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  1. Thanks so much for the info, I'll keep checking every day then for when the open the reservations!
  2. So, is it possible to actually place a reservation yet? Just bought my passes and we're trying to get things set up for an opening day visit. I don't see where to reserve on the App anywhere... Any help or information would be appreciated. <3
  3. I'd love to see your guy's videos that you've made about the park - ride reviews, park vlogs, anything is something I'd like to see! I've gotta get my fix until the park opens, right? I made a general video about The Beast - in which I say nothing of consequence that you don't already know. I'd love to see content made by my fellow KIC members!! You guys make such great content <3 (Also shoutout to my boy Coasterbob62, you make the best videos man!)
  4. Man, Coasterbob makes the BEST videos. Those vids are how I get my fix when I can't go to the park for a while, lmao.
  5. Or really? Small world indeed! I was the class of 2015 I live i Bloomington now, but Bedford will always be home! (Guess I should update my location, huh?)
  6. Thank you so much, aaaaaa!!! I'm glad you liked my coloring enough to post it, that really means a lot to me ;w; <3 /a thousand hugs are suddenly sent you way!
  7. IM SCREAMING???? IM GONNA BE FAMOUS AAAAAAAAA Whoever runs that twitter, thank you so much!!!
  8. LMAO that looks better than the official ones in the coloring book!!
  9. No problem, hope you like the app! And isn't it? I love mine so much. <3 I'm also very excited to see if anyone else will color too! This seems like a fun community project to do
  10. Thank you, amapan! I used clip studio paint on my ipad with my apple pencil It's a great program, I like it a lot better than procreate honestly. (Seeing as how it's also what I use on my PC lmao! I've very familiar with the program.)
  11. Decided to give my hand at the coloring. It was very fun to do!
  12. A coloring contest would be so fun! I'd love to see that!
  13. That's great to hear! Now I'm really excited, lmao. I'm familiar with the park's disability options as I've been with a cane/wheelchair for about a year now, but I haven't seen haunt with it just yet so my inner pessimist was like "Nah, you'll have to walk it bro." I so hope the Haunt is open this year, even in the main season isn't. Haunt is by far my favorite time to go, I love all the halloween themeing!
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