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  1. You should be able to get everything easily done at Carowinds on a Monday. If you are wanting to do Nighthawk, I'd recommend hitting it early or first thing because it seems slower to load than Firehawk did. Carowinds has good ops on Fury and Intimidator so you can do those whenever thru the day as you wish. Copperhead is a little slower to load with less capacity so I'd probably try to hit it early as well. Of course you'll want to do the Eagles. Carolina Skytower also gives great views of the park if you choose to do it. One thing that is unique about Carowinds is one of the states has a higher tax rate than the other so ask about that if you have merch you want to buy.
  2. As far as Carowinds hotels we have stayed at the Comfort Inn right across the street (it is on the South Carolina side). It is nothing fancy but it is pretty affordable. With the Dollywood question, Wednesday would be the best day by far unless the weather didn't cooperate. I forget, have you been there since Lightning Rod has been there?
  3. Mine would be the park should invest in more flats before they build the next coaster.
  4. I would agree with this to a point. I know I have been someone who has talked about the importance of capacity but CF has done a good of adding capacity to the park. The three B&Ms, The Beast, Racer, and AE are all great at eating thru a line and Mystic does decent as well. Orion (when things get back to normal) more than makes up whatever capacity that Firehawk and half empty Vortex trains were getting. I don't think they need a one train ride (ala the Tempestos of the world) but the park could certainly handle a Gerstlauer, Mack, or RMC to bring some variety (and inversions) back to the park.
  5. I'm looking forward to reading it, I pre-ordered my copy yesterday.
  6. It will be interesting to see what happens. The park does need a lot of work to come up to Dollywood/SDC standards.
  7. So a few thoughts if this is what we think it is (Herschend buying the park): 1. I am a Dollywood passholder but Herschend doesn't do a Platinum-type pass. Is this something they introduce now with the added benefit of getting into the aquariums as well. 2. Dollywood and SDC have a daily ticket at a cost of $79. It would be a financial disaster for them to do that at KK. I realize Wild Adventures cost is similar to KK current cost but it is interesting to think about. 3. Competition can only be a good thing. I would think CF will be looking to continue to add/improve KI in the next decade. I believe others have said Face Off, Drop Zone, and SOB were in large part a result of Six buying KK the first time. Obviously that was a different era but generally competition is good.
  8. I haven't noticed Time Traveler or Copperhead Strike tightening up. The worst restraints as far as tightening are the B&M vest restraints. I haven't ridden any of the recent Intamins. The youngest of the Intamins I have ridden was Skyrush.
  9. A modern multi launch like Copperhead would be great for KI. It would be something different than CP has. Also Mack probably has the most comfortable restraints of any of the steel manufacturers. With FOF being 25 years old realistically how many more years does it have in it as well.
  10. I voted for 2. I think the space would be ideal for something like a flying theater or even a Wild Mouse. The park could use more indoor attractions especially as we get back to a spot where Winterfest exists.
  11. I agree that the smaller parks should get some love. MA probably has the most remote location of all the CF parks but a small RMC or Gerstlauer would be great for that park.
  12. I agree that a Mack multilaunch would be the best option. A GCI would also be great but I am not sure if they can build in Canada.
  13. Drop the er at the end and I think you'll find the answer you seek.
  14. The worst coaster I ever rode was Flight Deck at Wonderland, the 2nd worst coaster I ever rode was Time Warp right beside it at Wonderland.
  15. Phantom Theater and the Keggers would be at the top of my list. Both family attractions that would be great for the whole family.
  16. I would definitely be in favor of a Camp Snoopy overhaul. Doing the more rustic overlay would be a nice transition from IS to Rivertown.
  17. Merry Christmas Don and everyone. Hope everyone has a great holiday.
  18. Action Zone is the answer for me. It has the bones of a very good area (Banshee, Bat, Delirium, and Drop Tower) but going with a Transylvania / Spooky theme would add so much. It needs more family flats because once you get past Congo Falls and The Bat, there is nothing for families to do in that area.
  19. So if it is a chain there are probably three logical choices: Cedar Fair: While selfishly it would be great to have another Cedar Fair park two hours from my house, at best it would be Michigan's Adventure where they weren't investing in it much or at worst it would be Geauga Lake. Six Flags: Obviously SIX left them high and dry last time. During an ACE event I attended back in 2018 the workers were talking about Six Flags destroying the coaster operating systems which KK had to add new when Ed Hart and company bought it. SIX is not the same group it was at that time but I'd be surprised if they went that route and resold it to SIX. Herschend: They are probably the most intriguing because they could turn it into a great park and give KI the most competition which would be good for the growth of KI as well. I could see Ed Hart and company cashing out now with so much uncertainty in the world.
