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  1. The buildings behind the freestyle building were added around September of last year. I figured at that time that they would tear down the other arcade storage buildings but they have remained so who knows what they are for.
  2. I'm thinking '19 right now. The infrastructure type improvements we are seeing this year along with the fact that the road projects around the park should be done by then. I'm looking forward to going up ET when the park opens to see if they have done anything with that area around the former Dinos area. It makes the most sense to put a big coaster back in that area to drive more people to that area of the park.
  3. If I had to pick I would say... Action Zone. No just kidding, it is Rivertown. The Beast has been my favorite ride for years and I love the feel of that area of the park. Mystic was a solid addition that fits in great.
  4. I hope it is multiple new restaurants as well. I think remodeling some of the existing locations (i.e. Festhaus) to better increase efficiency would help tremendously.
  5. I'm hopeful that we start to have some flats in that area of Coney Mall. It doesn't make sense to have all that abandoned space right out in the open. I mean the Killmart building is used less than 20 times a year. I like when the Haunt buildings aren't taking up prime real estate. Even smaller flats like a Musik Express or a Tilt a Whirl with some LED packages would really liven that area up.
  6. Or just ride the train, eat the pork, and ride the train back to the dry park.
  7. I think BLSC would be great in Action Zone and then bring back Les Taxis to its rightful location behind ET.
  8. KI dealt with a big coaster last decade that had a lot of downtime. If we are getting a giga it is going to come from a manufacturer that specializes in safety and reliability. B&M checks both of those boxes.
  9. It was crazy how busy it was the last day of '16 was and then the rain hit around suppertime and cleared a lot of people out. I typically try to use my free Fastlane a couple weeks prior to closing and it has worked out the last couple of years.
  10. While I like the Mystic Timbers queue (minus FunTV), I think it would have been nice to make it an indoor queue to help add to the mystique of the theme. Basically once you get to the steps it would become an outdoor queue. Putting the security videos in an inside queue would be easier to hear the security conversations and you wouldn't have the distractions of the area around the ride. It would also make the wait better during Winterfest.
  11. Both the Banshee and Diamondback cams are currently down. It is probably nothing but it would be great if it was something.
  12. Maybe as they update Coney Mall they will put in a food booth that has more of the fair food like the deep fried oreos, pickles, bananas, along with the standard funnel cakes and elephant ears.
  13. I've always liked the idea of a wild mouse in that building. You could use blacklighting and props so the upkeep wouldn't be as cost prohibitive.
  14. I would also say '19 with '20 at the latest. Depending on where the station goes, I could see some flats going in that area where it ends up going in '19 and then the coaster in '20.
  15. I would like to see Coney Mall get some attention as well. I'll be excited not to have to go to Soak City to get pulled pork assuming that is what we are getting. As far as name changes go I wouldn't mind seeing Invertigo renamed to Screamin' Demon.
  16. I've always liked the guy who looks like Pauly Shore. The 90s... a simpler time.
  17. I'm not sure if anybody had seen the news that Dorney will have an all season locker rental add on. I wonder if this will be something that comes chain wide. More lockers would help with capacity if rides like DB did not have storage bins.
  18. I really like the new seats. Hopefully they hold up well.
  19. I think adding more family flats like a teacups ride, a tilt a whirl, or a Musik Express would be great for the area. Some are also rides that even grandparents may do.
  20. I am a fan of Backlot but I would love to see it relocated to a different area of the park (Action Zone). It does make me wonder if there is ever an example of a coaster being relocated to a new area within the same park.
  21. I really did enjoy CW and I think it is something to certainly spend a couple days there. It is a beautiful park. I would recommend combining it doing others things around the area. The Toronto City Pass is a great way to go to multiple attractions at a discount. The CN Tower and Cass Loma are both great. I would also agree with checking out Niagara Falls and Waldameer.
  22. Flight Deck, the current invert, is probably the worst coaster I've been on. They don't currently have a Wing coaster. Time Warp, another bad coaster, is a flying coaster not a wing.
  23. I figure Wonderland will either get a Wing or an Invert. While I don't think we will get a Giga in '19, I also don't think Wonderland's coaster addition keeps it from happening either.
  24. I agree that it makes more sense to put the entrance down by the former DA footprint. I would like to see them add some flats though and opening a footpath between AE and Racer would allow them to put some family flats there beside of FOF.
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