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  1. There is a new Adventure Port ornament as well.
  2. ^ I could see Palace being interested in any of those especially Dorney with them already owning other parks in PA.
  3. Cargo Loco and Sol Spin both added a lot of energy to that area of the park in what was kind of a quiet and dead area of the park during past years of Winterfest. Hopefully they continue that trend as they figure out what to do with Action Zone in the next few years.
  4. We went up for a few hours last night and the park looked fantastic. The only show I saw was at Festhaus as we mostly just walked around. It was very nice to see the lines at some of the flats and those rides getting some love. Every indoor food venue appeared to be packed as well. As the park looks at improvements over the next several years adding more indoor eating venues needs to be a priority. They should also look to add some additional flats as well. Both of these things would improve Winterfest even more.
  5. I also took some pics tonight. With so much progress over the last few weeks it will be nice to watch the progress throughout Winterfest.
  6. I would love to see them keep Congo even if they got rid of Invertigo. If they could get creative with the land around the area they could potentially put something like Copperhead Strike. Regardless Action Zone needs a lot of love.
  7. Since the park seems to read these... Why doesn't the park bring back the Flying Eagles from Carowinds? (I know from Evan's book they have tried but it never hurts to ask again.)
  8. After exiting The Racer today I saw one of the AE cars from the second train down close to the Carnivale float tent. The rest of the second train was up on the transfer track. Hopefully this means we are getting close to two train ops again.
  9. I think this a great new addition for the park and think the Camp Snoopy area will a great transition to Rivertown. I am happy that it appears that it will be a family attraction instead of a "child required" attraction. I would love to see them completely refurbish and repaint the existing bathrooms in Planet Snoopy to fit with the transition to Rivertown. If they did that then everything on that existing half fits in with the theme/color-scheme other than Linus Launcher which you could either repaint (maybe burnt orange and green instead of purple and green) or move elsewhere in Planet Snoopy. Some things I am curious about the area are in the screen grab below at the 37 second mark you can see two buildings that don't currently exist. One is a green-roofed building that borders Woodstock Gliders and another is a White/Tan-roofed building over to the bottom far right hand side next to the Kings Island logo. I know others have suggested a campfire burgers and hot dogs location and either of these could be a great location. The other building could be a snack stand, arcade, or family restrooms.
  10. My prediction is a Camp Snoopy renovation with a new dining location along with a family coaster. I expect the amphitheater to be torn down.
  11. Worthy of note in the press release is that KI and CP were actually up in attendance.
  12. While something like Big Bear would be great, a nice Gravity Group coaster like Kentucky Flyer would be great in that space where the theater was. The measurements for the railway coaster work out perfect for that space, though. I am hoping improved dining comes to that area as well.
  13. Cargo Loco also has super high capacity so it is similar to Zephyr and Shake, Rattle, and Roll where it clears out the queue every cycle.
  14. It does make me wonder if August 10 will be the date that all of the parks (other than CP's expected August 1 date) announce next year's additions.
  15. The Larson product I would want is a Tilt-a-Whirl not a Larson Loop.
  16. Never really thought I'd ever see Screamin' Demon and Air Supply in the same paragraph.
  17. The interesting thing about Boo Blasters is do all four parks with Boo Blasters work together to re-do each of their rides to Phantom Theater. If they did, it could make it more economical for all four parks.
  18. Here are the official specs on Snoopy's Runaway Railway (56 x 70 meters or approximately 184 x 230 feet) https://artengineering.de/en/produkte/attraktionen/achterbahnen/family-launch-coaster/ Lazy Bear Lodge at Canada's Wonderland looks to be 168 x 130 feet based upon my Google Earth calculations. So depending on how they orient it they could fit both the coaster and a Lazy Bear Lodge clone in that back part of Planet Snoopy. Tearing down Snoopy's Snack Shack, the Theater, and the Barnyard gives them a lot of flexibility.
  19. I can confirm that Sol Spin was open today as I rode it for the first time today. I did find the restraints pretty restrictive as others have mentioned. It was a nice ride but I will probably ride Cargo Loco much more of the two new rides. Delirium is still my favorite flat in the park.
  20. After being at the park today, I don't think that Snoopy Boutique is going anywhere and agree with what @Kenban said earlier that it appears that it is just getting rid of Planet Snoopy merch and some older Peanuts merch. The vast majority of Peanuts merch was not discounted. I do agree that I expect the old theater and barnyard to be demolished. It will be interesting to see what rides they add. I would love to see them do family rides that the whole family can do together. Something like a Tilt-a-Whirl or a Windstarz would both be great.
  21. Continuing the discussion from the other thread, the Cedar Fair designer also mentioned at ACE Coaster Con that the chain is looking at increasing the amount of indoor dining particularly at their Winterfest parks. While that doesn't mean more is coming to KI a new indoor location would help spread out the indoor crowds from Brewhouse and Festhaus.
  22. The last time I remember them doing a store sale the middle of the season is when they had the clearance sale at the Attitudes store. A few weeks later it was torn down in preparation for Coney BBQ. Hearing from one of the designers at CoasterCon last week it sounds like they want to do more with the Snoopy license. I could see the old Sky Ride station getting torn down as well as the barnyard. Wasn't there also a survey a few years ago asking about restaurant ideas for Planet Snoopy? A Camp Snoopy conversion like Carowinds would be fantastic.
  23. Yeah I'm thinking more the pathway is shorter similar to what they did with shortening the path to WWC with a brand new coaster's entrance closer to The Bat's entrance.
  24. I will be very curious to see if we start to see any work at Timberwolf after SpiritSong is finished. I would love to see the path to The Bat shortened if Timberwolf is demolished.
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