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  1. I'm looking forward to some Tuesday night rides on MT in May and June.
  2. I expect a giga, if we get one, would be in 2022 for the 50th. It wouldn't surprise me if we don't get another coaster until the 50th. I think in the meantime we'll get some flats and family rides to round out the park.
  3. I love to marathon Thunderhead as well. It is almost always a walk on after opening. The thrill seekers at Dollywood don't realize what a gem that ride is. I would agree that it is agressive but it is a fun aggressive like Beast when it is at its best.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised with something from B&M. When KK first came back there was talk of having rides from some of the top manufacturers. They already have RMC and Chance rides so I would expect something from B&M at some point over the next few years. I wish KK luck. I figure the more competition from KK and HW, the more Cedar Fair will invest in KI.
  5. Thanks for posting this Shaggy. I enjoyed seeing all of the Phantom Theater pics.
  6. The new exhibit is a stingray exhibit. It will open in May. http://www.rcnky.com/articles/2017/01/23/stingray-exhibit-coming-newport-aquarium
  7. A "Star Wars" Exhibit featuring over 60 costumes is coming to the Museum Center in May. http://www.wlwt.com/article/star-wars-coming-to-cincinnati-museum-center/8629844
  8. I found this on Twitter as well with another view of the station but it gives a little different view.
  9. Mystic Timbers will be first for me and then followed by The Beast.
  10. Of all of the areas in KI, I think that Action Zone has the least cohesive theme of any of the areas in the park. It has always felt like a mish-mash of an area. I think they could take Banshee and Bat and go towards a more Halloween/Spooky/Dark European theme with that area. Either way I think Congo Falls would be better served in Rivertown. Maybe they could bring back Phantom Theater and put it over in Action Zone as it would fit a Halloween theme.
  11. The good thing about this new pic of the station is that it is a little closer than the last one posted earlier in the week so you can judge better how tall it is.
  12. ^ That would be nice, especially with this being the 30th anniversary of Vortex.
  13. http://www.wlwt.com/article/newport-aquarium-hints-at-largest-addition-in-10-years/8602987 I'm bummed to see the otters go but am anxious to see what the new exhibit will be.
  14. I hope to ride it as early in the season as I can but I feel like the spoilers are going to be hard to avoid.
  15. Very sad to see RBB&B stopping. They were the gold standard for many years and something that you had to do at least once when you were a kid.
  16. I am kind of fuzzy on the exact years I went as a little kid, but I believe this will be my 24th year. I haven't missed a year since 2007.
  17. Quick question. When I did the second step of the registration it let me submit the registration but it didn't send me an e-mail confirmation. Is that normal and if so do I just need my tickets/pass and coaster club membership when I show up at the park?
  18. I regret not going to the park from 2004 until 2007. I didn't really have anybody to go to the park with and if I had it to do over again I would have went by myself. I missed chances to go on SOB and TRTR more. While I did get the chance to ride SOB several times in its various incarnation, I only got to do TR once. I didn't truly appreciate how special TRTR was until later on. Since 2007, I haven't missed a year and last year I went more times than I had ever been because I finally went by myself. My wife goes with me most of the time but she is not really a rider so I went several times last year by myself and found it to be better than I had anticipated. I also regret never riding Screechin' Eagle at Americana. I almost did in the late 90s but the park was closed the day me and a friend were going to go and then we all know what ended up happening with the park.
  19. I would like to see it start over by where SOB's station was and go behind Racer and Xbase.
  20. I just bought my tickets to Coasterstock. This will be my first year attending so I'm looking forward to it.
  21. Looks like a lot of fun. That would fit in nicely at Coney or Strickers. Maybe there will be a much bigger version come to KI someday.
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