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  1. Yep you are correct. Look at 4:06 - It is a little more visible and you can hear the cat. I was close
  2. I was thinking the boiler room?
  3. I honestly cannot remember. I vaguely remember more parts than others.
  4. Kind of wondered back on here after a hiatus, but the mouse is in Board to Death. Not sure if it still is. Here is a picture of it (not my picture): And a video (not my video) (see 16:36): Love some good detective work!
  5. Ended up going Saturday and forked over $160 for two Fast Lanes. It was well worth it. Got multiple rides on everything. Food lines were insane all day! I do not understand how nothing is done about that issue. Trying to maneuver around the lines while walking was difficult. I waited the longest for food all day over all the rides combined! I was tempted to leave the park for food, but did not want to give up my parking. Weather was perfect thought!
  6. Thanks everyone. Yeah I have a Gold Pass so I am trying to sneak a day at the park in but my schedule has been crazy busy.
  7. Does anyone know what the crowd is like on Mother's Day? I know it is bring a friend discount day so that may have some impact. I typically buy Fast Lane and I am wondering if I will need to not. Thanks everyone!
  8. Anyone know if the skeleton keys actually have a key attached to them this year like in years past? Thanks!
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