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  1. ^ If we were to get another B&M, a flyer would be near the bottom of my preferences. I've ridden Superman at Great America, Great Adventure, and Georgia and I'm pretty sure each of them were down for at least part of the day I was there. I actually preferred Firehawk to it. Superman was better than Nighthawk though. My preference of B&M models we don't have: 1. Floorless 2. Wing 3. Sit-down 4. Dive 5. Flyer 6. Stand-up
  2. I think it will be several seasons before we get a new coaster because of COVID and also because of the chain in general. Since we just got a coaster this year, one would think that the other parks will get another coaster before we will. I could see Cedar Point and Carowinds both getting a new coaster in 2022 or 2023, KD is highly rumored to be putting in in their S&S Wing which if it is successful I could see them putting it at some of the smaller parks in the chain like MA and VF. I think over the next 4-5 years the park can focus on improving the Oktoberfest and Action Zone are
  3. KI is the only one I went to when it was a Paramount park. Under CF I've been to all of them except CGA. 1. KI- The best overall collection of coasters, themeing, and rides. Even though it was the Paramount flagship, I feel the park has improved even more under CF. 2. KD- I have seen KD described as KI with different toys in the toy box. The similarities are crazy. Their IS is a little shorter but feels very similar. Obviously there are the clones (FOF, BLSC), the similar coasters (Racer 75 and Anaconda). Avalanche and Dominator are both really fun coasters and Twisted Timbers
  4. I agree with all of the ones that I have been to that have been mentioned so far. Ones not mentioned so far that I'll add: Carowinds: I love Fury and it is my steel number one. While the park does have a lot of less desirable coasters, they have a pretty solid top four. I would rank them 1. Fury, 2. Afterburn (probably my number 2 invert), 3. Copperhead Strike, and 4. Intimidator. It is also a park that depending on where you are coming/going from that you could combine trips with (KD/BGW on one end, SFOG on another, or Dollywood). Six Flags Great Adventure: My favorite of the Si
  5. Hopefully this means the ride can finally stop having so much downtime and that it can run both trains. I'm a Dollywood passholder and in my trips down there, I don't think we have had a visit where it hasn't gone down for part of the trip or been down the entire trip. The park has even seemingly been making less merchandise for the ride the past few years which is strange for their headliner.
  6. I enjoy the Batman inverts. I would also give some love to The Bat (Top Gun version) and Vortex at Wonderland. They do a great job of providing a different experience with The Bat being more secluded and Vortex making good use of the mountain.
  7. I've said it before but Cedar Fair should take a serious look at purchasing Kennywood. I realize we are in a pandemic but Parques doesn't seem to know what to do with the park. From an operational standpoint, CF would improve things drastically. In a lot of ways Kennywood is essentially the Dorney of Western PA. Leveraging Phantom's Revenge, maintaining the woodies and flats, and improving guest and food service would be priorities. With KI, CP, DP, and KD not being horrible drives away from it, it could improve Platinum Pass sales in that region.
  8. It would be great to see Cedar Fair pick up some of these even though they are rare.
  9. As I walked around Action Zone yesterday it just reconfirmed for me the help that area needs. Obviously yesterday was a cold windy day so a lot of the rides were down. But once Banshee went down only The Bat and Delirium were running. I did end up with one of the best rides that I have ever had on The Bat though. As far as the theme of the area I continue to think a haunt/spooky theme is the answer. Playing around with names I like Enchanted Forest for the name. It is a nostalgic callback to one of the most popular defunct attractions. Also I think Enchanted is a little softe
  10. Yes, when they did their flats addition a few years back they got a Zephyr, a Top Scan, a Musik Express, and a Troika. Either a Top Scan or Musik Express would fit nicely in that Killmart spot. If money were no object, I'd probably put a Top Scan down by Shake, Rattle, and Roll and put the Musik Express where Killmart is.
  11. ^ Who knows if that even means anything but that would be a great spot for a flat. That spot is tailor made for a Musik Express.
  12. I've always wondered how much of the comparitive popularity of WWC and RFYLCB is due to the proximity to Soak City. I agree that Congo Falls would be much more popular if it were in Rivertown. Ideally KI would call up Whitewater West and put in something like Dollywood's Daredevil Falls which is a better themed KCKC.
  13. An Action Zone revamp is at the top of my list. Putting some more family flats in that area along with another flagship coaster in that area. I can't see Invertigo and Congo surviving another 10 years. I would also give Planet Snoopy the Camp Snoopy overlay and move the Flyers over by Backlot where the original Flyers were.
  14. I agree that they need to take a page out of Canada's Wonderland Frontier Canada section and take a few years and gradually build up that area. When I look at the whole area the only rides in the current Action Zone that I feel are not in danger of getting removed are Banshee, Delirium, and probably Drop Tower. I hope they are able to keep The Bat but from a chain standpoint if it comes to saving Vortex at Wonderland or saving The Bat (they are clones), they are going to save Vortex at CW because it is probably the fourth most popular ride there. I do think The Bat's ridership woul
  15. I agree that it is probably Racer retracking. It would make sense to finish the retracking and then go back to Racer's original paint scheme for the 50th.
  16. I was impressed by how quickly the Dark Knight coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Great America seemed to roll thru the line. I would be happy with something like that in the TRTR spot.
  17. I would say Dollywood/Pigeon Forge and Silver Dollar City/Branson.
  18. At first glance I thought the PR team was in SWAT gear.
  19. ^ Yeah I know it was a prototype. I think the problems that Dollywood has had with Lightning Rod and some other parks have had with other RMCs may make chains think that they aren't worth the headaches even as great as their coasters are.
  20. Hopefully they can get it working consistently. At this point, I do think they need to look at a standard chain lift. For a coaster to be having this many problems 5 seasons in is crazy. For coasters like TTD it is a little more understandable because of the force of the launch and height. With Lightning Rod, I have noticed from being at the park the last couple of years that they seem to be promoting it less and less and not even having as much merchandise. For a ride that is supposed to be a headliner that is a little strange. I think that tells you that Dollywood has lost fai
  21. 2021: Action Zone retheme (A Dark Forest theme), Timberwolf removed, New Der Spinning Keggers and Musik Express on the former Timberwolf, relocated path to The Bat. 2022: 50th Anniversary Celebration, Planet Snoopy gets Camp Snoopy overall with a couple family rides and the return of a new Phantom Theater in place of Boo Blasters. 2023: Water park improvements. 2024: A Gerstlauer Infinity or B&M dive goes on the old Vortex plot. 2025: A Screamin' Swing is placed in Rivertown.
  22. ^ I rode Tempesto at BGW and it is a really good filler coaster. I do agree that it would be a great addition for Dorney or WOF.
  23. During their last quarterly conference call, CF said that they would announce their capital plans for 21 later in the year. It still would not surprise me to see some family flats come to KI. If you look at the success of the return of the Antiques and the Eagles it makes sense to think about adding more flats especially since family flats like the Keggers could run during Winterfest.
  24. With the success of Winterfest, fleshing out the park with more flats that can run during Winterfest would be a smart idea. Adding a new Der Spinning Keggers (Teacups) and a Musik Express to Action Zone or Oktoberfest would really add a lot to those respective areas. After they do that adding some additional family flats to a revamped Camp Snoopy overlay of Planet Snoopy would be great as well.
  25. I didn't go on it much but it was a good site to look at to prepare for my first Carowinds trip back in 2018. It is sad to see a park specific site close. While things like Facebook and Twitter are good for immediate information, they are not as good at archiving information that you can go back and look at historical posts (like threads and comments).
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