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  1. I regret getting a pass to Kings Island this past year beacause I didn't go enough.
  2. Well once they get rid of the older coaster, The Racer, then you will have a good idea how much time is left for The Beast roller coaster.
  3. Good point. I was actually going to buy an on-ride photo from Diamondback once, but in the picture there was an open seat, and the head rest on that thing was ratchet.
  4. What they got right was not being afraid to go big. I think a good portion of Kings Island's success today is a residual effect of the grand Paramount's Kings Island days.
  5. When I first saw this pic, I thought it was a bad Legends of the Hidden Temple cartoon.
  6. How long or not until you think Kings Island tries to build another ride like Son of Beast?
  7. This might be an unpopular opinion, but honestly the queues at Kings Island are terribly boring and dated.
  8. A new wooden coaster will be great for the park, the other ones are getting to be over the hill so to speak.
  9. I hope 3 words are in Kings Islands future. Taller Faster and Longer
  10. Make it so my feet don't hurt so bad when I walk from slide to slide in the waterpark.
  11. Firehawk pictures were cooler than say the basic Vortex photo.
  12. Who had a chance to ride SOB before it closed? I Did Did you like it? Yes Did you ride it with or without the loop? Yes Would you have ridden it again if it had reopened? At least once Thoughts? Epic Coaster and Great Thread
  13. I wonder if the oldest coaster at Kings Island, The Racer, will be the next to go.
  14. Backlot is one of my favorite rides, but I agree that it needs moved.
  15. Which coaster in your opinion do you think was the most liked and well received in its inaugural season from The Vortex era on? Coasters added: Vortex Top Gun Outer Limits Face-Off Son of Beast Italian Job Firehawk Diamondback Banshee
  16. I'm sad to see Club Blood go, but Blackout is very scary.
  17. I'd like for Kings Island to get something remotely good and healthy to eat.
  18. If true Kings Island is really throwing money at trying to improve their coaster selection, which I think they need to. Does anyone else think Kings Island can use a giga?
  19. I will sign as someone that wants the backwards Racer back.
  20. Front seat is sometimes worth it.
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