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  1. I would love to see them do a Blazing Fury style dark ride / coaster themed to Phantom Theater in the Crypt building. It could easily be themed to an old mining town theater.
  2. I would be curious to know how the park finishes attendance wise for the year because I think this has to be the most successful year they have had with Winterfest based on the number of people that have been there.
  3. I got hit by someone's lighter on Millennium Force this summer. Luckily it didn't hurt me or anything.
  4. I drove to one of the fresh repaved spots yesterday and it was in great shape. They also did a great job on the striping as well.
  5. The two best bathrooms in the park are the ones over by Invertigo and WindSeeker. They also have consistent hot water. And if you want to see sketchy restrooms go to Camden Park.
  6. Does Timberwolf look a little bare or is it just me?
  7. I thought everyone would want to know that the park now has a Made to Thrill poster for Adventure Express. It is similar to the ones released earlier this year.
  8. I liked the logo much better on apparel than I did when I first saw the logo online. We bought some hoodies and a shirt last night.
  9. In a could be nothing/could be something situation: I noticed tonight that the floor inside Coney Confections is being taken up. It seems strange that they would do this now rather than six weeks from now unless they are repurposing / expanding the building. CP added some new food locations for their 150th so it does make me wonder.
  10. I'd prefer a Blazing Fury style ride in the Crypt building. You could do it as a dark ride/coaster concept based around the Phantom Theater characters.
  11. Speaking of Dollywood, they have finally started demolishing Mountain Slidewinder. You can get much better views of the destruction from riding Barnstormer if you are at the park.
  12. ^ You could easily do an International theme with Italian food, American fare, a wider array of Mexican cuisine, and even move Panda Express over there and put a German stand where Panda Express is now.
  13. On the International Showplace piece, I'd probably just gut International Showplace and build a Harmony Hall type location there. It gives you another indoor show building as well. As packed as Festhaus and the Brewhouse always are it would give another indoor option.
  14. I really do hope that they paint Drop Tower a different color and retheme Action Zone. It is the area of the park that needs the most love. It is the area that still feels the most like Paramount and I would like to see that area adapt.
  15. He has done great things at KI. Our loss is WOF's gain.
  16. Area 72 is a part of the park that would be great to have a big thrilling flat and maybe some smaller family oriented flats. A custom Mondial Top Scan would fit the thrilling piece and doesn't take up much space. A Tilt a Whirl and Musik Express themed to Area 72 would meet the second part. The other thing to keep in mind is if they are adding other rides they could they add more dining back there as well.
  17. If it is anything like Time Traveler I want it at KI. Poor MA can't even get their name spelled right in the poll.
  18. In fairness that Adventureland Twitter handle is a Parody account. But I'm certain the reason they went with the smaller clone was the lower cost.
  19. I certainly think all of the mid tier- WOF, Dorney, MA, Valleyfair, KD) could all use more investment. I'm of the "to make money you have to spend money," and those parks would all benefit.
  20. Absolutely agree. While I really enjoyed Wicked Twister, a ride that is costly only works when the popularity aligns. The electric and maintenance cost is more money they can spend on other more popular attractions. When you are a virtual walkon in a very busy park your days are numbered.
  21. A Harmony Hall style location where the petting zoo is. Similar to Harmony Hall it could have an Italian line, a salad/sub line, and other assorted foods. I would also love to see an all season mac and cheese location.
  22. Obviously the big rumor for years has been Wicked Twister removal. I would be surprised if it is anything else.
  23. Wicked Twister every day of the week.
  24. I had suggested in another thread about doing a Harmony Hall style location where the petting zoo is. It would give them another indoor dining and entertainment location. You could easily do quite a few food types like Harmony Hall has.
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