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  1. I'm not sure if anybody had seen the news that Dorney will have an all season locker rental add on. I wonder if this will be something that comes chain wide. More lockers would help with capacity if rides like DB did not have storage bins.
  2. I really like the new seats. Hopefully they hold up well.
  3. I think adding more family flats like a teacups ride, a tilt a whirl, or a Musik Express would be great for the area. Some are also rides that even grandparents may do.
  4. I am a fan of Backlot but I would love to see it relocated to a different area of the park (Action Zone). It does make me wonder if there is ever an example of a coaster being relocated to a new area within the same park.
  5. I really did enjoy CW and I think it is something to certainly spend a couple days there. It is a beautiful park. I would recommend combining it doing others things around the area. The Toronto City Pass is a great way to go to multiple attractions at a discount. The CN Tower and Cass Loma are both great. I would also agree with checking out Niagara Falls and Waldameer.
  6. Flight Deck, the current invert, is probably the worst coaster I've been on. They don't currently have a Wing coaster. Time Warp, another bad coaster, is a flying coaster not a wing.
  7. I figure Wonderland will either get a Wing or an Invert. While I don't think we will get a Giga in '19, I also don't think Wonderland's coaster addition keeps it from happening either.
  8. I agree that it makes more sense to put the entrance down by the former DA footprint. I would like to see them add some flats though and opening a footpath between AE and Racer would allow them to put some family flats there beside of FOF.
  9. Not to mention all of the issues with Lightning Rod, whether it is all RMCs fault or not.
  10. I think based upon what our GM has said that we will see something there sooner than later. It is important to note that he was the CFO at the time TRTR was built so he knows how much was spent on that ride. I think a nice dark ride would be great there and would be something they could keep open thru Winterfest.
  11. And then your head really hurts from the Gerstlauer trains.
  12. Or Les Taxis would fit nicely as well.
  13. When you hear a pop song while grocery shopping and it reminds you of hearing it many times at KI this past summer.
  14. ^ I would agree that was as big of a loss as the Antiques were.
  15. I would say the biggest mistake was the loss of the Antique Cars.
  16. I really enjoy BLSC but I wish it would have been put in Action Zone and that we would have kept the Antiques and Eagles where they were.
  17. I like the way that they have it set up line-wise in Soak City but I would like to see some indoor seating as it is needed in that part of the park especially during Winterfest.
  18. I would love to see some flats down on that end of CM.
  19. I do agree with Chris that we need more flats. I think there are several areas of the park (i.e. Coney Mall but also Oktoberfest and X-base) where a flat or two would really improve the park. The great thing about some of the smaller flats like a Musik Express or a Tilt a Whirl or a Top Scan are that they wouldn't break the budget and they would still have money to do general park improvements. The problem I see for this year would be there will be some people who will say they don't need to go to KI this year because they don't have anything new. That's not going to stop any of us, but a small flat may entice somebody to come to the park because it is something new.
  20. I went last night and it was great seeing the park with snow. I also got to try out the International Street buffet and the view was incredible. I've wanted to see the view from that space for years so I can mark that off the bucket list.
  21. When I got to the park tonight I stopped by Guest Services to check on if there would be an announcement tonight and they said not that the knew of. They said that as far as they knew next year would just be general improvements and not a ride. Obviously time will tell and hopefully some of the general improvements will include more indoor restaurant seating and bathrooms back in Xbase.
  22. The land clearing was massive when I was there in November and I'm sure it is much bigger now. The videos and pictures of the land clearing don't do it justice until you see it in person.
  23. Maybe they will bring back the Coney Mall sign.
  24. I completely agree. From Zephyr to the bathrooms the only thing that is open 90% of the year is the Coke refill location on that side. A flat or two would be great.
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