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  1. We have made our first payment on our gold passes with dining and cup. It says we get one fall visit which we are using today. Do we also get to use our cup and dining today to? I know it probably seems like a stupid question but we have never gotten passes before and I am one who has to be fully aware of what I am getting into.
  2. My husband will like that fact sorority house is the house he was most interested in but is just as chicken as I am. I was most interested in board to death. I hate we are so chicken and we are working so hard to not be so that our son is not as chicken.
  3. Thank you all for the advice it is much appreciated and the encouragement for on weight loss!!!
  4. I am roughly like 245 and thanks for the insight I just dont want to be embarrassed and ruin the day which I know is my fault for getting this big but I am working as hard as I can to get the weight off and am down almost 20lbs in about a month so I'm roughly 245 at 5'4.
  5. I have a question I have been hardcore dieting and know that by next season I won't have an issue with the rides but we are going Saturday and even though I am down almost 20lbs I am still quite large and carry it mostly in my stomach so I'm just wondering if anyone knows about how certain rollercoaster seats are mainly stunt track, Adventure Express, The Bat, The Beast, and The Racer. I know like diamond back has the trial seat but I just want to have advance warning I went to Coney Island about a month ago and had the embarrassment of being told I was too big for a ride so I am trying to av
  6. I am completely new to haunted houses and not looking very forward to going to Halloween Haunt but my son and husband are insisting on going this weekend so my question is as a newbie any suggestions as the least scariest house to start with and make my first house????
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