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  1. Chiming in here, but started out on iPhone and ended up at Android. I guess it matters only to the person's habits but for me, I use MacBook Air for work/home and Android on Google Project Fi for mobile operations. Google's Cloud server just rocks. Funny tho....I never use Safari on MB and rely only on Chrome. Again, Google just works and is seamless.
  2. One thing they could do is use the Universal Studios tactic. For example, Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges use large plastic bins for guests to store their items while on-ride. (see pic) An option CF could use is to somehow incorporate those see-thru plastic waterproof cell phone bags (Velcro though not zippered) on the front wall of each seat for folks to drop their phone in to keep it secured during the ride. Probably not cost-effective for the Point, but just thinking outside the box as this seems to be a "hot topic" of debate right now. Pic sources: Shutterstock / Amazon
  3. It was an incident very similar to this one that caused IOA to cease dueling the "Dragons" when they were still around and the ride just wasn't the same afterwards.
  4. But Longhorn screams Rivertown to me. Old west = cattle bones, skulls/horns. I do like the layout in Oktoberfest. Maybe give it a nice german name like BGW did with Alpengeist. KI's Oktoberfest had Der Spinnig Keggers, Tumble Bug, Bavarian Beetle, Bayern Curve and Flying Dutchman. I'm not very good with naming conventions but maybe someone could incorporate all of these names into one awesome/mean name for the Giga.
  5. Yes, I was there last Sat and I heard several "pop" songs in the Country Western cover and thought it was a great idea for Rivertown. I think I heard both "Shake it Off" and "Blurred Lines" with a banjo and piano theme and it was simply awesome. Maybe for Coney Mall/Old Coney, they could use "PostModern Jukebox' renditions of current pop music.
  6. Hey guys, did a quick park visit on Saturday from Charlotte via Delta and just wanted to share some unique pics I took that some might enjoy. 1) Coneys and coasters 2) Nostalgic postcard retro pic 1 3) ET Arch 4) Looking up (referencing Keith Partridge) 5) More arch goodness with iconic Carousel 6) Perfect architecture in a perfect setting. 7) Sommes-nous en France 8) More great architecture (well done on keeping things fresh over the years) 9) another odd view 10) Nostalgic postcard retro pic 2 11) Woodstock Express ("Scooby Doo") love 12) "There's a snake in the train station" 13) Proverbial Beast pic 14) Pic was taken behind Woodstock Express entering the gate. Anyone know what they use the Peanuts Trolley for? 15 & 16) Me at 16 yo in May 1978 working at football toss in Old Coney (1st row. 4th from the left) I know, I know whats with the feathered hair? See 1978 Charlie's Angels reference for those under 40. Last pic is me at approximately the same location June 2nd, 2018 at 56 yo. (GOD I'm old)
  7. Call me crazy and I know absolutely nothing about coaster cycles, but doesn't it make sense that there should be no need to worry about collisions from the train on the brake run, if they would simply dispatch the train in the station that has been recently loaded with passengers? iow, can't have a collision if there is nothing to run into...am I wrong?
  8. well this is interesting...News feed shows maintenance crew on the lift hill. Anyone know what that could mean? http://fox8.com/2018/05/10/steel-vengeance-update-cedar-points-new-coaster-to-run-with-one-train-while-ride-adjustments-are-made/
  9. Found this cool opening year video uploaded to YouTube just last fall. Pretty good quality for a super8 film I might add. Sorry if it has already been posted, just thought I would share for those that are interested in the Park's history. It's really awesone seeing all the original rides.
  10. Please no, we don't want KI to start looking like a SF park do we? I love how KI keeps most of the coasters outside the guest walking areas but then again, it is kind of cool when a large coaster is whizzing by just above your head. Pic source: watch_me_eat_blogspot.com
  11. Here are two different sections of Sheikra under construction. One section just after cresting the lift hill that shows a more narrow track section. And another (more wider) section down in the tunnel so I don't know. CW's coaster track under the tarp looks more like the narrower first crest track on Sheikra. I know the gauge cannot differentiate, but is it possible that B&M Dive track spines vary in width depending on a specific track section and/or passenger train width? Pic Source: Reddit
  12. KingDingDong: I also alway get confused by CW. Is that Carowinds or Canada’s Wonderland? Canada's Wonderland. In other forums, I just see Carowinds simply spelled out but CW seems the norm for Canada's Wonderland.
