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  1. Canada's Wonderland's version is electric and I think that would work. I think some people will be upset that they are not gas-powered but I'm sure the electric version is more cost-effective.
  2. I haven't been to Fenway or Wrigley yet, but PNC has the best stadium tour we have been to. Kennywood is definitely in the middle of nowhere. The Science Center was a really good museum and the Heinz History museum was also good. The Heinz History museum is run by the Smithsonian and it is a bit overwhelming with the amount of information and exhibits so if you are going there make sure that you allow the time.
  3. I think there a couple places that the Antiques could go. The area where the Skyline Patio sits right now would probably be the easiest though. You could even a take a small back part of Tower Gardens to lengthen the course. They could always add additional tables in Coney Mall somewhere.
  4. I actually rode it when I was there in June and really enjoyed it. It packs a lot more force than you would expect. It would be a capacity nightmare in a bigger park (12 people at a time, 6 on each side) but I think it would be a great addition to a park like Coney or even Strickers. I think if the manufacturer built a bigger version with double the capacity it may be a good fit for some bigger parks. As far as the restraints, it is a simple over the shoulder restraint on top and they the bottom part just closes and latches. If you do go to the Island I would recommend getting the all day pass which is $30 but it give you 24 hours of unlimited rides on the Sky Wheel as well as the flats. The flats are pretty basic but the Wheel makes it worth it.
  5. I haven't been on Fury yet but I preferred Leviathan to Millenium so I would prefer to get a B & M but whatever giga we get would add something special to the park.
  6. I would love to see them bring back the antique cars. I was at the park last night and it doesn't look like they have removed anything from Tower Gardens yet but that space could be better utilized than it is now. The good thing about that location for the antiques is that it would a good family attraction plus close to some of the other family attractions like the carrousel and Dodgems.
  7. I'm happy for Don and agree that whoever replaces him has some big shoes to fill. If there was someone who was born for that role it was Don.
  8. I would like to see a flats collection with maybe one bigger flat and 2-3 smaller flats.
  9. Yeah the line length argument is always strange. Vortex has always chewed people. Something like Flight of Fear and Backlot (which I both love) have lines but they have horrible capacity for the most part. Even if Vortex is running half full trains it is still probably doing better numbers overall than those rides. I also think for people over 30 who grew up going to the park that Beast, Vortex, and Racer are generally rides that are must-do if they only go to the park once or twice a year. As long as Vortex is not a maintenance nightmare for the park it will still be there for a while hopefully with a paint job.
  10. I finally got the chance to go to Holiday World for the first time yesterday. My thoughts and observations: The Voyage- I had high expectations of The Voyage going in and I am a huge wooden fan. The first half of The Voyage was probably the best wooden coaster I have ever been on and then with the second half after the MCBR it beat me to death. I would be curious to ride it in cooler temperatures as others have said if that would calm it down. It is hard for me to figure out where to place it in my personal rankings as the first half it does as well as anything I have ever ridden but the second half brought back memories of SOB and Mean Streak. It is certainly top three with Beast and Mystic Timbers but neither of those have the roughness I experienced yesterday. I would certainly rank it above the Kennywood woodies and the Dollywood woodies though. I rode it a couple times and would definitely ride it again. The Legend- I rode front seat and it was a great ride. The second half of the ride felt like it just kept pulling me to the left so it wasn't the most comfortable ride but still a solid ride. The Raven- Short but fun ride. I felt it was the roughest of the three woodies as it jackhammered a lot. Thunderbird- I really enjoyed Thunderbird as well. I've only ridden this and Wild Eagle as wing coaster. Overall I probably like this one better due to the near-miss elements with the barn and trees. We got there before opening and I went over toward the Thanksgiving coasters first. Voyage was closed when the park first opened so I made the walk toward Thunderbird. I discovered why it is called Mt. Thunderbird. After riding Thunderbird, Voyage started testing and I went down and rode it after it opened. We also did Gobbler Getaway and it was a fun ride. After lunch I headed over to Halloween and did the other two coasters. Legend was down at first but eventually opened. I also did Frightful Falls and the Scrambler. It was a pretty busy day at the park and all of the coasters were running two trains but operations were still slow. It was a fun park and I would definitely go back. As far as the mid-sized parks I would still rank it behind Dollywood and Kennywood overall. I didn't get a chance to do the water park this time so I plan to do the two water coasters next time.
  11. All of the Star Wars area images and videos they have released so far have looked great. Obviously concept art is just that but I have high hopes in this land and Disney will make a fortune if they do it right.
  12. I finally got to checkout the Island Smokehouse on Friday and I had the pulled pork and it was great. I also thought the fries they had there were the best in the park. I totally agree that they need to put one on the dry side of the park.
  13. I really like Firehawk and the Disney Vekomas I have been on but Flight Deck at Canada's Wonderland was the worst coaster I've ever been on so I'm on the fence.
  14. I would prefer they not put VR on any of the coasters at KI. I like things that improve capacity not hamper them.
  15. The seasons kind of blend together after awhile, I didn't realize it wasn't open last year either. I completely agree about that being a dead area of the park. Hopefully they improve it with something in the next few years.
  16. My experience is that the service has gotten better as the season has gone on. I would like to see more variety of options like they have at some of the other parks.
  17. I've noticed this year that the arcade beside Zephyr has been closed all year. I know they use it for Haunt but I'm pretty sure the arcade was open last year. If you took that arcade space along with the old Flight Commander pad and the Dinos area you could put some flats in there and really improve that area of Coney. I would love to see a Screamin' Swing come to the park.
  18. Kennywood is a great park. Phantom's Revenge is one of my favorite steel coasters and all of the woodies are great as well. I also really enjoyed Exterminator. The day we were there a couple years ago the park wasn't that full but a lot people say Exterminator's wait times build up, so you may want to do Phantom and then go over and do Exterminator as they are pretty close to each other. As far as parking downtown Pittsburgh for the Reds game, there is a lot right behind the stadium that you can get cheap rates at if you are there early in the morning. A lot of the locals suggested parking downtown beside the Roberto Clemente bridge as well. The city closes that bridge down during games so you can walk across the bridge. It is a short walk from the downtown area over to PNC. PNC is a great park and my favorite park other than Great American (I'm a Reds fan what can I say). We did a ballpark tour and I would recommend it as it a great tour.
  19. I agree with Liz. Everything I rode today was minimal waits. Diamondback was under ten minutes and the most I waited all day was Mystic at around 20 minutes.
  20. Congratulations and best of luck to both of you!
  21. I really wonder if parks should go to a system where you send a text if you see people doing things (line jumping, bad language, smoking in non designated areas, etc.) many stadiums have.
  22. I have noticed that MT has helped lower wait times on both Beast and BLSC. It is always good to see wait times more evenly distributed. I hope whatever our next additions are that they also are capacity eaters like DB, Banshee, and Mystic have been. I think adding several flats would also help.
  23. I'm hoping that our next additions are some flats. I think that they could do a bigger flat while also adding a couple smaller family flats like a Tilt-a-whirl, Music Express, or something like the old Keggers ride.
  24. That would be wonderful. It will be interesting to see what they are doing.
  25. The longest I waited today was Mystic at around 55 minutes. Beast was around 30 and everything else I did was less than 20.
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