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  1. The next day, I couldn't find anything on what happen that night on any news sites.
  2. I was there on Sat Oct. 30, the day was great. But at the end of the day me and my dad was walking to our Van and a police car was flying across the parking lot from were Top Gun is and stop by the Pickup/Dropoff area. Then four to five other police cars came to the area. They were the Shreiff, Local, and Park police. We were on the other side in the Gold Pass parking lot, We couldn't see any thing. All I saw was a police man taking to people's (what it looket like) statements. Was any of you guys there that day?
  3. Yes we all should nerver forget Sept. 11. But when you say making it a national holiday, then why didn't some one make Dec. 7 a national holiday. For the over 2,000 people were killed.
  4. When SBSP gets old, wouldn't it be neat to see a Saving Privte Ryan sim ride. It would be like be based on the first part of the movie. You would be one of the men under Capt. Miller (Tom Hanks). As you move up Omaha beach and fell the sand and shock of morders rounds. And be on the boat as the ramp drops. It would be very exciting to see that happen. There could be a PG-13 side and a rated R side. What do you guys think?
  5. I heard the Beetlegeuss theme song, while me and my dad where trying to find a locker, at the from of the park.
  6. First I would have to agree with teenageninja, on adding tunnels to SOB, or enclose the whole double helex with the out side painted with SOB colors. Have a ton of a lot more charaters in Hanna-Barbera so it would look like a charater mob And bring back the animal traim ride.
  7. I didn't wash my hands after taking a No. TWO. Then I washed them. Then I felt very silly.
  8. Hope it up and running good on friday, that's when Im going.
  9. I wait for this week all year were the local schools go back, like two years ago, I went there and rides like The Beast, Vortex, the ones that have three trains are walk up and wait for the next train to come around. Or the flat rides that are large in how many it can hold our walk on's of wait one cycle. So its going to be dead days (23-27) All from me this week.
  10. The first was CP TTD and how it works, IOA SpiderMan, the Dragons, TRTR, The Hulk, and something else.
  11. I don't think it is. I saw it like in around april, I saw it from the computer part of SOB on. Very neat secrets reveled
  12. The week of August (16-20) I plan to go with my gold pass and don't have a riding partner. I am asking is there is any one out there who would ride the big rides with me. My school mates from high school didn't have a pass this year so I can't go with them. So if there is some body out there who whats to come and ride with me post or leave a Personal Message or drop me a email. That week would not be crowed from it is the last week before some schools start or started.
  13. 1. Cedar Point 2. Kings Island 3. Holiday World 4. IOA 5. PKD Thats my list for parks,
  14. I just can't get the TVLand web site to work, to see the episode beause I've never seen it. My dad remebers it when the family was running around the park a passing the (NEW) design around and one of them ridding The Racer over and over.
  15. I have a Q, does any one know the eposoed of the Brady Bunch Family, when they filmed at Kings Island back in the day?
  16. To me it's always will be The Beast!!!!!!!!!
  17. The one I hear every time I walk by the taxi's ( I call them that). Please keep moving , Please keep moving an Operator will acciste your car into the station, Please keeping moving.
  18. Thanks For the Tip for tomorrow. I really mean it!!
  19. I don't know how it works with bring a firend free day, I have a gold pass so what do I do when I get up to the gate???
  20. The way I see it is, that SFMM has been in a arms race with the coaster Giant Cedar Point. And to me the park didn't have enough room to put in a coaster, so they blocked of the part of there parking lot and then theres Scream.
  21. I remember when i rode SOB an 3 times and got nice big yellow and dark black brouses on both my legs
  22. Me and my dad would ride King Corba first thing in the morning to get out of the way. We would usally get the front( it was a lot smoother). In the last year it was open,we got the back sit. It was so rought and out of control. Going down the first drop fealt like be thrown off a steep cliff. I was so sore after words. But I still miss watching it go throw its first loop in the morning.
  23. Next year (2004) will be The Beasts 25th year. Would you agree that there will be a big anniversary event? And that it stills holds the worlds longest wooden coaster record for that long to?
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