  13. Saw this on CW website......hope they don't roll this out to other CF parks. All Season DiningGuests with 2018 All Season Dining will automatically have it included on their Season Pass. Simply present your Season Pass at any of the participating locations throughout the Park and enjoy two meals every time you visit. Final meal serving will be 1 hour prior to Park close. Drinks are not included but we offer a Souvenir Bottle and Season Pass Drink Plan for unlimited free refills all season. We tried to get a final meal in last year at Panda Express (Festhaus) right at park close and even though they were still open, the staff hesitated to take orders since they were removing food and trying to clean up/close. The manager (or supervisor) had to intervene since there were so many families in line trying to get that last meal prior to exiting the park.
  14. Imagine if they recreated Enchanted Voyage with a Mack Inverted Power Coaster. Hey, if KD can get the singing mushrooms back, then we should capture a bit of our history as well right? imagines snail at beginning of ride saying "Have a Happy Day"
  15. Trademarked name "could" possibly be for Carowinds 2019 coaster.
  16. Yes, the lights were the same color as the gondolas (red, blue green yellow e.t.c.) and were very magical seeing them glide across the park after dark. Especially cool if viewing from the front gate with the Eiffel Tower's green glow lighting and the Royal fountain's color changing patterns. Here is a pic of them when they were still at Old Coney. Source: http://gorillasdontblog.blogspot.com
  17. OK now i'm really confused...isn't Lightning Rod considered a wood coaster but riding on Topper track?
  18. Anyone know what they are building on what appears to be the old Kings Island Inn property? If you look at Banshee's webcam, you can almost see what appears to be a 3 story building with Tyvek wrap somewhere in the vicinity of Buffalo Wings and Rings. Could this be a new hotel?
  19. Didn't want to start a new topic so here's my question....Anyone recall when the single day Fast Lane (+) purchase options will be available on the website? Looks like CP just made theirs available today!
  20. I know this is the Cedar Point thread, but there's plenty of room for KI in those woods between GWL, the main parking lot and The Bat to create camping spaces, and if CF sees the newly created campground is at capacity most weekends, they could expand the campground just across Columbia Rd into the great swath of forest that lies between the landscaping greenhouse and The Bat's first drop. They could even copy CP and make an additional park entrance specifically for the campers back there for ERT an such. I dunno, seems as if they are missing out on revenue since losing the campground to GWL. TBH, I'm not sure the lodge does that well since it's priced well above what most families can afford anyway. I could be wrong and don't have the numbers to back it up but there's something to be said for camping outdoors with family in the summer time as opposed to being cooped (sp) up inside a lodge (unless its dead of winter)
  21. Might be showing my age but anyone here remember Marathon Turnpike? My cousin and I absolutely LOVED having the Turnpike as well as "two" different Antique car rides. Oh, the smell those cars emitted, it was wonderful!! Not sure it was the BIGGEST mistake they made in ride removal, but if CF can maintain these cars at "all" of their locations with exception of KI, Carowinds and Knott's, surely there's a way to revive them. Interesting note.....Michigan's Adventure has Be-Bop Blvd which has electrified 1950's cars, so it is possible to make them more efficient. The Hillbilly Jalopies at Carowinds were removed in 1988 by KEC (Kings Entertainment Company), Paramount removed both layouts at KI and I don't believe Knotts ever had an antique car ride but I could be mistaken.
  22. Xdog42 Yes, that is what I am referring to. How in the world is it possible for these B&M seats to get that bad in only two seasons??
  23. ^Can't find any pics currently, but Fury's seats are just as bad up near the headrests and it's only 2 years old. I think it must have something ti do with some of the chemicals in hair gel or other products because Fury and DB are not the only B&M seats I have seen this condition on. One would think the maintenance department would address this in the offseason provided they can find a cleaning product that would safely remove the stains. I dunno??
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