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  1. So I saw this video on YouTube and in the comments he mentions a Huss Breakdance. While I realize that it should all be taken with a grain of salt the Huss Breakdance that Cedar Fair purchased on their European trip has still not found a park yet. Originally it was thought that perhaps Worlds of Fun's 2018 addition Nordic Chaser was going to be it but it sounds like that ride does not spin. I found a video of the Breakdance that Cedar Fair got from Holiday Park in Germany and it would be a great fit for KI. This along with a couple other flats would make some nice additions next year and this should even be able to fit on the old Flight Commander pad or even go over in Oktoberfest.
  2. I would agree that this would not be a good fit for KI. I think the park has done a good job in recent years of adding more high capacity rides and I would like to see that continue.
  3. The space to the left of Flight of Fear and to the right of Adventure Express would probably be a good location.
  4. I think eventually a giga will take up part of the land but I think they will also put some flats and hopefully a bathroom back there as well.
  5. I would happily pay the upcharge as well. The desserts alone make it worth it. I'm starting to lean towards them just tearing down the Attitudes building and rebuilding from scratch.
  6. ^ I agree that it looks like they are going to re-use part of the gutted Attitudes building. They were too careful with the duct work if they planned on just demolishing the whole building.
  7. I expect that some of the land will be used for a giga. I would expect to see part of that area developed next year with a couple of flats and restrooms and maybe even a restaurant. I think it makes sense that if they are going to develop that area that they will connect it to the existing X-base but by putting in some flats it will help appeal to people who are not coaster riders.
  8. A few pics taken last night. The above was taken from the Tower. On the other side of the bathrooms, you can see just above the fence that the wall has been down on the former Attitudes building. From right in front of the former Attitudes building you can see that the duct work remains.
  9. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Attitudes building now. There is plenty of room with the CPW area to do the Harmony Hall Marketplace type area and use the gutted Attitudes building for seating. While the overall building wouldn't be as big as Harmony Hall it would still be a lot of room.
  10. I'm really hoping that we get some indoor seating in the restaurant. The building space is certainly big enough to do that.
  11. This is from February 18 and the Smokehouse was done by Memorial Day when Soak City opened. That was also done from the ground up so I would think it would be quicker since the building is already built. They would have to re-do the front of the building but the back and sides are complete save for if they decide to paint it.
  12. I went to the park today and the haunt decorations come within about 10-15 feet of the Attitudes building. If the Smokehouse is coming in time for Winterfest I wonder if the existing Attitudes building will be used without them tearing it down and they can just gut some walls and retrofit it into a restaurant rather than re-building from scratch. The square footage of that building is about 12,000 square feet whereas the Reds Hall of Fame and Grill is about 75 feet by 140 feet (10,500 square feet) if my calculations using Google Earth are correct. This would give them plenty of space to put seating in there as well which I think a lot of us would prefer and this should also give them plenty of time to get it done in time for Winterfest in November. I also went back to Dinos Alive and a lot of the dinos had costumes on so I would say it is safe to assume they will be there thru the end of the Halloween season.
  13. ^ While I agree that it is close to Festhaus I think it would work if you have some different food choices there than you have at Festhaus. I did some measuring using Google Earth and it appears that the Attitudes building is about 100 feet wide x 115 length (or approximately 11,500 sq ft). If you took out the Coney Potato Works building you could add the Harmony Hall Marketplace area on to the existing Attitudes building where Potato Works is now. According to the Carowinds site, Harmony Hall is 26,500 feet. To make a perfect square you would have to make it approximately 163x163. While Harmony Hall is not a perfect square I don't know that you would have to make it exactly like Harmony Hall. If you go width wise 163 would take you just past the existing Potato Works building. 163 length wise would take you to about where the blacktop starts curving around by the Carousel. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  14. I wonder if it would make sense for the smokehouse rumored to be coming to Coney Mall to be like a version of Harmony Hall at Carowinds. This would serve several purposes: you could have several different food areas (like a BBQ section, an Italian section, a fresh grill, maybe you could even move Skyline in there as well); it would also give you additional indoor entertainment space; and it would give more indoor seating. Festhaus is typically busy and it would make sense to build another indoor space for the reasons stated above. If they also put a space in there for Skyline it would allow them to gut the current Skyline building and patio area and use those areas for expansion as well as being able to have a more efficient Skyline space. If they take the Attitudes building and the Potato Works building that gives quite a bit of space plus they could also use part of the Gardens area to build a Harmony Hall like building.
  15. I think should tear down the arcade building that is now used for KillMart. Between that space, the old Flight Commander pad, and the Dino's store you could put several flats in there.
  16. I hope they keep the Coney Mall name as well as it is an important part of the park's history. It will be interesting to see what we get next year and where in Coney Mall it will go.
  17. I enjoyed the instrumental music being brought back this year and hope it returns. It brought back the majestic and escapist feel that the parks has been lacking for several years. If I want to hear pop music I can hang a left and walk towards Action Zone. If you really watch the people sitting around the fountains and the tower for long periods of time it is not generally teens and college kids, it is their parents and grandparents. Music is not going to make anyone come to the park but it can really set the mood. If I had control over what music was played IS would have instrumental, Rivertown would have a Country Western vibe, Coney would be 70-90s, X-base would be alternative, Oktoberfest would be German, and Action Zone would be current pop.
  18. I stumbled upon this Eiffel Tower video from 1980. It has a lot of great views from around the park as well. It is crazy how different some areas of the park look now.
  19. The park has been a little snake-bit with some of their additions over the past 15 years or so. Timber Tower suffered problems and downtime and Adventure Mountain was also there a very short time. That is not to say anything about the constant up-and-down problems with Lightning Rod. Hopefully whatever they add has very minimal downtime.
  20. I could see Wild Beast at Canada's Wonderland eventually getting the RMC treatment.
  21. Attitudes was open last night with some additional merchandise that they probably cleaned out of the warehouse. I also saw the VP of Food and Beverage along with another person who was holding a notepad in front of the Attitudes building. I didn't get close enough to overhear what they were talking about although I did think about going up and asking them where the Antiques were going to be next year. Another thought came to mind today when looking at the KI Instagram and seeing them talk about the old Skyride. Cedar Point's Skyride adds a lot to that area of the park and I feel like a similar length Skyride would add a lot to the Coney Mall area as well as providing great views of the park. If they put something in like the Skyride and brought back the Antiques somewhere along with another smaller flat (maybe something like the Winnie Witch Cauldrons) and maybe something like CW's Shockwave it would really improve the overall feel of Coney.
  22. Dollywood has announced they are closing River Battle on September 4. While I enjoyed the attraction and hope it get relocated somewhere else as opposed to demolished the ride never seemed to be super popular. The other three water rides in the park always have enjoyed longer lines that River Battle even though River Battle was the youngest of them all. It will be interesting to see what the park does as there are rumors that this will start the long rumored expansion from the River Battle area up to the train loop which will really open land up for future expansion.
  23. I would love to have our Eagles back. I agree with Shaggy that they are historical to KI and would be a welcome addition back to the park.
  24. For me I'm more excited for Winterfest. I haven't been since the late '80s Winterfests so I am looking forward to it.
  25. With these announcements, Canada's Wonderland further cements itself as the flat ride capital of the chain (and maybe the world). Carowinds additions look very nice and would love to see us eventually get a teacups ride again. The coaster additions all look very nice, I think the CGA coaster will have capacity issues but the other two RMCs look very good. Hangtime looks very fun as well. It will be interesting to see what we get.
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