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  1. In fairness that Adventureland Twitter handle is a Parody account. But I'm certain the reason they went with the smaller clone was the lower cost.
  2. I certainly think all of the mid tier- WOF, Dorney, MA, Valleyfair, KD) could all use more investment. I'm of the "to make money you have to spend money," and those parks would all benefit.
  3. Absolutely agree. While I really enjoyed Wicked Twister, a ride that is costly only works when the popularity aligns. The electric and maintenance cost is more money they can spend on other more popular attractions. When you are a virtual walkon in a very busy park your days are numbered.
  4. A Harmony Hall style location where the petting zoo is. Similar to Harmony Hall it could have an Italian line, a salad/sub line, and other assorted foods. I would also love to see an all season mac and cheese location.
  5. Obviously the big rumor for years has been Wicked Twister removal. I would be surprised if it is anything else.
  6. Wicked Twister every day of the week.
  7. I had suggested in another thread about doing a Harmony Hall style location where the petting zoo is. It would give them another indoor dining and entertainment location. You could easily do quite a few food types like Harmony Hall has.
  8. I did get a ride on it Thursday shortly before it went down and I would say it was riding rougher than normal. Hopefully it is back to operating soon.
  9. Typically flats don't really get teased until a day or so out. I figure we will get a better idea on if the chain is adding much in general on 8/4 when they do their earnings report. If KI were to start teasing something I would think it will be in the next couple weeks as passes usually go on sale around mid August.
  10. "They are putting me back in storage for how long?"
  11. To second KDD, the parking tolls open at 8:30, security gates open at 8:45, and then you can scan in and be at the open rides at 9:00.
  12. These smaller models make a ton of sense for the mid range parks. Cedar Fair would be smart to do something like this at Worlds of Fun, CGA, Dorney, or Valleyfair. While I am not a huge dive fan I will say Yukon Striker was much better than Valravn. After being at CP the last few days and seeing the continued popularity of Valravn it would not at all surprise me to us get one even though I think we need a B&M break.
  13. It also looks somewhat like Carowinds' Harmony Hall as well. I do think a Harmony Hall style dining location where the current Peanuts Meet and Greet / former Petting Zoo is would be a great location for an indoor dining area on that side of the park. Especially with a lot of the rides in Planet Snoopy being open during Winterfest it makes sense as all of the dining locations in Planet Snoopy are outdoor locations. It would also give them another indoor show venue for Winterfest.
  14. I'm here, let me go ask the Dippin' Dots guy, but yes a GCI is what the park needs.
  15. My guess is a pop-up store for Carnivale and the return of the Squishmallows shortly after.
  16. I would not be surprised if it left but I have thought for the last twenty years that its time was short. I would be curious to know its ridership numbers, but it is also a very efficient ride system by design. I did ride Drop Tower today and there are no signs of construction around Timberwolf regardless of what others have been floating.
  17. Well we know who is not in the park today... @King Ding Dong
  18. As of right now there are less than yesterday. The park has sold a lot of ponchos in the last 90 minutes though.
  19. ^ Just an FYI but Carowinds is a park that gets very hot and there isn't a ton of shade. The Wisteria tunnel over by Vortex is nice because they do have some seating in there but shadewise Carowinds is more like CP than KI.
  20. As an FYI, to get your drink bracelet or your funpix, have them scan your Coasterstock ticket.
  21. It's time for the train photo opp.
  22. I was at Dollywood last weekend. One thing I would say I noticed more is that coasters weren't always opening with the park. Lightning Rod in particular seemed to still be having issues off and on. One good thing is that Lightning Rod now has a single rider line. They were also testing a single rider line for Mystery Mine near the exit of the ride so who knows if that will be still be occurring when you are there or not. I did ride a couple new mountain coasters at Rowdy Bear Pigeon Forge. They have a deal where you can get 3 rides on the coasters for $30. So you can ride both coasters they have and then choose whichever one you want for the third ride. I liked the Laser Gun one a little more than the Powered coaster but both were fun.
  23. ^ On BLSC that is where I am. I actually enjoy the coaster for what it is. Yes I would have much preferred that Les Taxis and Flying Eagles stayed where they were. The ride would have been great in Action Zone as that area needed another family attraction but at this point the ride has been there 17 seasons at this point. As far as the area that needs the most help it is Action Zone. It needs a complete retheme and some additional family flats.
  24. ^ I agree. Also there are the capacity issues that they have.
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