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  1. I have to wonder about the CF theming issue as well. My home park is Carowinds and when Paramount was in control, Top Gun always had misters working on The Bat wing as well as the Top Gun movie soundtrack playing in the station. I know that this is more of a visual and sound effect and not so much "theming" I guess, but you get where I'm coming from. Added to the fact that it was a movie studio, so I guess its only natural to have heavy theming. Now that I think about it, I honestly don't recall EVER seeing the misters working since CF took over. I think it's interesting that they might be listening to the surveys, reading forums, looking at social media e.t.c. because CF has decided to "somewhat" theme CGA's Railblazer with the massive fake rock tunnels and CP's Steel Vengence theming with it's three characters (Blackjack, Wild One and Digger) all over Instagram and Twitter. I'll reserve my judgment for the coaster theming itself when I get there in June, but I'm not anticipating a great effort on theming for whatever it's worth. Just can't wait to ride!! I know CF will never have "highly" themed rides like what you would see in Europe, but I just hope that going forward they look at how successful MT was on it's theming and take notes from it with regard to all new coaster installs in the chain. Sorry about derailing... now back to "what could 2018 bring?" I want my Antique cars back. #bringbacktheTiques
  2. Count me in the "move the cams once in a awhile" camp. Last year KD had a cam for Delirium construction, then once the ride was operational they took it off-line. One would think they could simply tap into the IP address for the cam on ET and let us at least see Twisted Timbers
  3. Any idea when single day Fast Lane prices will be released?
  4. ^you can barely make out somebody with a shovel around the 2:05 mark
  5. ^Webcams still have same positions as before.
  6. Just curious, does anyone know why random DB cars are sitting underneath the brake run? Shouldn't they be in the off season maintenance shed?
  7. Hey everyone, took advantage of the Holiday bundle with tix and parking for $50.00 but cannot seem to find the price of a Fast Lane (+) for single day use. Any idea when they will post the single day FL prices? Also noticed the 2018 schedule is not posted so maybe thats what they are waiting for.
  8. On my trip there in June, I also stopped by the CM Skyline and the issue I ran into was two fold. First the employee at the kiosk kept trying to scan my wrist band (all day food pass) yet the barcode would not scan. He did allow the folks behind me to keep going in order not to backup the line, and called a supervisor to assist, but that took an additional 20 minutes for them to arrive and by that time, the food had been sitting over at the pick-up counter and was cold. In all fairness, the timing may have been a bit off at the scan register since it was close to 2 hours since I last used it at LaRosas IS. If that is the case, they should look at the timing on the back end of the system. I'm actually surprised my two coneys were still there as anyone could have just walked off with them since they do not really pay attention to that pick-up counter. When I asked the supervisor to have them remake my order , you would have thought that I was asking for them to build a new restaurant. It actually threw off their whole ordering process and at least six employees did not know what to do since the order was not initiated from the kiosk. Surely this has come up before. In any case, I don't believe it was an employee error but the register at the CM Skyline because I had been using the wristband throughout the day at other food kiosks with no issues. Hopefully they can get the bugs worked out
  9. Didn't RHOFG used to be Montgomery Ribs?
  10. I don't have any pics from inside the old game rooms in Coney Mall but when I as a kid, the Evil Knievel pinball machine was extremely addicting and it was (IIRC) on the very back wall of the big game room that was right next to the Skeeball building right beside Racer's lift hill. It was very popular and sometimes you had to wait to play it, but I spent many hours and a lot of quarters in there on that machine. I think they finally removed it around 1982 or so. pic source: pinside.com
  11. OK, they have the KI 2018 all season FL+ for a whopping $500.00 where as Kings Dominion shows $225, Carowinds at $250.00 and Cedar Point still undecided. Anyone think that is WAY too much money for Fast Lane +?
  12. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Glad to contribute. I am going to keep digging until I find a better lead on this story and hopefully share the results. KIfan73...I remember sitting in shop class about a week before school was out in June and looking out the window watching The Racer trains climbing the lift hill over and over thinking "man, I need to be there and not here" Most of the trees and foliage the park planted in 1972 were still maturing so in '77 and '78 you could actually see most (if not all) of the taller rides operating. Thats definitely not the case today because one can't even see The Beast from the main parking lot due to the tall trees. If you Google "Kings High School" on maps/satellite, you will see the park is just down the street from my high school on Columbia Road which is the exact road they used to bus us to the park. During the summer, some of the locals would use the high school parking lot to come and see the Firestone International air show at 6:00pm and then return at 10:00pm for the nightly fireworks. It was absolutely a magical time growing up next door and I would not trade that childhood experience for ANYTHING.
