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  1. The thing is, most Cedar Fair parks have a BBOBH ride, so that would cost a lot of money. And I can't see CF renovating any BBOBH rides unless they stop becoming popular in the next 5 years. Personally, I think that a Peanuts ride would probably be a better fit for the area. And Don Helbig has said that nothing will probably happen to the crypt anytime soon.
  2. I understand your points Calakapepe. I unfortunately wasn't around before the loop was scrapped, so my experience probably not the person to tell you how it was. The ride just detireorated over time, and for me personally the ride's gimmick sounded really silly to me as I got older.
  3. I was just curios, so I decided to make this thread. If you could relocate any defunct Kings Island attraction to ANY other park.... What would it be?
  4. Wow. Everytime I see those photos I think to myself about how much money Paramount wasted building this broken pile of wood and nails. And that's sad coming from me, a person who is [Honestly] very sensitive about most rides and attractions being removed...
  5. *Sigh. I do not think this was a good decision at all. Maybe I'm just biased about seeing a ride I enjoy leaving.
  6. I personally don't believe B&M is the awnser to everything. Firehawk is a nice ride as is.
  7. Do you go with anyone else? If you are going with a group of people and one of them is not riding something you are you could have them hold on to it for you. Atleast, that's what I usually do. Much better than lockers. And as jcgoble3 said, don't bring a backpack as you may look like a threat.
  8. Seems interesting. Next time I'm visiting October I'll try it.
  9. I usually enjoy waiting extra time to ride front seat (especially on Diamondback and Beast) but one of he only rides at KI I don't enjoy riding in the front seat are BLSC and Vortex. I'm a tall person so I usually tolerate Vortex's murderous restraints only if I sit on the left side of the train.
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