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  1. Are restraints copy written for each Manufacturer? The reason I ask is automobiles have basically the same seat belt (lap and shoulder) arrangement and differs little from make to make. With this being said, could B&M use a Copperhead Strike restraint for the Surf coaster or would that be copyright infringement?
  2. Looks like a two train operation is in order for opening day as there is no indication of a third testing, unless it's in the storage shed and we just can't see it.
  3. A few observations with regard to this restored video... Funny to think this was almost 100 years ago. -Must have taken an enormous amount of effort to mount that beast of a camera on a moving coaster. You know how large production cameras were during that period. -Weird to see women wearing hats & fur coats with men wearing suits and brim hats. How in the world they kept those hats from flying off is insane -Station crews using manual brakes although I do recall Racer having these when KI first opened. Can't recall if Racer crews actually used them tho.
  4. In the 1978 pic a few posts above, what was that stadium seating behind Bavarian Beetle used for?
  5. Interesting note....on the 1983 map it shows The Bat's queue house still standing but then removed from the 85 & 86 maps, Does anyone recall what they use that building for during the 83 thru 86 seasons?
  6. Basically it was this car in black with a tan interior and it had a full color original "Beast" logo applied (or painted) on the hood. It was pretty much like what you would see on the late 70's and early 80's Firebird Trans Am's with the firebreathing chicken on the hood. Other than that, these cars had NOTHING in common except they were both GM products. I'm sure someone (to this day) is kicking themselves in the rear for not using a 1979 Camaro Z28 or Corvette for those Beast cars. They would have been much more collectible.
  7. ****Update**** I finally found something referencing the '79 Beast Chevy Chevettes from Newspapers.com.....(No pics of the actual car however) Hopefully, KIghostguy will find this useful for the book. Source: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/28065631/beast-chevette/
  8. Anyone else bothered by how much taller DB looks compared to Orion on the Weatherbug cam? I would be guessing it's because of the elevation or something.
  9. Did I read somewhere months ago that Orion would receive the Yukon Striker automated bin system?
  10. Correct BEAST NR.... Here is the vid for Fury's last piece and you can see the all the media folks in the upper left hand corner on the ground. ***Fun Fact, Fury 325's last piece was installed on Jan 30 2015. Source: Carowinds
  11. So...graduated from Kings High School 1979 (Beast opening year) and for our Grad Night was had Hall & Oates & Chic (Nile Rodgers). Yes, we had LOTS of Beast night rides. IIRC, the park stayed open until 2:00 am so you can bet we took advantage of it.
  12. It ceases to amaze me how dark it is on the webcam. Like the track that they are currently installing is blending in with the tree line SO much that it is impossible to see the actual track piece being attached. Very frustrating
  13. Does anyone think that the spine should have been a separate/different color like Fury 325? I think that should be a signature on B&M Giga's to separate them from the Hypers etc.
  14. One would think that the winds were so strong at that height that the rain drops would be gone in a matter of minutes, yet it has been on there for well over 2 hours. Unless of course there is no wind today!!
  15. Just an observation from the webcam...does it look like the walk back to Orion from the midway will be the same distance as it is from AZ to The Bat? I know Firehawk's entrance queue was right there by the lockers, but from the webcam view, it looks as if Orion's (actual first) entrance queue will be a good ways back there. Am I wrong on my visual measurements?
  16. Hopefully KI will document this and create a "Dreams to Screams" video a la Fury325.
  17. Is that one of The Vortex trains on the lift?
  18. Good morning from Sunny Florida. Weatherbug cam isn't working for me this morning. Landing page MSNKS just goes to "Featured weather cameras" in Penn, Florida, Nevada and Cedar Point, ...anyone else seeing same or am I doing something wrong?
  19. This is all very perplexing, Carowinds uses the Skytower for their Christmas tree lights and that is "exactly" where the Fury 325 cams were positioned, yet they were never out (not even once) during the entire build of 325.
  20. Two quick questions regarding the Coney Mall pic above... Where is the "actual" Monster ride in that photo? Seems to be dismantled or something as it appears only the center mechanical part is there. Also, in regard to Racer, assuming that the pic was taken in the 70's, there seems to be an already existing pathway under the drop to access the other side of Racer in the FoF area, so why did they feel the need to remove Racer's last dip?
  21. We got Carolina Cobra in 2009 and Timmy in 2010 but I guess it doesn't count if it's a relocated coaster.
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