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  1. I love to marathon Thunderhead as well. It is almost always a walk on after opening. The thrill seekers at Dollywood don't realize what a gem that ride is. I would agree that it is agressive but it is a fun aggressive like Beast when it is at its best.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised with something from B&M. When KK first came back there was talk of having rides from some of the top manufacturers. They already have RMC and Chance rides so I would expect something from B&M at some point over the next few years. I wish KK luck. I figure the more competition from KK and HW, the more Cedar Fair will invest in KI.
  3. Thanks for posting this Shaggy. I enjoyed seeing all of the Phantom Theater pics.
  4. The new exhibit is a stingray exhibit. It will open in May. http://www.rcnky.com/articles/2017/01/23/stingray-exhibit-coming-newport-aquarium
  5. A "Star Wars" Exhibit featuring over 60 costumes is coming to the Museum Center in May. http://www.wlwt.com/article/star-wars-coming-to-cincinnati-museum-center/8629844
  6. I found this on Twitter as well with another view of the station but it gives a little different view.
  7. Mystic Timbers will be first for me and then followed by The Beast.
  8. Of all of the areas in KI, I think that Action Zone has the least cohesive theme of any of the areas in the park. It has always felt like a mish-mash of an area. I think they could take Banshee and Bat and go towards a more Halloween/Spooky/Dark European theme with that area. Either way I think Congo Falls would be better served in Rivertown. Maybe they could bring back Phantom Theater and put it over in Action Zone as it would fit a Halloween theme.
  9. The good thing about this new pic of the station is that it is a little closer than the last one posted earlier in the week so you can judge better how tall it is.
  10. ^ That would be nice, especially with this being the 30th anniversary of Vortex.
  11. http://www.wlwt.com/article/newport-aquarium-hints-at-largest-addition-in-10-years/8602987 I'm bummed to see the otters go but am anxious to see what the new exhibit will be.
  12. I hope to ride it as early in the season as I can but I feel like the spoilers are going to be hard to avoid.
  13. Very sad to see RBB&B stopping. They were the gold standard for many years and something that you had to do at least once when you were a kid.
  14. I am kind of fuzzy on the exact years I went as a little kid, but I believe this will be my 24th year. I haven't missed a year since 2007.
  15. Quick question. When I did the second step of the registration it let me submit the registration but it didn't send me an e-mail confirmation. Is that normal and if so do I just need my tickets/pass and coaster club membership when I show up at the park?
  16. I regret not going to the park from 2004 until 2007. I didn't really have anybody to go to the park with and if I had it to do over again I would have went by myself. I missed chances to go on SOB and TRTR more. While I did get the chance to ride SOB several times in its various incarnation, I only got to do TR once. I didn't truly appreciate how special TRTR was until later on. Since 2007, I haven't missed a year and last year I went more times than I had ever been because I finally went by myself. My wife goes with me most of the time but she is not really a rider so I went several times last year by myself and found it to be better than I had anticipated. I also regret never riding Screechin' Eagle at Americana. I almost did in the late 90s but the park was closed the day me and a friend were going to go and then we all know what ended up happening with the park.
  17. I would like to see it start over by where SOB's station was and go behind Racer and Xbase.
  18. I just bought my tickets to Coasterstock. This will be my first year attending so I'm looking forward to it.
  19. Looks like a lot of fun. That would fit in nicely at Coney or Strickers. Maybe there will be a much bigger version come to KI someday.
  20. With CP moving Ripcord to a different location it got me to thinking. What Kings Island ride/attraction would you re-locate to another area within the park? Mine would be moving Congo Falls over to the Rivertown area that way all of the water rides were close together.
  21. I think they are still good rides but as mentioned most parks already have flumes and rapids rides. I would be pleased if KI added a Mack ride like "River Battle" at Dollywood. One advantage that KI has is that 2/3rds of their water rides are relatively close to the water park so you can go to the wet park, ride the train, ride WWC and RFYLCB and not have to worry about wearing soggy pants all day. Now if they would just move Congo Falls to that side of the park...
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