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  1. I'm thinking about pre-ordering but how many pages is the book? I don't see that listed anywhere... and this might seem like an odd question but are there any photos in the book? like vintage photos etc? I love that sort of thing.
  2. Ok some of you are discussing this in the wrong manner.. I'm not saying they would.. or are... tearing it down.. I'm just giving a what if scenario. We don't need to go into details about why they wouldn't do this.. that's not what I was asking. For those who offered their thoughts instead of "They wouldn't do this RAWR..!!!.." thanks for the conversation. I'd like to hear more ideas Also.. i'm not specifically new here.. just lost my old account and email address so had to make a new one. Italian Job for me was ok.. it was a 'Meh' ride It might have been better back in the day. I just think this land could be used for something better and less of an eyesore so i was thinking.. what could we put there if we had the choice..
  3. So quick question everyone. If... Backlot Stunt Coaster was removed.... What would you like to see replace it. I personally have always thought it was just an eyesore and not that great of a ride. It especially have a distaste for it as they took out the classic antique cars for it which gave that small plot of land something kinda nice to look at. So if you had it your way what would you do with that section of land. Also how much space would you say is actually there? I kinda wonder if you might be able to fit a small launch coaster their similar to a small Maverick or BlueFire.. Or like Manta at Seaworld San Diego.. But give it some trees and landscaping. Not giant csrgo containers.. Maybe even theme to like classic cars of the 50s
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