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  1. My grandfather used to refer to swimming pools as a public bathtub. He wasn't a big fan.
  2. I would like to see them add a few more Freestyle machines around the park.
  3. I don't generally wait for the front seat as I like to get on the ride quicker than waiting for the front seat.
  4. That is a cool looking ride. I could also see it going in Planet Snoopy.
  5. I rode it throughout all of its various incarnations. Overall I liked the ride but it was a very rough coaster. Probably the only other woodie that I have been on that was that rough overall was Mean Streak. I enjoyed the ride and would still ride it today if it was there but I don't blame the park for removing it.
  6. I think the big things for me would be to have more cohesive theming and more flat rides. Around the park what I would like to see: Rivertown: I would like to see more of the old town early 1900's theme like it use to have. You should feel like you are going to an area removed from the rest of the park. Theme specific music would be country tinged. Improve the railroad to have more of a wild west theme like it used to. It will be interesting to see if the theming improves with Mystic Timbers coming in which I think it probably will. Obviously the big box where TR used to be should have something go in, preferably something that fits the area. Coney Mall: I like that Coney Mall has maintained the old theme park/fair vibe through the years. Area music should be 80's and 90's music. The problem largely that Coney Mall has it that the area hasn't really had major additions in years. It added WindSeeker but there haven't really been any major additions in years. I have noticed when walking toward The Vortex end of Coney Mall that is just a dead area of the park. I would like to see them revamp that area with some flats. Put in a Musik Express, a Tilt a Whirl, a Ferris Wheel, and a S&S screaming swing. These type of rides would help with spreading out capacity. One thing I would also do is look at moving Timberwolf back to the area where the old Action Theatre is. If they are not really going to use the Action Theater area much except for Haunt, then build a new theater back there that is not taking up the valuable space that it is in Action Zone. Xbase: The suggestions that have been brought up on the site before about extending the area toward Adventure Express behind The Racer would be a good one. You could bathrooms and maybe a flat ride or two. Theme music wise I could see it being more alternative music based. Oktoberfest: I would give Oktoberfest more of the German feel that it used to have. German music would play in the background. Obviously there is not as much space in that area but a small flat ride would be nice. I think you could also put a small quick service in Oktoberfest that sold hot dogs, metts, brats, and goetta giving it more of the German feel. Action Zone: Action Zone has always felt like a hodge podge and there has never really been a consistent theme. With Banshee and The Bat maybe you could give the area more of a Halloweenish/spooky theme. Music wise you could still do the hits of today like they do now. I would either move/remove Timberwolf. I would relocate Congo Falls to either Rivertown or Planet Snoopy (if they even want to move a 30 year old water ride) and that would really open that area of the park for what they could do. I think if we ever get a Giga that would be the part of the park that makes the most sense. International Street: I would go back to the music of area having more movie soundtrack themes like they used to. The area behind the Eiffel Tower on the way to Rivertown could use some rides. Figure out a way of bringing back the antique cars and smaller flats to help with the dead area between International Street on the way to Rivertown. Obviously all of these things are not going to happen but I think could help make the park even better than it is now.
  7. I think we will probably see a B & M Giga but after riding Lightning Rod last week I would be happy with an RMC.
  8. I voted for The Beast. Banshee is a close second, but The Beast is still my pick.
  9. Some of the queues could use more shading but I don't think all of them need to be indoors. I would like to see queue times posted throughout the park like they are at Dollywood. I know they won't always be 100% accurate but it is better to have a somewhat accurate idea of the wait time upfront.
  10. While I do agree the location is lousy, I enjoy BLSC. I wish they would bring the antiques back to another area in the park.
  11. I agree about the Reds Grille camera being a good idea, but I doubt they'll do that until the Shed part is enclosed.
  12. I would like to see some more flats added in Coney Mall down towards WindSeeker as that is kind of a quiet area of the park, but I figure it will probably be a Planet Snoopy expansion.
  13. The Tip Top ride like they have at Stricker's would be a fun flat to add as well.
  14. I waited over about 70 minutes for The Beast. In the meantime it rained so the track was slick as can be.
  15. I went yesterday and it had been almost a month since I had seen the construction up close and it truly is a gorgeous looking coaster. I can't wait to ride it next year.
  16. I would like to see it go backwards again. It was a great ride experience.
  17. This sounds like a great ride concept. It will be interesting to see it in action.
  18. I would like to see something go in the big box preferably a dark ride of some kind. I like some of the other suggestions about expanding the land to put in some flats as well.
  19. It is nice that they have a different food option than what is available at other places in the park. Hopefully they are back next year.
  20. I would like to see a flat and a bathroom back in that area. I would also like to some flats added at the end of Coney Mall down where Flight Commander used to be. Those would make great 2018 additions.
  21. I am optimistic for Mystic Timbers. Thunderhead is one of my favorite coasters and I have hopes that this will exceed that ride. As far as the shed, I think that it is going to be a dark ride. I would love to see some good animatronics, hopefully it is at least better than the ending to Adventure Express.
  22. I would like to see them add back on ride photos on Flight of Fear and Boo Blasters as well.
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