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  1. KingsMills79

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I like the in-app purchase and pick up your food later idea!! And while we're at it, lets include a scan function for Season Passes within the app so we can use our phone for entry, POS discounts and the like.
  2. KingsMills79

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    Unless anyone is bringing this to the attention of Guest Services, all of this is superfluous. For 2018, I had the all season dining plan and always eat at Coney Mall Skyline. Not once on numerous visits has the ordering process worked for me. What I noticed by watching others ordering was that people around me were using credit cards to pay and they had no issue with their transaction thus proceeding to the next window to get drinks and subsequently pick up their order. However, when I try ordering on the touch screen, the dining plan wrist bands just don't seem to scan properly for payment which holds up one of the three available terminals for folks to order from. Needless to say I have to then cancel out the order, proceed to the drink area to explain why I could not pre-order and they then proceed to scan my wristband and take the order manually. The first time it happened its was no big deal and I just went about my day, but when it occurred on the next 3 visits, I stopped by the Guest Services area to advise and they took down my information and said they would address with Food Services. TBF, I think they are approaching this incorrectly as this doesn't necessarily seem to be a "Food Service" issue but more of a (IT) Terminal issue, but who am I? To this day, it has still not been addressed that I know of but I have hope for next season.
  3. Here is a pic of DJ Duke Edwards spinning at the old Coney Disco from my 1978 employee yearbook. IIRC, he worked here during weekdays in the summer, but was a prime time DJ at WOKV (the 50,000 watt voice of Disco in the tri-state) for his regular gig.
  4. KingsMills79

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Here is a vintage super 8 movie from 1980 uploaded to YouTube. The family is riding the Ohio Overland Auto Livery on the Rivertown side and I think those cars were just (plain) no name antique cars but Les Taxis (on Coney Mall side) were identified as Franklin replicas which had a curved sloping hood and had the taxis lights on top. Pics of Les Taxis #1) Keith and Laurie from WCPO.com and a clear shot of a Les Taxis Franklin from The News Wheel site. I will say that the video was shot in 1980 and the park opened in 1972 so all that foliage was about eight years old and it looked very lush around some of those turns. It was indeed an amazing ride.
  5. KingsMills79

    What Else Do You Want To Come Back?

    I would have to say Skyride (with LED's under each gondola), either version of the spinners (Cuddle up, Der Spinning Keggers, or Winnie Witches Cauldrens), Bayern Curve and Bavarian Beetle to top it off.
  6. KingsMills79

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    I looked at Route 76 at Valleyfair as well and they indeed have some very mature oak trees on that course so it appears as if they worked the track around some of the existing tree canopy. If KI plans it well and doesn't take out too many of the mature trees on that plot of land, we could possibly have the same results. I agree that if they are going to pull out all the stops on this, they should have all the essentials of the original two courses (Ohio Overland Auto Livery & Les Taxis) combined into one with water features a covered bridge (over/under) as well as the old signage along the way from back in the day but updated. Interesting note...TIL, Arrow Development was the original manufacturer for both antique card rides.
  7. KingsMills79

    Question about Beast's entrance?

    Loved seeing Don Helbig in that video from 2004. I ran into him last June at the park and he still looks the same as he did in that interview some 14 years ago.
  8. KingsMills79

    Question about Beast's entrance?

    I have basically two questions regarding our beloved Beast... 1) Where is the ACE Coaster Landmark Award plaque that was placed at the entrance back in 2004? Was it removed/relocated? 2) For years I have always wondered what is directly behind the M&M/Coke machines right at the entrance where the employee checks for height requirement? Google Earth just shows there is some sort of red tin building (possibly storage) but more importantly, what is directly behind the wooden wall facade? It doesn't look like part of the queue and would be curious to know if was in fact an empty room or just for show.
  9. "6919" June 9, 2019
  10. KingsMills79

    iPhone or Android

    Chiming in here, but started out on iPhone and ended up at Android. I guess it matters only to the person's habits but for me, I use MacBook Air for work/home and Android on Google Project Fi for mobile operations. Google's Cloud server just rocks. Funny tho....I never use Safari on MB and rely only on Chrome. Again, Google just works and is seamless.
  11. One thing they could do is use the Universal Studios tactic. For example, Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges use large plastic bins for guests to store their items while on-ride. (see pic) An option CF could use is to somehow incorporate those see-thru plastic waterproof cell phone bags (Velcro though not zippered) on the front wall of each seat for folks to drop their phone in to keep it secured during the ride. Probably not cost-effective for the Point, but just thinking outside the box as this seems to be a "hot topic" of debate right now. Pic sources: Shutterstock / Amazon
  12. It was an incident very similar to this one that caused IOA to cease dueling the "Dragons" when they were still around and the ride just wasn't the same afterwards.
  13. KingsMills79

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    But Longhorn screams Rivertown to me. Old west = cattle bones, skulls/horns. I do like the layout in Oktoberfest. Maybe give it a nice german name like BGW did with Alpengeist. KI's Oktoberfest had Der Spinnig Keggers, Tumble Bug, Bavarian Beetle, Bayern Curve and Flying Dutchman. I'm not very good with naming conventions but maybe someone could incorporate all of these names into one awesome/mean name for the Giga.
  14. KingsMills79

    Kings Island instrumental music 2018

    Yes, I was there last Sat and I heard several "pop" songs in the Country Western cover and thought it was a great idea for Rivertown. I think I heard both "Shake it Off" and "Blurred Lines" with a banjo and piano theme and it was simply awesome. Maybe for Coney Mall/Old Coney, they could use "PostModern Jukebox' renditions of current pop music.
  15. KingsMills79

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, did a quick park visit on Saturday from Charlotte via Delta and just wanted to share some unique pics I took that some might enjoy. 1) Coneys and coasters 2) Nostalgic postcard retro pic 1 3) ET Arch 4) Looking up (referencing Keith Partridge) 5) More arch goodness with iconic Carousel 6) Perfect architecture in a perfect setting. 7) Sommes-nous en France 8) More great architecture (well done on keeping things fresh over the years) 9) another odd view 10) Nostalgic postcard retro pic 2 11) Woodstock Express ("Scooby Doo") love 12) "There's a snake in the train station" 13) Proverbial Beast pic 14) Pic was taken behind Woodstock Express entering the gate. Anyone know what they use the Peanuts Trolley for? 15 & 16) Me at 16 yo in May 1978 working at football toss in Old Coney (1st row. 4th from the left) I know, I know whats with the feathered hair? See 1978 Charlie's Angels reference for those under 40. Last pic is me at approximately the same location June 2nd, 2018 at 56 yo. (GOD I'm old)