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  1. Only once as a guest sadly (blasphemy I know) Didn't renew my pass for this season but I did spend some time in the fall working as an employee at The Great Pumpkin Festival
  2. Beast for sure, rode it at night and felt 100 times better than before, a perfect ride for me to end the season with.
  3. "Look man, I gotta make a profit here. Best I can offer is about tree fiddy." God dang Lock Ness Monster we ain't givin you no tree fiddy! But what about trading Loch Ness Monster for The Vortex?
  4. When your hyped for Winterfest, and then remember that it starts next year
  5. Personally, I would want one of three options, all of which would be great for the park. Intamin Blitz B&M Giga Mack Multi-Launch All of these are outstanding ride types and are incredible, but unfortunately, all signs are pointing to a triotech dark ride : (
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