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  1. With Don doing the Instagram live video from Dinosaurs Alive today, Dinos not being listed as a perk on the Season Pass perks, and the store having BOGO sales, I am convinced that Dinos is going away after this year. I would expect them to announce in the next couple weeks that the Dinos are going extinct and to see them before they are gone. I think you might see a big Coney Mall expansion go back in the Dinos Alive area with Antiques, an Electro Spin, and then a couple smaller flats like a Music Express, and then a family ride like what Canada's Wonderland is getting with Flying Canoes or Tea Cups. To cap it off I think they should try to find a way to connect that area with X-Base. I would tend to put the more extreme rides like the Electro Spin on the side closer to X-Base. If they put a ramped bridge connecting the area similar to the bridge that goes over the tunnels leading to The Bat, then maintenance could still easily to access the maintenance buildings. They could also put bathrooms in the area for X-Base and the Coney expansion and maybe even a quick service restaurant. While part of the area is rather hilly towards the back part of the park, the area toward X-Base where the T-Rex and Triceratops are more level which would be a good place to put the Antiques.
  2. I find it curious that the park hasn't teased anything at all. Here's hoping for the Antiques, a Top Scan, and a Music Express or Tilt a Whirl or the Barrels (or all of them ). I figure we will have a better idea tomorrow sometime on if there will be an announcement on Wednesday or not.
  3. Or take a long walk back to the rest of the park.
  4. I went to the park yesterday and visited Attitudes which is looking pretty bare. My wife asked the worker and the worker said that they are tearing down the Attitudes building and Coney Potato Works for the Smokehouse. She did not say anything about them tearing down Coney Confections but I could see all of their merchandise at Confections being easily relocated throughout the park's other stores. After walking around Tower Gardens I don't think that area is going to be used for the antiques unless it is just the back part closest to the attitudes building, especially since they have already started putting up candy canes. I think they could increase the seating with the Smokehouse compared to what it in Soak City and tear down the current Skyline Patio and using several of those areas with bridges to build the Antique ride. (The more bare Attitudes) (Pic taken from the tower. This area could look a lot different soon.)
  5. That post was great. As I don't ever really remember the monorail or animals at the park since I was young, the article was very informative.
  6. Looking at the approximate size of the building of the Smokehouse I don't think it would take up all three buildings worth. I think they could easily use the back part of where the Attitudes building for the Antiques and possibly put a small flat like a Tilt a Whirl or Music Express on the midway side right beside of Scrambler.
  7. On the Cedar Fair conference call they mentioned that all parks would be making next year's announcements on the 16th. We only have one more week until we find out. I could see see them using the Confections and Potato Works area for another smoke house and the Attitudes building area plus Tower Gardens for the Antiques.
  8. I think the big thing in B&M's favor is the reliability. I don't want KI to build a giga that has constant downtime and I think that is why they would probably go the B&M route.
  9. I thought they removed it when they put up the Coke Freestyle location and then never put it back up. It is one of the those simple things that adds a lot to an area and I hope they put it back up.
  10. I always thought of the Coney Confections building as more of the entrance to Coney Mall rather than the Attitudes building. I would love to see the Coney Mall sign come back where it used be though.
  11. Thanks Liz. Yes I just found some old Haunt maps online and that is correct. Do we think it is possible if Sorority House is going away as mentioned in another thread that they could just demolish that whole building and use that area plus the Tower Gardens area for the all-new Les Taxis. That would also allow them to keep the Skyline Patio area as it is. They could always relocate the arcade game and put the Attitudes store somewhere else (maybe combining it with the Coaster Connection store in Action Zone).
  12. While looking up the satellite images of the park online, I noticed that the building that Attitudes is in is massive. I know that part of the building is arcade, part is the old lazer maze, and then the other part is Attitudes. Is that back part just used for storage or did it formerly have some other purpose other than the lazer maze? When you look at the overall building it looks to be three-to-four times the size of the Coney Confections building.
  13. It is great to hear that Kings Island is on track for a record year of attendance. I think focusing on the families is smart as not everyone is going to ride Banshee or Diamondback. I have seen several older people in line for Mystic Timbers this year that probably aren't frequent riders of the more extreme coasters. Hopefully whatever additions we get next year takes this into account and we get some family attractions along with thrills attractions as well.
  14. I think repaving the lot and adding some smaller flats in the same year would work. The park is having a record attendance year. They should be able to afford both.
  15. Really if Dinos is going away and they used part of the land for a new Antique Ride, then you could use where the current dino shop is for a flat ride and the former Flight Commander pad for another flat. You could put an Electro Spin where Flight Commander used to be, a Music Express or Tilt a Whirl where the store is, and then the Antiques going back into the forest. It would really improve that area of the park and I think would very feasible. Cedar Fair said during their earnings conference call yesterday that all parks would be announcing next years additions on August 16 so we should find out soon.
  16. It looks neat but a capacity nightmare. Perhaps they should have named it something different. Coming next season to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, "Wonder Woman: The Attack on Capacity"
  17. Canada's Wonderland's version is electric and I think that would work. I think some people will be upset that they are not gas-powered but I'm sure the electric version is more cost-effective.
  18. I haven't been to Fenway or Wrigley yet, but PNC has the best stadium tour we have been to. Kennywood is definitely in the middle of nowhere. The Science Center was a really good museum and the Heinz History museum was also good. The Heinz History museum is run by the Smithsonian and it is a bit overwhelming with the amount of information and exhibits so if you are going there make sure that you allow the time.
  19. I think there a couple places that the Antiques could go. The area where the Skyline Patio sits right now would probably be the easiest though. You could even a take a small back part of Tower Gardens to lengthen the course. They could always add additional tables in Coney Mall somewhere.
  20. I actually rode it when I was there in June and really enjoyed it. It packs a lot more force than you would expect. It would be a capacity nightmare in a bigger park (12 people at a time, 6 on each side) but I think it would be a great addition to a park like Coney or even Strickers. I think if the manufacturer built a bigger version with double the capacity it may be a good fit for some bigger parks. As far as the restraints, it is a simple over the shoulder restraint on top and they the bottom part just closes and latches. If you do go to the Island I would recommend getting the all day pass which is $30 but it give you 24 hours of unlimited rides on the Sky Wheel as well as the flats. The flats are pretty basic but the Wheel makes it worth it.
  21. I haven't been on Fury yet but I preferred Leviathan to Millenium so I would prefer to get a B & M but whatever giga we get would add something special to the park.
  22. I would love to see them bring back the antique cars. I was at the park last night and it doesn't look like they have removed anything from Tower Gardens yet but that space could be better utilized than it is now. The good thing about that location for the antiques is that it would a good family attraction plus close to some of the other family attractions like the carrousel and Dodgems.
  23. I'm happy for Don and agree that whoever replaces him has some big shoes to fill. If there was someone who was born for that role it was Don.
  24. I would like to see a flats collection with maybe one bigger flat and 2-3 smaller flats.
  25. Yeah the line length argument is always strange. Vortex has always chewed people. Something like Flight of Fear and Backlot (which I both love) have lines but they have horrible capacity for the most part. Even if Vortex is running half full trains it is still probably doing better numbers overall than those rides. I also think for people over 30 who grew up going to the park that Beast, Vortex, and Racer are generally rides that are must-do if they only go to the park once or twice a year. As long as Vortex is not a maintenance nightmare for the park it will still be there for a while hopefully with a paint job.
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