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  1. Agreed. I would love to see what a rethemed BLSC area would look like. Put the Antiques, Jukebox Diner, and SRR in that new land along with a couple smaller flats.
  2. I'm loving all the work they are doing. As a big AE fan, it is great to see an underappreciated area get so much love.
  3. I would also think with Memorial Day being a busy weekend that it may make sense to shift the Adventure Port volume to another weekend.
  4. The others Barrels are now here. Taken from Orion's queue.
  5. They are making progress. They were testing the mechanics.
  6. I doubt they would do it but a B&M mini dive would be a nice popular addition for the park.
  7. I tried Grain and Grill yesterday for the first time and got the beef and the two pieces I got were a little thicker and very similar to the cut of the old tri tip over at Coney BBQ. I got the focaccia and perogies and thought everything was good. The focaccia was the best of the the three. The meat was a little dry but overall I was pleased with the meal.
  8. ^ Relatively moderate crowds. Longest I waited was probably 40 minutes for Millennium and Valravn. I was able to do Wild Mouse during ERT and was on the first train of Maverick and hit Steel Vengeance shortly after it opened.
  9. I'm at CP today and it is closed. It is running with empty trains though so it looks they are doing their testing.
  10. If The Bat is really going away, Action Zone needs a multiyear Frontier Canada style transformation. They should put some family flats and a Mack multilaunch and really think of a long-term plan for that area as Action Zone is the one land that still feels like some of the worst Paramount planning aside from BLSC.
  11. I think something like Blazing Fury at Dollywood or Black Diamond at Knoebels are both great examples of a dark ride that KI could use. We aren't ever getting something like Rise or Spider-man.
  12. An International Street web cam has replaced the Mystic Timbers web cam.
  13. Does this mean we no longer have Chef Major?
  14. Now that Diamondback is being repainted, Banshee should be next on the list. I do figure they will wait until they add something new into Action Zone to bundle it in with other improvements. Most of the other rides have gotten repainted recently though. The Bat's paint job has help up better than Banshee's has considering they were painted essentially the same time.
  15. Work going on behind the Freestyle location today.
  16. I do like the points total idea. I also like the idea of incentivizing park purchases such as merchandise. The BOGO Cotton Candy is nice but I'd rather have something like a 20% off coupon on merch.
  17. I completely agree, it will be interesting to see what else could come back. I could definitely see a reimagined Phantom Theater coming back. As far as the other flats historically in the park, I doubt we would ever see something like Flight Commander come back and rides like The Rotor and Halley's Comet (Round-Up) aren't really around much anymore. Zamperla makes a version of Cuddle Up (they call theirs Demolition Derby). While similar to the Teacups it also has elements of the Whip. A great example of this is Alien Swirling Saucers at Disney's Hollywood Studios. A ride like that would be great for the park and we already know how the chain likes to work with Zamperla. Chance is still around and while they don't make the same version of Wheel of Fortune (Chance Trabant) they do make similar models. Carowinds is installing a Trabant ride as part of their new area this year.
  18. With Joyland Park in Texas closing hopefully Cedar Fair picks up some of the flats. https://irmrides.com/product-tag/joyland/ The Musik Express is a Mack and would be a nice pick up for the chain. Hopefully Cedar Fair already picked up the Trabant, Tilt-a-Whirl, and the Eyerly Spider (more to use for parts for the various Eyerly Monster versions in the chain).
  19. That's about 90% more trees than Carowinds has.
  20. From the images in the WKRC article, I am really curious what is going on in front of the storage building immediately behind the Freestyle location. While the park hasn't hinted at a third ride, this area doesn't match up with anything in the original concept art. It wouldn't make sense for the AE exit to go clear over there and the exit wasn't going that far over in the original concept art and the markers look like more than just a regular exit path.  
  21. It was very much prime real estate to never be open, and I do think the Ice Cream idea is a great one.
  22. I would love to see Hugo's somewhere in the park as well. It would be nice to have some different food options in the park like the calzones. If the Sweet Tooth location is coming back and put in the Subway location, I would prefer they just do the Ice Cream there instead of the Ice Scream Zone beside Banshee to help reduce the bottleneck in that area beside Banshee. I doubt they would do it but just tear down the Ice Scream Zone location and put another indoor Coke Freestyle location there to spread out the crowds off the Action Zone midway.
  23. I'm sad to see Mac Shack go away. That was one of our favorites at CP.
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