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  1. I thought it was odd seeing WindSeeker at the top and not spinning around noon, but we weren't in the park yet so I didn't get to see if people were on it. We rode it a few hours later and don't remember anything else odd about it then.
  2. Took the opportunity to visit CP last weekend with just the wife (left the kids at home this time). Weather turned out nearly perfect, mid 70s with sun during the day. Was a little breezy which may or may not have been the reason Sky Ride and WindSeeker never opened. Fast Lane feels like cheating at CP this year, since they aren't selling them to the GP. Also, lets us bypass the whole access pass thing. I get why they do access passes, but it's so much added stress to the day, I really dislike them. Sat 9/12 - Crowds were about average Sat. Food stalls seemed busier than norm
  3. Just wanted to share that I have been extremely happy with KI food this year. Been to KI 6 days and CP 4 days so far. CP may have a better portfolio of rides and coasters, but KI is leagues better than CP in the food dept. Panda Express at KI really knocks things out of the park, while at CP they were probably the worst meal I had during my visits. I miss Skyline and the old burrito place at CP. I need to find out what's at the Brewhouse on the Dining plan as I couldn't find that info ANYWHERE. Also, need to give the new Chicken Shack sandwich a whirl.
  4. Last year, I went to redeem my free Fast Lane plus for my family. Gave them all 6 passes from my family at once and told them I wanted to redeem the voucher. They scanned them all and then asked us to hold our hands out. They didn't check each person one by one and we managed to get my Fast Lane pass onto a guest we brought (I was overweight at the time and didn't fit on half the coasters, so I was sitting out most rides to hold gear we brought). So it's definitely possible. However, I wouldn't count on being able to get away with this. They do insist on putting them on someones wrists a
  5. My kids pointed out this year while riding WindSeeker, if you look down from above, next to the queue there's an area with stones that spell out 'Windy 2011', I think was what it said. Very similar to the stones under The Vortex queue. Also, maybe not an 'easter egg' but I love the "SHOOT a staple wherever you'd drive a nail!" poster in the Mystic Timbers loading station. Something about a being stapled, at a coaster loading station... yeah. Clever.
  6. I wonder how this actually works. Bought my Platinum Pass at KI last year. Purchased my renewal through CP. Hoping to get the FP at CP in a few weeks. We will see I guess!
  7. Well they want to give the impression it's going to end VERY SOON to pressure you into purchasing your passes NOW to get the freebies before they expire. However, the last few years they've done this deal it's been available until at least haunt begins. It might disappear Labor Day, but I wouldn't be surprised if it continues through September at least. There's really no way for us to know for sure when it will go away.
  8. #1 - If you go to KI website right now and click to buy/renew passes, it lists right there you still get the BaF and FP, so sounds like it's still valid. If it's like last year they'll continue that through the regular season this year. #2 - Both are only usable on Sundays other than 9/1.
  9. Been a dozen or so times this year to CP/KI and almost every day have seen one more people walking around with lit cigarettes. Wife and kids are highly sensitive to it so I actively watch and steer clear when I can. The worst was seeing 1 person this year in the water park walking around with a lit cig. THAT should be immediately bannable. You know people are walking around barefoot. Anyone who can't figure that out for themselves or care enough doesn't deserve to be in the water park, IMO.
  10. Or even walking around the park. I had someone's phone fall out of Max Air at CP while I was walking below. Phone hit the ground 6 inches from my shoe and exploded into many pieces. Glad it didn't hit me!
  11. My apologies, you're right. Considering the CP option from last year and what you get with this it's almost a no brainer to step it up. I'm just stewing because I'd love to get the FLs for myself, but can't NOT get them for the rest of the fam. =D
  12. $200 platinum pass $850 FL $130 dining x6 people in my family almost $8,000 after tax. OOOF. Even broken down to 12 monthly payments, that's a mortgage payment. Maybe if they operated more than just seasonally.
  13. We bought the drink passes 2 years ago for our platinums. Went to CP before going to KI (think it was the first year they did the disposable cups on the passes). It was early enough in the season that the workers had no idea what they were doing. By the end of our weeklong CP visit, one of our passes had something like 5 drink passes activated on it. We could go get 5 drinks at a time with the one pass. Was an interesting dilemma.
  14. Food/Drink passes for 2019 season did not work in 2018 when we bought ours platinum passes. I would expect it to work the same this year. You'll get free admission, but will be on your own for food/drink this year. I do hope I'm wrong though.
  15. Thanks! I'll have to remember that. I swore I had encountered them before, but not sure I've had the pleasure of using these this year. Unfortunately, when you have to go, you have to go, and can't always get to the other side of the park for this!
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