  13. Hi Brian, AWESOME story on the blog. I also grew up with KI in my back yard (literally) I grew up on Oak St in Kings Mills. I was wondering of you recall any cross promotions the park had with Chevrolet during The Beast's inaugural year in 1979? 1979 was my graduation year from Kings High School (just next door) and the senior class was asked by Taft Broadcasting to come over and take some of the first rides on The Beast. We got bused over to the park and right up to the front gate as the park wasn't open yet but I vaguely recall a bunch of us getting off the bus and seeing a boat load of brand new black 1979 Chevy Chevettes in the main parking lot with the "Beast" logo painted on the hood. I don't recall how many there were, (maybe 75-100) or why they had these Beast edition Chevettes but I do recall one of my class mates saying that was a poor choice and if they wanted a car to represent the new coaster, it should have been a 1979 Corvette not lowly powered Chevette. Anyway, from a marketing perspective, my only guess as to why they were there is to make sure the general public knew they were available and then after several weeks of being on display, simply divide them up among the tri-county Chevy dealers to sell. I have desperately tried to do a wildcard search on Google/Google Images with no results. I often wonder if perhaps the Cincy Inquirer has any relevant data in their archives. Well, any info or knowledge you have would be a great testament to my memory Thanks for your contribution.
  14. Hi everyone, I have a Fast Lane Plus for my upcoming trip in May. Can any of you that have been on MT tell me where the Fast Lane line merges? Does it drop you right into the station like DB or is there a longer queue like on Beast? Thanks
  15. Hi Sam, Took some digging but so far, here is what I found for The Racer.... When Old Coney Island was in it's last season down by the river, they had a billboard setup in the park advertising the new park and it's star attraction, The Racer (1st pic) It was only an artist rendering and I don't think too much thought was placed on a logo or design from what I can tell. The second pic is a short clip from the Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park vid focusing on the Tumble Bug, but you can clearly see Racer's entrance building and what appears to be the very same building we have today. Back then it had Red and White stripes on the roof and the coaster's name spread out across the lower arch of the facade just above where today's turnstiles are. It looks as if it simply states "The Racer" spread out in an arch pattern in large red lettering. Can't focus in too much on that grainy video to see the actual font however, but I believe it will get you close to what you were looking for. Hope this helps. Sources: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/search/label/Kings Island?updated-max=2016-07-20T18:40:00-04:00&max-results=20&start=8&by-date=false https://KICentral.com/thumbor/oJ6AYEZBjLPFiDJz0qHx0BMTc60=/fit-in/1280x1024/http%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2Fu8uNdp3.jpg
  16. I also grew up with KI as my home park in the late 70's. Does the new IS soundtrack sound like the old Parisian/accordian music from back in the day or is "classical-crossover" like the masterpieces?
  17. ^She's our PR Manager @ Carowinds. We LOVE Laresa!!
  18. I vaguely remember "C'mon Get Happy" and "Happy Days are Here Again" but nothing after that. Tried to YouTube but got no results. It's interesting that Taft Broadcasting opened KI in 72 then Carowinds in 73 yet KI does not have a "themed" song from the original opening season. Makes me wonder if KD ever had one.
  19. Down here in Charlotte, Carowinds plays the National Anthem followed by the original 1973 theme song created for the park. Does Kings Island have an original theme song? I can't recall
  20. Would CP work with Gerstlauer? A Euro-fighter like Mystery mine would fit PERFECTLY in Rivertown. idk... if they could somehow squeeze a layout in and around the big tan box it might work. Not sure about the footprint tho.
  21. Yes, Carowinds is my home park. I have had most all of the food options there during multiple visits but my ABSOLUTE favorite is the Smoked BBQ pork. ($11.99 in 2016) The pork is slowly smoked in their own custom smoker before being shredded and you can pair it with three (I believe) different sauces. The meal includes the choice of side of which I always get the homemade Mac n Cheese. (It;s so good it will make you slap your grandma) The other sides ore OK, but I have had the broccoli salad in lieu of the mac n cheese when they've sold out. (It goes quickly) The other meal option I recommend is the BBQ ribs. Again, you won't find these kind of food options at a SF park, and it is a welcome (refreshing) change from a simple Chicken tender & fries basket you find at most parks these days. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience at HH. Yes, the lines are long during peak hours but I trust if you visit Carowinds in the future you might give Harmony Hall another chance based on the above recommendations as they really do cater to the customer.
  22. ^Then you haven't tried Harmony Hall because the local food critics rave about the food choices and dietary options. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/living/food-drink/article9146828.html
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