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  1. I know this sounds odd but I love the train the most. That's actually the reason why I got my gold pass years ago. Hearing the whistle ignites so many of my childhood memories and it reminds me of who I am inside. I love everything about the park and I truly feel at home when I go there.
  2. Out of all the rides in the amusement park industry, it seems to me like new water rides have been on the decline over the last few years. The addition of Shoot the Rapids back in 2010 and its removal a few short years later leads me to believe that Cedar Fair won't be adding any new water rides in the near or even distant future. What do you think?
  3. I hope they don't hold back with the lights. Take a couple of notes from the zoo!
  4. These are all based on various things 1.) The B&M Invert Batman clones 2.) Hurlers (both Carowinds and KD)- the exact same design and the rides are extremely generic. 3.) Vekoma boomerangs- I don't consider inverted boomerangs lazy given that they are more rare 4.) B&M Dive Coasters- I love them but they are all the same to me no matter the stat differences. I'd like something different Those were just some that stood out to me as lazy. Voice your opinions
  5. With RMC topper track, it's highly unlikely that the wooden coasters will ever meet their demise.
  6. I hope that when we get a giga it's unique and different from the others. I don't want another generic Cedar Fair B&M giga. Don't get me wrong, Leviathan and Fury 325 are both awesome rides, but they are extremely similar in appearance and placement in their respective parks. I want something that hasn't been done before like a terrain giga or something that sets it apart from the other 2 B&M gigas in the chain.
  7. Though RMC is a good company, they aren't the answer to everything. Vekoma does a great job with mine rides.
  8. They haven't gotten a coaster since 2010. Shockwave is gone and Hurler is SBNO. Their last major announcement was wifi, more snoopy attractions, and more guest perks and they didn't even announce Winterfest for next year. KI has gotten a pretty generous amount of coasters since the Cedar Fair buy with one being a re location and the other three being ground-up. Even parks like Carowinds and Canada's Wonderland have been getting some more love in the ride department. What's up with Kings Dominion?
  9. I understand that Cedar Point is the flagship park but it kinda annoys me that they get all the new big toys and the other parks have to wait for a couple of years until they get their turn. Every time Cedar Point gets a new big coaster, that's just one that I know we won't be getting in the near future: ex, a wing, a rmc, or even a dive.
  10. Am I the only one that thinks a dive coaster isn't too far off in the distant future? They're compact, can fit in tight spaces and are generally well received by the GP.
  11. If you look at the trademark site you can see that Cedar Fair trademarked the name Stratosaur but has since abandoned it. It seems to me like CF was interested in adding another Strata Coaster to one of its parks but to where it would have went is still a mystery. http://www.trademarkia.com/stratosoar-85086470.html
  12. Another thing, is there any confirmation of a possible gift shop? The last two Cedar Fair coasters we've got have had gift shops with their own merchandise. With all they're putting into the ride theming for Mr. T, it would be strange not to see it get it's own shop.
  13. I'm still waiting for Thrill Biscuit to make a concept for the ride plaza.
  14. No, that would be a nightmare. Though I love Cedar Fair, they would absolutely strip all the charm that Dollywood and Hershey have. They are both extremely popular parks that have stellar attendance every year. Unless both parks are failing miserably there is no reason for Cedar Fair to acquire them. Plus, parks like Dorney, Worlds of Fun, and California's Great America need to grow.
  15. Interesting topic. I gotta ask: What makes a rumor "legitimate"? Legitimate as in realistic and has been talked about by more than one party. A giga coming to the park rumored by many people across many different forms of media, a legitimate rumor Green Intamin track being seen by an unaccredited source, illegitimate