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  1. Not sure if anyone noticed or not but Reds HOF Grille is listed under the dining plan options again from visitkingisland.com: Reds Hall of Fame Grille In Rivertown Handbreaded chicken tenders with Saratoga chips Homer burger with Saratoga chips Buffalo chicken salad Chicken sandwich
  2. Glad to see the test run video. I'm looking forward to having a GCI at my home park.
  3. Looking forward to riding those Millennium Flyers.
  4. So when do we think the KI website will get the new layout that CP, KD, CGA, and Carowinds have gotten?
  5. I hope they add a few more flats in that area but I hope it remains named Coney Mall.
  6. I think it is certainly possible that they'll re theme Action Zone. I would love to see kind of a Halloweenish/Spooky theme to the area.
  7. One of the first commercials I remember as a kid was for WaterWorks. I'm not sure this is the exact one but it is probably around this same time.
  8. After seeing the fog this morning I can't wait to ride it on the some of those foggy nights in the fall.
  9. Another pic was just posted on Twitter.
  10. It really is a shame that more of the rides did not get relocated. One of my big regrets with theme parks is not riding Screechin' Eagle. Serpent was one of the first coasters I ever rode and I still feel like Raging Thunder was one of the best flume rides I ever rode.
  11. While the ride is not as smooth as it used to be, I would only want to see it torn down if something else great went in its place. It has always done a good job of moving capacity and while it is not as popular as it used to be, it only makes sense to tear it down if it is cost-prohibitive to keep it up and running. It still has a great first drop and (when painted) is one of the most beautiful rides in the park. The funny part about Vortex getting replaced has been a rumor since the late 90's when I first found amusement park discussion boards. One of these days it will happen but I think it still has several years left in it. The great thing about KI is the amount of space the park has gives it the benefit to keep rides like Vortex open when smaller, space limited parks might have to make a decision to tear down a less popular ride.
  12. I would definitely like to see some flats as well. Some high capacity flats would be really good for the park.
  13. The last I heard on Toy Story was 2018. Supposedly Disney wants Star Wars done in 2019 so we'll see. I think either way a name change will happen at the park.
  14. I had a dream last night that Kings Island replaced the Dinos Alive area with an area called The Grove in tribute to Stricker's and put a lot of flats like the Tilt a Whirl and Tip Top back there.
  15. My wife and I went to Pittsburgh back in 14 and had an enjoyable time. We also went to Kennywood for a day while we were there as well. Pittsburgh size wise reminds you a lot of Cincinnati. We stayed in Bethel Park which is only about 20 minutes outside of the city. I would recommend trying to do the stadium tour when you go to PNC as it is nice to see the behind the scenes of the ballpark. It is a really nice ballpark and it is a good town to walk downtown and sight-see. As far as Kennywood, I was really impressed with the park. Phantom's Revenge is a really great coaster and I liked it better than Diamondback. I also really enjoyed Jack Rabbit and Exterminator. Thunderbolt and Racer were also good. I see a lot of people rank Thunderbolt and Racer higher but I preferred Jack Rabbit to those. All five are solid coasters. They also have some nice things like Noah's Ark that are very unique. We were there on a weekday in June and it was not that busy. Hope you enjoy your trip.
  16. I also agree that they need to have more dedicated drink stands. They also need to try to keep the one by the train open all the time. That area of the park is always busy and it will surely be busier this year with Mystic Timbers.
  17. ^ Thunderhead is the only one that I have been on which I would classify as ejector air.
  18. It could be interesting to see if this has any impact to KI particularly if a Disney or Comcast buys the brand.
  19. 1. Riding rides in Hanna Barbera Land. 2. The Beast 3. Rivertown 4. Phantom Theater 5. Mystic Timbers
  20. I too ride by myself. The great thing about it is that you can just go about your day as you see fit. I think you'll also realize that there are a lot more single riders out there than you would think.
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