on the former Timberwolf, relocated path to The Bat. 2022: 50th Anniversary Celebration, Planet Snoopy gets Camp Snoopy overall with a couple family rides and the return of a new Phantom Theater in place of Boo Blasters. 2023: Water park improvements. 2024: A Gerstlauer Infinity or B&M dive goes on the old Vortex plot. 2025: A Screamin' Swing is placed in Rivertown.
  2. ^ I rode Tempesto at BGW and it is a really good filler coaster. I do agree that it would be a great addition for Dorney or WOF.
  3. During their last quarterly conference call, CF said that they would announce their capital plans for 21 later in the year. It still would not surprise me to see some family flats come to KI. If you look at the success of the return of the Antiques and the Eagles it makes sense to think about adding more flats especially since family flats like the Keggers could run during Winterfest.
  4. With the success of Winterfest, fleshing out the park with more flats that can run during Winterfest would be a smart idea. Adding a new Der Spinning Keggers (Teacups) and a Musik Express to Action Zone or Oktoberfest would really add a lot to those respective areas. After they do that adding some additional family flats to a revamped Camp Snoopy overlay of Planet Snoopy would be great as well.
  5. I didn't go on it much but it was a good site to look at to prepare for my first Carowinds trip back in 2018. It is sad to see a park specific site close. While things like Facebook and Twitter are good for immediate information, they are not as good at archiving information that you can go back and look at historical posts (like threads and comments).
  6. Something like Goliath at Six Flags Great America would be great in that spot.
  7. The large amount of barrels is interesting. Could we be seeing a hint of the return of Spinning Barrels?
  8. The hard part is so many of the ones that would be good fits are already spoken for by other chains. Going to Palace Entertainment and trying to purchase Kennywood and Lake Compounce would make a ton of sense. CF would do a good job taking care of the woodies and would help operationally as well (especially in Kennywood's case, I've not been to Lake Compounce so I can't speak for them). Wild Adventures is owned by Herschend but it would a good location. The trouble is CF wouldn't want to deal with the animals but it would be an area that they could keep open nearly year round.
  9. I would like to see the Red, White, and Blue repaint of Racer. I would also like to see Woodstock Express renamed back to The Beastie.
  10. I think that if many of the parks are not able to open next year that some parks won't survive. I think the bigger chains will have to make some hard decisions if that is the case.
  11. Like others have said it is definitely a giga coaster. Yes I would have preferred it to have another element or two and have been a little taller but it is still a great coaster.
  12. If they are getting rid of the SOB station there is opportunity to redesign the plaza going to The Bat. If they open that area up with a couple of flats, it could help The Bat's ridership.
  13. ^ I agree with all of your points. One thing I think CF could take away from SIX is that they give higher merchandise discounts based upon the membership tier. CF upping the merchandise discount on platinum passes up to 15 or 20% versus the current 10% would be a nice perk for platinum pass holders.
  14. I agree with the Herschend and Busch level of themeing and landscaping. One of the things that amazed me about BGW is that in a lot of cases you can't really see other areas of the park until you are in them. I also like the amount of varied merchandise like blacksmith shops, candle shops, and wood crafts.
  15. What do you think would be the best flat that Wonderland has that KI doesn't based on lack of downtime and GP popularity?
  16. Hey look on the bright side John Matarese finally answered a question for the forum.
  17. True, but they are still going to start selling the 2021 passes next Tuesday. Any passes they sell at this point is going to help the company.
  18. Since they start selling season passes for 2021 next week, my thoughts would be if anything (i.e. a new ride) is getting announced it would be within the next week. I doubt they would announce something over the holiday weekend (they would want the smartest news cycle). That points to something either being announced today or tomorrow or Tuesday. If nothing is announced, then I think that points more towards this being infrastructure related.
  19. I do think Action Zone is due for some love as it is really the only non-kiddie area of the park that hasn't gotten any sprucing up over the last several years. I don't think it is a coaster but some family flats in Action Zone are sorely needed. Action Zone still is the most Paramount-feeling area in the park with the exception of the Banshee area.
  20. I can't see it being a patio. There is plenty of seating on the other side of the Diner. It is going to be funny if it has been a spot for a flat hidden in plain sight this whole time.
  21. Other than the WindSeekers and the Larson Flyers (for the parks that didn't already have Flyers), I can't think of a bulk chain purchase recently.
  22. I'm surprised the chain doesn't buy some flats in bulk like SF does. I don't think anyone would be that upset if for example, both us and Carowinds both got a Screamin' Swing in the same year.
  23. I would love to see a Screamin' Swing. It could easily go in Rivertown, Oktoberfest, or Action Zone.
  24. I agree with others that they need a new modern wooden coaster. A GCI twister layout would be my preference.
  25. I totally can believe the SOB station may be getting torn down but I can't see any rides going there right now. I also don't think we would get a coaster anytime soon. Flats would not make sense in that location because of the elevation changes and also because they wouldn't be highly visible back there. If they really are removing part of Columbia Road it makes sense that Timberwolf may finally be going away. (If Cedar Point can do temporary staging / seating for their version of SpiritSong there is no reason that we can't either.) It would be great if they went to Mack and tried to
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