  20. This is a big win for the park and a really smart move. It wouldn't surprise me if long term we see expanded ERT because of this (similar to CP's 1 hour ERT compared to our current half hour).
  21. WhiteWater West took over the old Hopkins company. Something like Daredevil Falls at Dollywood would be a nice way of bringing back KCKC but still be well themed. The thing I would say is that people seem to not like getting soaked as much as they did 20-30 years ago. Obviously getting their technology (be it phones, watches, etc.) wet is the big difference. I do think a bigger flume in Rivertown could be successful though.
  22. ^ If we were to get another B&M, a flyer would be near the bottom of my preferences. I've ridden Superman at Great America, Great Adventure, and Georgia and I'm pretty sure each of them were down for at least part of the day I was there. I actually preferred Firehawk to it. Superman was better than Nighthawk though. My preference of B&M models we don't have: 1. Floorless 2. Wing 3. Sit-down 4. Dive 5. Flyer 6. Stand-up
  23. I think it will be several seasons before we get a new coaster because of COVID and also because of the chain in general. Since we just got a coaster this year, one would think that the other parks will get another coaster before we will. I could see Cedar Point and Carowinds both getting a new coaster in 2022 or 2023, KD is highly rumored to be putting in in their S&S Wing which if it is successful I could see them putting it at some of the smaller parks in the chain like MA and VF. I think over the next 4-5 years the park can focus on improving the Oktoberfest and Action Zone areas with more thrilling flats and more family flats and then eventually adding a big coaster to either The Vortex plot or somewhere in the Action Zone area.
  24. KI is the only one I went to when it was a Paramount park. Under CF I've been to all of them except CGA. 1. KI- The best overall collection of coasters, themeing, and rides. Even though it was the Paramount flagship, I feel the park has improved even more under CF. 2. KD- I have seen KD described as KI with different toys in the toy box. The similarities are crazy. Their IS is a little shorter but feels very similar. Obviously there are the clones (FOF, BLSC), the similar coasters (Racer 75 and Anaconda). Avalanche and Dominator are both really fun coasters and Twisted Timbers is great. I am not as big of an I305 fan as others but it is worth going there for. I like how the park has done a good job maintaining shade throughout the park. 2. Wonderland- There is a lot of charm to CW. Certainly it is one of the most improved parks of the last 10 years. I love Leviathan and Behemoth is great too. Their flats selection is probably the best in the CF chain. Sledgehammer is probably my favorite flat. The drawback is their coaster collection after the top 3 tails off quickly and their operations on the non B&M coasters could be better. There is nice shade and landscaping throughout the park. 4. Carowinds- Fury is my #1 Steel. Afterburn is my #2 B&M invert. I like Intimidator and Copperhead was a great addition to the park. Our old set of Flyers is the best flat in the park. You can tell KECO didn't design the park because it doesn't feel like KI, KD, and Wonderland. It really feels more like Cedar Point South with little shade and plenty of concrete. After the top four coasters the quality falls off quickly. Another greatly improved park over the last 10 years. Depending on the day, I could easily switch the order of 2-4 but all are great parks.
  25. I agree with all of the ones that I have been to that have been mentioned so far. Ones not mentioned so far that I'll add: Carowinds: I love Fury and it is my steel number one. While the park does have a lot of less desirable coasters, they have a pretty solid top four. I would rank them 1. Fury, 2. Afterburn (probably my number 2 invert), 3. Copperhead Strike, and 4. Intimidator. It is also a park that depending on where you are coming/going from that you could combine trips with (KD/BGW on one end, SFOG on another, or Dollywood). Six Flags Great Adventure: My favorite of the Six Flags parks I have been to. It really gave me a feeling of a cross between CP and KI. While I would rank both of those parks over it, it has a great diverse lineup. El Toro is a bucket list coaster for a lot of people. Bizarro is my favorite floorless and Nitro may be my favorite of the non-Giga B&M hypers. It can easily be combined with a Pennsylvania trip. Just save up money for tolls. Some general advice that I would have is try to hit smaller parks when they are somewhat on the way to your destination. For example, a park like Waldameer gets overlooked but Ravine Flyer II is worth the stop.
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