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  1. Just curious, why does the ride stat on KI website say "Length of First Drop: 447 feet"?
  2. I think what may be confusing is that when KI opened and some rides were relocated from Old Coney, they used the old moniker that sat above Shooting Star coaster station for the Round Up ride which was back by the mat racer slide. Pic sources: visitkingsisland.com & Pinterest
  3. As an amateur historian, along with my parents taking me to Old Coney Island on the river as a child to ride both Jack Rabbit and Shooting Star, I would LOVE to have the new coaster named Shooting Star if we are indeed contemplating a space theme.
  4. That's cool, I wish they would do this at all CF properties.
  5. Hello fellow decoders...My siblings and I grew up in Kings Mills in the 70's, just outside the park and both my parents and grandparents told us kids the Roswell story many times. To my best recollection here is the story we heard..... Yes, a UFO -and it's extraterrestrial crew- crash landed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell on July 2, 1947. They believed the site was cleaned up by Air Force personnel from Roswell Army AFB. Eyewitnesses reported that 3 foot tall grey-skinned aliens died in the crash and their space vessel (along with them) were shipped off to WPAFB and warehoused in Hangar #18 for testing/research. Any relevance to KI's new Giga theme, I have no clue.
  6. Absolutely correct ohiocoasterfan, we saw the go cart track fence over by Hurler sporting this banner on that very date. pic courtesy of Carowinds Connection
  7. I know I'm about five days too late for this response, but our Giga didn't even have the first support up until 9/29/2014 for Fury 325. Then again, we don't have to allow for inclement weather and such so I assume they knew they would have plenty of time to construct for a 3/25/2015 opening.
  8. Wouldn't it be terrific if one of the THREE webcams were directed toward IS? ....and while we're at it, swivel one towards project x, no?
  9. Perhaps replace the tunnel figures with traditional Oktoberfest costumed people hoisting the traditional beer steins and have Oompa (sp) band music playing in the background. Pic source: Lake Highlands Exchange Club Dallas, TX
  10. ^don't forget Bavarian Beetle. That little coaster had some great twists, turns and drops.
  11. Weird to see no Int'l Restaurant in the 1972 pic.
  12. Ugh..7 hrs 22 min by car but 1 hr 5 min by plane. KI fan based in Charlotte. I got Fury 325 tho to keep me busy until each June.
  13. I like the in-app purchase and pick up your food later idea!! And while we're at it, lets include a scan function for Season Passes within the app so we can use our phone for entry, POS discounts and the like.
  14. Unless anyone is bringing this to the attention of Guest Services, all of this is superfluous. For 2018, I had the all season dining plan and always eat at Coney Mall Skyline. Not once on numerous visits has the ordering process worked for me. What I noticed by watching others ordering was that people around me were using credit cards to pay and they had no issue with their transaction thus proceeding to the next window to get drinks and subsequently pick up their order. However, when I try ordering on the touch screen, the dining plan wrist bands just don't seem to scan properly for payment which holds up one of the three available terminals for folks to order from. Needless to say I have to then cancel out the order, proceed to the drink area to explain why I could not pre-order and they then proceed to scan my wristband and take the order manually. The first time it happened its was no big deal and I just went about my day, but when it occurred on the next 3 visits, I stopped by the Guest Services area to advise and they took down my information and said they would address with Food Services. TBF, I think they are approaching this incorrectly as this doesn't necessarily seem to be a "Food Service" issue but more of a (IT) Terminal issue, but who am I? To this day, it has still not been addressed that I know of but I have hope for next season.
  15. Here is a pic of DJ Duke Edwards spinning at the old Coney Disco from my 1978 employee yearbook. IIRC, he worked here during weekdays in the summer, but was a prime time DJ at WOKV (the 50,000 watt voice of Disco in the tri-state) for his regular gig.
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