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  1. Thank you, tanner. So could anyone tell me, is the food as sub-par as Cedar Point's food, or is it better, or what? From what it looks like, the park food seems to be better then, Cedar Point's, but I would like a frequent park visitor to strengthen that feeling in me. Thanks again.
  2. I am a Cedar Point regular who hasn't been to Paramount's King's Island in quite some time (perhpas 4 years). I have yet to find a list of park restaurants and what they offer. Do you think that some of you guys could give me some suggestions for food stops for lunch-dinner, quick snack, etc. etc. and perhaps elaborate on how good/ not good the food is? Being a Cedar Point regular, I have low expectations for food in any non-Busch/Disney park; with the exception of a few sit down restaurants and The Potato Patch. Any good moderatley priced restaurants there? Thanks in advance.
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